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                                                                Senior Travel Tours
                                                                       By BoomJ

   Senior travel tours are a great way to see the world. They’re safe, they’re affordable and they’re
also an easy way to meet other seniors who share similar interests. If you’re part of the Baby boomer
generation but you’re not ready to spend your days falling in and out of sleep in your worn out recliner,
with a bit of research you’ll likely find plenty of senior travel tours you’d enjoy.

If you think that traveling with a bunch of older individuals is going to be tedious, boring and full of
breaks for resting weary bones then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to realize how wrong you are. After
just a few minutes of research you’ll see that your biggest challenge is going to be choosing which of
the hundreds of senior travel tours you want to go on first. To give you an idea of the variety, here are
just a few of the travel options posted recently on the Internet.

Senior travel tours take you everywhere

If you love Italian food but don’t know the difference between penne rigate and mezzi rigatoni, why not
book one of the many senior travel tours that’ll take you to various parts of Italy where you’ll learn how
to prepare regional delicacies straight from authentic Italian chefs! Along with cooking techniques you’ll
learn how to pair wines and you’ll have an opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian living.

If cooking isn’t your thing, that’s no problem. You’ll find countless senior travel tours that specialize in
taking you off the beaten track. You won’t find any tour busses on these trips either. You’ll tour the
landscape on foot or from inside a canoe or kayak or even from the seat of a bicycle. Imagine hiking
through the rainforests of Costa Rica or biking along the same route as the Tour d’ France or learning
about natural history in the Galapagos Islands!

If you’ve only ever dreamed of taking an African safari you could easily turn that dream into reality right
by booking yourself on one of the many senior travel tours that’ll have you driving right alongside
elephants and tigers and whatever else you’re likely to encounter along the way. And there’s more.

Senior travel tours for everyone

When it comes to senior travel tours, you are limited only by your imagination, the amount of leisure
time you have, and your budget. You’ll find tours that are geared towards married seniors, single
seniors, gay and lesbian seniors, seniors with disabilities – you name it, if you dig long and hard

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enough, you likely will find it.

As with any type of travel planning, it’s important that you do business only with reputable senior travel
tours operators. You’ll want to pay close attention to the details so you know exactly what you’re
getting with your chosen tour. You don’t want to find later on that transfers, taxes, or other hidden costs
have added hundreds onto the tour’s price tag.

Senior travel tours will give you something to do and they’ll leave you with many lasting memories. So
go now and enjoy!

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                        Senior Citizen Discounts: Not Advertised, Still Worth Considering
                                                                    By Sam Jose

It seems senior citizens can find discounts almost everywhere – at a travel desk, restaurant, hotels,
banks, theaters, parks, museums, etc all offer senior citizen discounts. However, in most cases, you
won't see or hear about such discounts until you ask about such discounts at the counter. Sometimes
the waitress at the restaurant may spot you as a senior citizen and give you a discount, but in most
cases, you need to ask. It pays to ask, as you will find discounts 5% to 50%. If there are discounts of
10% or more for senior citizens, they are usually advertised and widely publicized.

Apart from the senior citizen discounts available the business establishments you go to, you can also
find discounts for almost everything when part of a senior citizen organization. Generally, senior
citizens are part of one or two organizations that aim at senior welfare. Such organizations tie up with
businesses of all types to secure discounts for online purchases, gas, clothing, utilities, travel deals,
food, medicines, insurance, etc. You will also find discounts at gyms, movie theaters, and almost
everywhere you go.

The most common types of discounts are for travel deals, where senior citizens can avail themselves
discounts of up to 50%. Travel packages are always costly and by doing your bit of research, you can
minimize airline costs, hotel charges, eating costs and more. In addition to the senior citizen discounts
offered by businesses of all types, the rules of the land also allow you several tax benefits – it is also
a discount of a different kind.

Insurance companies also offer special discounts for qualified senior citizens. Auto insurance, life
insurance and health insurance all come with senior citizen discounts. However, insurance discounts
for senior citizens come mostly through senior citizen organizations like American Federation of Senior

Qualified senior citizens might also receive assistance paying utility bills through federal and local
government agencies. Age and income requirements are considered before extending support
programs for the senior citizens. They are not discounts as such, but help from the government

Advertised or not, through government agencies or senior citizen agencies, senior citizen discounts
always give additional value to the money you spend on almost anything. If you are of the age to be
considered a senior citizen, always make sure you ask it if there is a senior citizen discount available
– at the restaurant, while filling insurance or tax papers, or while booking an air ticket. You are likely
to have more money to spend.

You are invited to read more about American Federation of Senior Citizens, and get information on
variety of topics including Life After Retirement, taxes, insurance, healthcare and more.

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