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                                                   Savvy Shoppers Travel U K By Rail
                                                                  By James Brown

   Some vacationers might choose to arrive into the United Kingdom by air but they will change their
mode of travel many times while they are there. The savvy shoppers prefer to travel UK by rail
because the trains are much faster than some people care to walk even if the distance is just mile or so
down the road.

Tourists really enjoy being able to travel UK subway systems because they might have seen them in
many motion picture movies. There are many motion picture films which have captured the interior
fixtures aboard trains throughout the United Kingdom. Some of those scenes were quite romantic and
made people want to visit the United Kingdom just for the aura of romance it offered.

There were many people in the audience that were thrilled by the scenes in the motion picture movies
because they could relate to the scenes that were captured and they fit them to a "T". Some of those
scenes featured shoppers returning home after finding marvelous bargains and this was all possible
because they chose to travel UK subway cars to their shopping destinations.

Subway tokens are always mentioned in the movies and travel UK destinations were identified by
tickets. There are still porters who work each day on the railway system and they are there to provide
visitors with a sense of well-being and to make sure that passengers have actually purchased a ticket.
It is possible to travel UK from border to border without passengers having to worry about getting lost.

Smart shoppers know that they can venture into Scotland by rail too and ride the train all the way down
to London if they wanted to. The railway systems are a bit more realistic to what motion picture movies
portray trains to be. There are many opportunities to enjoy dinner in a dining car or buy some sweets
and drinks from another railway car. Shoppers can even rest a while when they travel UK by rail
because someone else is responsible for the driving portion of the trip.

Travelers have many opportunities to see parts of the United Kingdom that they have dreamed of
seeing for many years. The meadows that slip by minute upon minute might have herds of sheep in
them that roam freely. Some shoppers might start thinking about eating delicious cuts of lambs and
then they will travel on wondering why some of the lambs were quite colorful on their backs. A
seasoned shopper would know it was part of some ownership marking system of the country they are
passing through.

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                           Rail Passes Offer Discount Train Travel Throughout Europe
                                                           By Michael Gleason

 Consecutive or flexi travel? One country or a whole bunch? Saver passes? Rail 'n Drive?
Overwhelmed with trying to pick the right European rail pass? Possibilities can be daunting... but
choosing the perfect pass can save you time and money. A rail pass lets you bypass long ticket lines at
the train station. You won't have to wrestle with an unfamiliar language just to buy a ticket. Best of all,
you'll save cash -- providing you choose the right pass.

European rail pass types vary to suit a range of routes and whims. Best known is the original Eurail
Global Pass which lets you meander back and forth among 18 countries. Eurail Select Pass -- formerly
Europass -- lets pass holders crisscross three, four or five bordering countries. Multi-country passes
are for exploring selected regions and some adjoining countries. There are also a wide range of
single-country passes available.

European rail passes are available in two formats. Consecutive passes, valid from two weeks to three
months, permit non-stop travel for the duration of the pass (ie: a 15-day pass is valid for 15
consecutive days of travel). Flexi passes are designed for itineraries entailing a limited number of travel
days over an extended period: generally, from three to 10 travel days within a two-month period. Rail 'n
Drive flexi passes include several days of car rental.

Classes of travel vary. Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass are for first class train travel only.
Multi-country passes and single-country passes are available for first class travel and, sometimes,
second class travel. Youth passes, as well as Scanrail and Norway rail passes, accommodate only
second class.

Most passes are available at discounts. Saver passes cut expenses for group travel by train. Youth
passes can be a great deal for students and gap year breaks and older travelers are sometimes
eligible for discounted senior passes. Kids under 12 get up to half off when accompanied by an adult
(tots, under age four, generally travel free). Some passes will get you free or discounted travel on
ferries, buses and private trains (even Eurostar) -- plus sleeper upgrades and deals on hotels and local

If you plan to "pass" through Europe, read the fine print. A few guidelines prevail. Buy your rail passes
before you leave home because they're very hard to find in Europe. Although passes don't guarantee
you a seat it's generally unnecessary to reserve a place in advance. Exceptions are for travel during
peak times and aboard selected trains, like TGVs, which require reservations at all times. Always have
your passport handy and be sure to get your rail pass validated before boarding a train for the first

Lastly, be mindful of the ubiquitous caveat: conditions, restrictions and fees may apply. To learn more,
visit the Euro Rail Pass Guide at

Michael Gleason publishes, a passenger rail travel guide for commuters and
tourists in Europe, North America and worldwide.

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