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                                         Taking Advantage Of Vacation Wholesale Pricing
                                                              By Dustin Heath Cannon

   Regardless of what ocean you stand by, there will be a nearby coastal vacation resort at which a
family or groups can treat themselves to the good life, at least for a week or two. There are many travel
agents that are willing to book expensive vacations for you, but to find the beat deals available,
becoming a member in a vacation travel club may be the best way to go.

Many clubs work with different business models but they all deliver some of the best travel deals. Up to
50 percent off the posted price for airfare, motels, luxury vacation homes and even dining in fancy
restaurants. Imagine staying in homes that cost $1,000 per week through you travel agent for a couple
of hundred dollars. Yes, there may be restrictions on availability, but the savings alone should be
enough incentive to alter travel plans by a week or so.

Do not misunderstand; these companies are not promoting free trips. Rather, they are a travel club that
can negotiate better prices for their members. Similar to shopping clubs that save members money
over regular retail price on mane items for the home, car and groceries. The membership fee usually
pays for itself within the first year and there are other benefits that go along with being a club member.
Some offer roadside assistance plans in case you break down on the way to your planned vacation, or
any other time of the year.

Just imagine the possibilities of spending time in luxury accommodations for nearly the same price as
low-end motels. Staying in the same homes that celebrities occupy other times of the year and
swimming in pools maintained by a staff of professionals, not some person in a pickup truck that looks
into the water every few days. If something breaks while you are a guest in a home, a phone call gets it
fixed. Living large is how many people describe their membership in a travel vacation club.

There are different levels of memberships in most clubs, ranging from $1,200 to $5,000 depending on
the type of travel and vacationing you plan to do, and with the food discounts as well as savings on car
rentals and plane tickets, this amount of money is virtually nothing compared to the prices you would
pay on the open market. Many resorts participating in these vacation club plans also include golf
resort, spa resorts and even those for honeymooners or those on their second honeymoon, allowing
you to participate in activities you may have only dreamed about.

Taking advantage of special days is easy for club members and should any problems with the
arrangements appear while traveling, they all offer call services to help straighten things out without

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ruining your entire trip.

Despite all efforts to rid their ranks of unethical sales people, there have been a few that promised
more than the company advertised to deliver. It always best to verify all arrangements before leaving
home and any issues can be cleared up before your arrival.

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                                   Making the Most of Travel With Wholesale Travel
                                                              By Andy West

Wholesale travel is a great option for smart budget-savvy travelers. Travelers can receive the best
pricing on their vacations and ensure great service and savings. This opportunity is not available to the
general public, so prospective travelers should take advantage of the opportunity presented to them.
With wholesale travel, buyers can purchase amazing opportunities and products that will ensure the
best vacation possible. Wholesale travel companies employ special techniques and methods to ensure
their clients receive the best pricing and opportunities. For most, affordable travel is desired and
wholesale travel is a great way to begin.

 Not everyone has access to these great wholesale travel bargains. In fact, the best travel opportunities
are only available to people as a reward from companies that are in the know and have many great
travel connections. It is important for prospective travelers to align themselves with a company they
feel confident in and proud to be a part of. With membership and alignment with the trusted company,
prospective travelers will get direct access to great pricing by a research center that is willing to do all
the leg work for you! Although the company is doing the research, travelers should feel confident that
they will have the final say in budgeting and have the opportunity to review all pricings. In fact, the
client can even do the research themselves with the helpful networking that the research center can
provide them! Of course, that is optional.

 The possibilities are endless. Among many products and services, prospective travelers can book
hotel accommodations, condo rentals, airline tickets, cruise liners, and much more. Not only can one
book their vacation needs online, but they can also receive the best unbiased information about their
travel choices. The wholesale travel company can provide reviews, websites, demos, and other
information to help travelers decide which opportunities fit their wants and desires.

 With such a great opportunity, many are left wondering how wholesale travel companies are able to
provide their clients with such amazing pricing. The exclusive pricing is provided to people who are
members or clients of particular businesses. Usually, the particular business is in a network with travel
companies or has special deals aligned with the particular travel service. The savings are reciprocal
between both companies and the great pricing is passed down the members and clients of both
companies. At any given point in time, travel accommodations and services will operate with a vacancy
rate, some days the vacancy rate is higher than others. Using their special connections, wholesale
travel companies can sell those vacant spots to members for discounted rates. This ensures that the
vacant spots are receiving some sort of money and not operating at a loss, while the vacationer is
receiving the best pricing available.

 Wholesale travel companies employ a personable staff of individuals who are carefully selected based
on experience and professional abilities. These people must have at least two years worth of
experience in the travel industry. The staff is not commissioned and is not travel agents. The staff has
huge incentives to save travelers the most money, instead of incentives to make the most sales!
Wholesale travelers should never have to worry about receiving marked up pricing.

 Wholesale travel is a great way for smart budget-savvy travelers to obtain the best travel available at
the best pricing available. Why spend thousands of dollars on travel products and services that you
can get for mere hundreds through wholesale travel? With great networks and a dedicated research

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staff, wholesale travel is an opportunity that cannot and should not be missed.

Andy West is a freelance writer for Platinum One Destinations, which offers informational resources for
those in the wholesale travel industry. Visit
http://synergyplatinum.onlineprofitpower.com/about_p1d.html to learn more.

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