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Spanish Music on a Luxury Holiday


									                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                            Spanish Music on a Luxury Holiday
                                                           By Jackie Fillis

  Spanish music is known for its vibrancy and passion; from Flamenco dancing to Spanish guitar, its
music is famous. With so many luxury hotels in Spain to choose from, you could combine a holiday of
pampering and luxury, with traditional Spanish music and dance your nights away.


 Why not centre a tailor made holiday in Spain around flamenco dancing? You could bring out your
inner passion as your swing your hips in a local night club, returning to your luxury Spain hotel
exhausted but invigorated. It would certainly be a different experience.

 Flamenco music dates back to late 18th century. It is thought to have originated in Cadiz, Jerez de la
Frontera and Triana. It is made up of three essential elements: the dance (baile), the guitar (guitarra)
and the song (cante). Flamenco needs to be appreciated from all three angles, and a tailor made
holiday in Spain will allow you to do just that.

Folk Music Across Spain

 Depending on which region you choose for your luxury Spain holiday, a range of folk music traditions
can be heard. Traditional folk music is still alive in Spain today, and you could well experience its rich
history and rhythmic sounds while on a tailor made Spain holiday.

 In western Andalusia gaita rociera (a kind of 3-hole pipe) is a commonly used instrument in the
traditional folk music of the region. And if your tailor made Spain holiday takes you to Malaga, violin
and plucked-strings will more likely be the instruments you’ll hear when listening to traditional bands.

 While popular across Spain, Jota is a musical form which could have originated in the Southern part of
Aragon. If your tailor made Spain holiday should take you to this region, you will likely hear music
performed on castanet, guitar, tambourines, bandurria and flute. Jota is a rich musical form, and is
inspirational to listen to. With strong percussive sounds, the music has a distinctly North African feel.
Coupled with a stay in a luxury Spain hotel, you could have an excellent holiday in this destination.

Spanish Popular Music

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 One of the primary historical landmarks for Spanish pop music was the Benidorm International Song
Festival, founded in 1959 in Benidorm. This was a platform for international performers to play to a
Spanish audience, and the festival’s success led to the creation of similar festivals across Spain. It
would be a great musical addition to a tailor made Spain holiday if you timed your trip with one of the
festivals. These festivals were the breeding ground for many up-and-coming Spanish musicians,
allowing them to find their performing feet on home ground. One such iconic Spanish singer who has
gained international acclaim is Julio Iglesias.

 It was in the 1980s that the Spanish music industry really took off on the international market. This
decade saw the cultural reawakening of La Movida Madrilena, which is still evident in Spanish music
today. Contemporary Spanish popular music spans across international genres such as rock, ska,
reggae blues and hip-hop, and a tailor made Spain holiday could well include enjoying the country’s
musical entertainment.

Jackie Fillis is a Mediterranean holiday expert for Harlequin Holidays, a specialist operator providing
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                                       Luxury Christmas Gifts For Men & Women
                                                          By Annie Dubois

Choosing expensive holiday presents for those we cherish, respect, and/or love means taking a look at
what is hot this season and what the recipient will appreciate. Often, what the recipient will appreciate
tends to be age as well as gender based, but there are options that allow purchasing of those high-end
holiday items suitable for both genders equally.

Take a look at a few luxury Christmas gifts you may choose for both men and women…

 Electronics can be quite the budget breaker. There is literally no price cap on the price tag of many of
those electronics. A good example of luxury Christmas gifts in the electronic department may be a
plasma screen television, a new laptop, or even a new security system. Of course, the new game
systems are always popular during the holiday season and generally fetch quite the price especially if
they are popular.

 Food is always popular, and this time of year, you get can quite extravagant with what you get. Salsa
and tortilla chips make a super luxury Christmas gift! Try finding natural and healthy salsa, and then
purchase an assortment of styles and temperatures. Then add some homemade tortilla chips for a
superb holiday present that will go a long ways. If you are especially adventurous, there are even
tortilla makers and they can make their own chips.

 When it comes to luxury Christmas gifts, you have to take a look at automobiles. This year, more and
more people are choosing one of the hybrid models by the popular manufacturers. These will be a
favorite toy on the block and get lots of attention. Choose an unusual color or special paint job for an
added bonus. Be sure to purchase these early because this year they will be going like hotcakes.

 Artwork is always a great way to go. There are many popular prints available, or if you want true luxury
Christmas gifts, try an original signed by the artist if able. These are not just a great present; they are a
true investment in the future. In addition, you will find that these are going to vary in style enough to
insure you get something unique this holiday season.

 Jewelry is, of course, a great idea when it comes to luxury Christmas gifts. You will find that you can
purchase jewelry fitting within an endless budget. Choose from earrings, watches, necklaces,
bracelets, and more. Whether you like diamonds or platinum, you will find that jewelry is one of those
items that never goes unnoticed.

 Another popular type of luxury Christmas gifts can be found with music. Whether you purchase a baby
grand piano or a rare, autographed guitar, music is always one of those things that can fit within any
budget. You can truly make someone’s year by purchasing or bidding on something genuinely unique
this holiday season.

 When it comes to luxury Christmas gifts, you will find that you can get the presents you need simply by
knowing what to look for. This year, the sky is the limit, and whether you purchase real estate or music,
you will be giving the gift that keeps on giving.

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