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Tailored Cheap Discount Holiday Travel


									                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Booking in advance is always better because at least you are sure that you will have a place to spend your day
      at. Booking a cheap hotel makes it possible to slash down the accommodation expenses to a large extent.
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                                               Tailored Cheap Discount Holiday Travel
                                                                    By Dial2Travel

    Cheap holiday travel isn’t just restricted to package holidays. You can get great deals on hotels and
flights when you book them separately.

There’s no reason why you should compromise your travel plans just to save money. Today’s travel
market is intensely competitive and it’s fairly straightforward to put together your own itinerary for a
fraction of the normal cost.

1. Flights

Cheap flights are available from nearly all the airports across Europe, allowing you to fly at a low cost.
What’s more, you can take in several destinations in one trip without having to pay o fortune for internal
flights or train fares. The growing accessibility of flights and destinations means that, with a bit of
flexibility, you can find cheap flights that suit your holiday needs.

2. Accommodation

>From apartments and villas to hotels, you can find great deals on accommodation in the location of
your choice. Savings on flights could mean you have more to spend on accommodation, whilst saving
on both may allow you to stay for a few more nights. Many discount travel websites have special offers
and low-cost alternatives that could provide you with exactly the accommodation you need.

3. Car hire

Car hire has become increasingly competitive, with small independent companies often offering better
rates than the established firms. You can often get a discount on car hire prices by booking online and,
by shopping around, you can get great deals. Be careful not to be seduced by upgrades and offers
when you collect your car though, or you could end up spending much more than you wanted to.

4. Money

It’s now possible to get very competitive exchange rates, making your holiday money go further.
Researching currency exchange outlets on the internet should give you an idea of which rates are best
for you.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

No matter where you want to go, you can probably find a cheap or discount travel agency that can help
you plan without spending all your money.

Dial2Travel specialises in discount travel, from package holidays to flights only. Visit our website now
by clicking on Cheap Discount Holiday Travel.

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                                           The Easy Way To Cheap Holiday Travel
                                                               By Dial2Travel

 Are people always telling you about the great travel deals they’ve got? Do they come back after two
weeks on the beach enthusing about how little money they spent? Having trouble working out how they
get hold of fantastic last-minute deals?

It’s not as difficult to find cheap discount holiday travel as you might think. A little bit of planning and
research is usually all it takes.

Go online!

Although you can find good deals in high street agencies and travel publications, online travel agencies
are usually the best way to find great holiday prices. Operating an online travel site incurs much lower
overheads than running a shop or placing adverts in newspapers and those cost savings can be
passed on to customers. The benefits of searching for discount travel online can include:

• Easy comparison – it’s easier to compare prices between online sites than high street agencies.

• Better prices – online travel agencies can usually offer much lower prices.

• Straightforward booking – nearly all internet travel agencies take bookings online so you can book
your holiday without any fuss.

• Ticket-less bookings – low-cost airlines reduce costs in a variety of ways, including making check-in
easier. This means that in most cases you won’t get a ticket if you book online, so you only need your
confirmation number and some photo ID to board

There are lots of online discount holiday travel websites to choose from, and it can be difficult to tell the
good from the bad, but if you make sure that the site you’re using complies with the following criteria,
you should be on safe ground:

• Registered with a recognised professional association • Independent • Display registered office
address and non-internet contact details • Offer a secure payment system

By spending a little time looking for a good deal, it is possible to join the thousands of people that are
benefiting from cheap holiday travel.

Dial2Travel specialises in discount travel, from package holidays to flights only. Visit our website now
by clicking on Cheap Discount Holiday Travel.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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