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                                        Preparing Children For a Beach Resort Vacation
                                                               By Frank Demming

   Heading to a beach resort is a wonderful, relaxing vacation for many adults. They dream about how
they can enjoy their beach resort vacation by sitting near the waves and drinking alcoholic beverages
that have little umbrellas in them. They wonder about how they can make the most of their vacation,
such as by going wind surfing or even just by hanging out at the beach resort enjoying the person that
they traveled with. Things are different, however, when you go to a beach resort with a child.

Vacations and Children

 When you are a single adult, or a couple who have no children, vacationing is easy. Having children
throws a whole new spin on everything. Suddenly you have to think about whether the beach resort
you want to travel to has accommodations for your children, or if there are enough beds and cots in the
room to fit everyone. This can add a whole lot of stress to what should be a relaxing vacation. If you're
looking to relax while going to your beach resort, when traveling with children, there are some things
that you can do to make things simpler.

Plan Ahead

 The most vital thing you can do when choosing a beach resort to vacation at is to contact them before
you book your vacation. Ask the beach resort how many beds they have in the room, and make sure
that you know that they will be able to accommodate the needs that your family has when you are
there. Will you need a refrigerator in your room for your children's juices? Make sure that the hotel can
provide that for you.

 It's also important that you prepare the children for your trip as well. Explain to them where you are
going and what will be there. If you are taking an airplane to get to your beach resort, help them to
realize what the trip will be like. You may even want to make believe that you're flying on a plane so
that you can avoid any airline anxiety.

The List

 When you're packing, it is important that you make a list, especially when you have children. If they
are old enough to read, make a list for your children too. Make them responsible for packing their

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favorite clothes and belongings, and set a limit on how many toys they are allowed to bring. Make sure,
however, that you double-check their packing just to make sure that everything is remembered.

 If you're looking for some private time together at the beach resort, you may want to bring a friend
along with you. Most beach resorts have babysitters available, but if you do not trust them you may
want to travel with another couple, or you may want to bring a babysitter you trust along with you,
allowing you to enjoy your beach resort vacation the way that you wanted to. Beach resort vacations
can be amazing and fun, with children and without, as long as you take the time to plan ahead.

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                                                    What To Do At A Beach Resort
                                                             By Frank Demming

You've decided it's is time for a family vacation, but you're having a hard time narrowing down your
options. You want to go to a beach resort, your spouse would like to go to the mountains, and the
children are dying to go anywhere that isn't here. But how do you choose where to go? If you're trying
to push the idea that a beach resort would be a great vacation destination, you should learn more
about what it's like to travel to a beach resort.

The Basics of a Beach Resort

 The first thing to know is that, obviously, a beach resort offers great beach access. It's not possible to
have a beach resort that is away from a beach. However, you also have to realize that while some of
the more popular beach resorts are on the ocean, other beach resorts rest on the side of a lake. As
long as there is a sandy dune and water present, you can have a beach resort, so you need to decide
how warm you'd like to be. If you're looking for a warm, tropical style vacation, head to a Caribbean
beach resort. For a cooler climate, look to a beach resort in northern areas of the country. It's important
to note, though, that this type of beach resort is typically only open during the warmer summer months.

 The beach is the most obvious attraction in a beach resort. Most long to get out into the sun and rest
on the quiet, warm sand. A beach resort is certainly the best way to achieve that, but a beach resort
isn't just a spot on the sand - it's so much more.

Inclusive Beach Resorts

 Many of the most popular beach resorts available have a number of things that you can do inside of
the beach resort. If you're looking to get pampered, you can book a luxury treatment at the spa inside
of the beach resort. If you want to eat delicious cuisine, put on your best outfit and head down to the
fine dining restaurant located directly in the beach resort. You can book scuba diving trips with the help
of guides at the beach resort. Often you can rent boats from the beach resort. Most of the more
popular beach resorts you will find also have babysitting services available, making it easy to enjoy
yourself as an adult without having to worry about your children.

 There are also many things for children to do at a beach resort. If you want to avoid the sand and the
crowds, head to the swimming pool in the beach resort. Some beach resorts have waterfalls and slides
that will delight and amaze most children. Many beach resorts also have amusements that are
designed specifically for children who travel to beach resorts with their parents, and simply calling
ahead can help you to learn what type of pastimes your beach resort has for your entire family.

 A beach resort can be a great place to take a vacation, no matter what type of vacation you're looking

Frank Demming is one of the countries top travel consultants. He has recently written a free report
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