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                                                       Ten Places To Go To In Chad
                                                             By Jonathan Williams

   Chad is one of the countries of the Saharan Africa. It is bordered by Libya to its south, Niger and
Cameroon to its east, Central African Republic to its North, and Sudan to its west. Chad is also a
country that boasts of some wonderful places to visit, and here are some of them.

1.) N'Djamena

The war has brought down the liveliness of this biggest city of Chad, and after the war, Chad is tying to
regain back its reputation as one of the liveliest city in Africa. Here in N'Djamena, you can still see
buildings riddled with bullet holes, but despite of this, there is still some cheerful atmosphere to it as
you tour its historic quarters as well as the its marketplace. You can also visit its National Museum to
see wonderful artifacts from the Sarh culture.

2.) Zakouma National Park

This is a national park where you can also see the Bahr Salamat and its branches as they run across
the plains. During the war, this national park lost most of its wildlife because of poaching and the
effects of civil war. But now, the government of Chad has reintroduced back the animals, and so the
park is what it once was, full of wildlife.

3.) Lake Chad

This is a historic site since it was once the center for the salt trade industry in Africa. But now, it is
rapidly shrinking, and there are fewer animals around the lake. But still, this is a good place to visit, and
it is best to visit this lake at about August to December when it is at its fullest, and you can see a lone
hippopotamus or a lone crocodile swim by.

4.) Sarh

This is Chad's second biggest city. Its main source of income is through its sugarcane and cotton
plantations. What you can see and enjoy here is its national museum and the Center Artisanal where
you can also buy some of your souvenirs to take home with you.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

5.) Moundou

Recognized as the country's third biggest city, it is made more popular by the Gala Brewery. You can
visit the brewery for a tour and get to taste some of the most delicious beer in Chad. But you have to
prepare for about a day to reach this place.

6.) Abeche

If you want to see more desert charm, then Abeche is the place for you to go to. Here, its oriental
charisma is palpable. You can stroll along its streets made from cobblestones and visit some of its
mosques as well as the markets.

7.) Tibesti Mountains

This is a must-see place as it is home to the Toubou Tribe. This is also popular for its racing camels.
What you can see here are majestic chasms and crags, perfect for any nature lover.

8.) Restaurants of N'Djamena

It is not worth it to travel to an exotic country and not taste its foods. Here in N'Djamena, there are
many French as well as authentic African restaurants that you can visit. Do not forget to taste their rice
covered in peanut sauce as it is one of their specialties.

9.) Bars and nightlife in N'Djamena

If you are tired of nature and desert, then hit some of the bars in N'Djamena. Although a war-stricken
city, it does its best to entertain the visitors. Drink their best beer, Gala, in these bars as well as join in
some open-air dancing.

10.) Novotel N'Djamena La Tchadienne's Casino

This is a very beautiful hotel located in N'Djamena. If you are still in need of some modern entertain,
then go to its casino. Here, you can play poker and blackjack.

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV - the place to share travel videos. Visit
http://www.destinationguide.tv/chad to view or share Chad travel videos.

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About the Story

The play is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and it is set in a small Midwestern town in
1955. The entire plot takes place within 24 hours, and features two main characters: Natalie, a
small-town girl with big dreams, and Chad, an ultra-cool rebel drifter who arrives in the town because
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The plot tells the story of how Chad is in love with one thing above all else - rock and roll. The fictional
town in which he stops frowns upon such “dangerous” music, but Chad’s influence even within 24
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Natalie has always wanted to escape from her hometown, and she is immediately smitten with Chad
as the “mysterious” newcomer. Chad is unlike any of the boys in the town, and Natalie is attracted to
the apparent dark side in his persona.

Natalie crosses paths with Chad because she is the mechanic assigned to work on Chad’s bike. She
overhears Chad talking while she’s at work, and she hears him talk about how he has been with many
women during his time. However, Chad is not looking for companionship from women, and he states
clearly that he prefers the company of men when he travels.

Natalie decides to dress as a man before she meets Chad, and she calls herself “Ed.” Natalie goes as
far as smearing oil on her face to complete her look, and she works on befriending Chad as a comrade
in both motorcycles and rock and roll.

We’d tell you how the story ends, but you’d be disappointed if you didn’t secure All Shook Up tickets for
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Theories on the Characters

Several Elvis fans who have seen the play have posited theories on who these characters could have
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All Shook Up was a success on Broadway, and it won two awards during its run. The show took top

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