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                                          Tansen Music Festival in Gwalior
                                                By David H. Urmann

  Gwalior is a district in Madhya Pradesh. The city celebrates a national level music festival called
Tansen. The festival is held in memory of Tansen’s great contribution to Indian music.

 Gwalior is the city in North India that lies 76 km from Agra. The city occupies a special position in
Indian music history. It is one of the places that saw through the tremendous developments in the
Hindustani Classical Music genre. Gwalior is also the home of the famous Indian musician, Miyan

 The death of Tansen is the birth of Gwalior’s Music Festival. It is also known as The Tansen Sangeeth
Sammelan. It is held in memory of Miyan Tansen. The festival is celebrated yearly during November
and December, within a span of five nights.

 Miyan Tansen was a famous musician in India and was admired by the King. He became one of the
nine jewels at Akbar’s court of the Mughal era. Emperor Akbar was believed to be the father of music.
Miyan Tansen’s fame spread when he joined Raja Ramachandra Baghela’s court.

 Tansen died in 1589, right when he was at the peak of his popularity. He was then buried in Gwalior.
His tomb serves as a great venue for his contribution to Indian music. His memorial is part of Gwalior’s
living cultural heritage. It was built in an early Mughal architectural technique.

 The Gujarat government also decided to bring up a two-day music festival in memory of Riri and Tana.
They are the two sisters who rendered Raag Meghmalhar, bringing help to Tansen’s illness. Legend
says that Tana and Riri had an interpretation of the song Megamaldhar that cured Miyan Tansen. The
king was pleased and the court musician Tansen decided to search for the two girls.

 The King asked the two girls to sing at Akbar’s court but they ended their lives in a well rather than to
refuse him. Riri and Tana did not want to cause war within their town. From then on, the government
gave importance to the two sisters in a form of a concert, particularly starting last 2003. From then on,
it was held yearly, becoming part of a tradition, to commemorate their death anniversary.

Festival Highlights
Tansen Music Festival is the gathering of musicians and singers performing through five long nights of

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classical ragas. Inspiring musical numbers are sung by renowned classical and folk song singers like
Asif Zeriya, Nidhi Dholakiya, Gargi Vora, Harikant Sevak and Arunkant Sevak. Loksangeet is delivered
by Bihari Hemu Gadhvi and Yashwant Gadhvi.

 Other attractions in the event are seminars about classical music, a heritage walk and an exhibition of
traditional instruments. The five ancient gates are also a tourist interest. These are the Nandiol,
Eithodi, Arajanbari, Amthor Darwaza and the Ghaskot Darwaza. The Sharmistha Talav pond is also
enlightened with thousands of lamps.

The Tansen Samman award is presented to deserving musicians in the field of classical music.
Maestro Ustad Abdul Haleem Jaffar Khan is this year’s awardee.

 Dignatories of the government are also witnesses to the program. They are the Revenue Minister
Kaushik Patel, Mangaldas Patel (Assembly Speaker), Anandiben Patel (Education Minister), C D Patel
(Tourism Minister), Anil Patel (Industry Minister) and ministers from the Mehsana district.

 The grand performances attract the young and the old, especially music lovers. Attending the festival
is an easy access to all the main cities of India. Places to stay in include Hotel Gwalio Regency, Usha
Kiran Place and Hotel Tansen.

These five mesmerizing nights are truly memorable cultural experiences that bring joy to many people.
Tansen Music Festival is truly a musical congregation that showcases the incomparable contribution of
Tansen, bringing charm to Hindustani music.

For more information on Gwalior Academics and Gwalior Entertainment please visit our website.
http://gwalioronline.co.in/school.php http://gwalioronline.co.in/entertainment.php

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                                                 Gwalior’s Festivals and Hotels
                                                         By David H. Urmann

Gwalior is known for their music festival. It has many hotel options to fit your accommodation

 Gwalior is a city in the metropolitan area of India. This is in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This city is
famous for its festivals celebrated in different times. Their most famous festival is the Tansen Festival
Gwalior. This celebration commemorates the musical talents and achievements of the classic music in
the city. This festival is ongoing for five days. There are a lot of musical singers who come to display
their talent and love for music. This festival is the epicenter of the cultural dynamism of Gwalior.

 It is believed that Tansen is the pioneer of all classic music in Gwalior. This five day celebration is
done by not just the people of India but also the audiences who know and understand the real chords
of music. They flock the Gwalior during this time because they want to see the splendid dynamics of
music created by people here. They want to experience rich musical essence. This makes Tansen
festival a perfect manifestation of the music tradition of Gwalior.

 There were a lot of hotels and lodging houses put up to cater the needs of the customers as more and
more people are visiting Gwalior. Tourists troop to the place for a firsthand experience of the festival
and to see other nice area attractions. Here are some of the famous hotels that you can stay in during
your visit to Gwalior.

 Usha Kiran Palace is a heritage hotel. This palace has artistic stone carvings that look so stylish. The
filigree work of this place is very delicate. This place is very near the rail station. It has superior rooms,
deluxe rooms and suites. Their superior room mirrors the local culture of the place. This offers a room
like a room for a royalty. These are well equipped rooms.

 The deluxe room is a spacious one. It offers bright color that you would surely love. It is well equipped
as the superior rooms. The suites offer arched openings. It has a terrace that offers a perfect view of
the fort. It offers relaxing amenities like massage bed. It also has water fountains.

 Another option, the Central Park, is a three star hotel. It is close to both the bus stand and railway. It
has complete amenities and services that one vacationer is looking for. They called their conference
room as the mint room. This has complete business facilities for your business needs. The rose bud is
a health club for all visitors. The bar is a place for visitors to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Oil
therapy is also offered in this place. This gives some natural treatment for relaxation.

 The Hotel Shelter is located at the heart of the city. They have centrally air conditioned rooms and
individual window type rooms air conditioned also. They also have occasion’s banquet halls that will
provide you a nice place for your gatherings. This banquet hall can cater up to 1000 people.

 There are a lot of these hotels offered in Gwalior. Aside from these hotels, there are also a lot of dining
places where you can have a fine dining with your family and friends. Most of these dining places offer
western cuisines and also Indian cuisines. There are also bars that offer great drinks for you to enjoy a
night. They offer the international drinks that you are looking for. But of course, it is best to try the local
drinks for a change, right? What are you waiting for? Visit Gwalior now.

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For more information on Gwalior Academics and Gwalior Entertainment please visit our website
http://gwalioronline.co.in/school.php & http://gwalioronline.co.in/entertainment.php

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