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                                            Preparing and Packing For Your Holiday
                                                                 By Dan Williams

  For many people going on holiday is about much more than just relaxing and enjoying your
destination once you get there. The expectation of an approaching break, planning what to take and
perhaps a little extra shopping and treating yourself at the airport can all add to the experience.

 Having picked where you want to go and booked your flights, preparing and packing for the holiday is
the next thing to think about. This can be a matter of experience for the seasoned traveller or simply
thinking carefully about what you may need whilst you are away. Given the limitations on luggage
allowances, it is impossible to take everything you might possibly need, but certain items are regularly
required and a little forethought will save you both time and money.

 Leaving your holiday planning until the last minute, just like trying to find cheap flights and holiday
offers, will undoubtedly lead to compromises, lack of choices and, most likely, additional expense.
Below are some of the most common areas where forward planning can lead to a better holiday.

 Foreign currency is a feature of every holiday for UK travellers unless they are staying in their home
country. Currency exchange kiosks are found at most airports, but the choice will be limited and the
rates offered may not be the best. Planning your currency requirements a week or so in advance will
open up many more choices. Your local bank, travel agency or post offices are all likely to offer foreign
currency exchange facilities and, because they face competition from each other, their rates are likely
to be more favorable. It is now possible to order foreign currency online and have it delivered to home.
The Post Office provides this service. It is also possible to pre-order your currency and have it waiting
for you to be picked up at the airport. This method is also likely to provide better rates than just
exchanging on the day of departure.

 Various holiday essentials like sun cream, basic first aid items, travel power adapters, memory cards
for cameras and other similar items can all be purchased at airport shops but again choice will be
limited and prices are almost certainly going to be higher. The same applies to buying these essentials
in the resort once you arrive. Thinking about what you will need a week or so in advance and placing
an online order with a supermarket or taking a trip down to your local high street will save you paying
over the odds.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Food can also be expensive in locations such as airports where they have a captured audience. By all
means I’m not suggesting that you should take everything with you and in fact airlines are quite specific
in what they will allow passengers to take on board these days. But packing a few snacks for the
children could avoid additional expenses before your flight.

 Clothing is another area where planning can reduce time, prevent inconvenience and save money.
Most of the space in people’s luggage is taken up by clothing and footwear and of course only limited
amounts can be taken. Everyone hopes for fantastic weather when taking a summer holiday and warm
sunshine with no rain mean only certain items of clothing will be required. Should you be faced with
less favorable weather however, then it’s easy to be caught out with the wrong choice of clothing. A
simple prevention is to carefully check one of the many online weather forecasting services. You will be
able to see the likely weather that faces you at your destination and can pack accordingly. It may even
be something as simple as taking a foldaway raincoat to help on the day that showers are a possibility.
Also some resorts see big swings in temperature once the sun has gone down, especially in the earlier
or later parts of the season. Taking a warm jumper or coat will save you from having to visit the local
shops and buying the best of what’s available.

 So with a little forethought, you’ll be able to set off on your holiday knowing that you have thought
ahead, packed most of the things you are likely to need and will not be faced with spending extra
money on essentials that are cheaper at home. Which all means you’ll have more time and money to
spend on the nicer things on holiday.

The advice offered by Dan Williams about preparing and packing for a holiday complements his advice
on finding cheap flights and holiday packages with providers like FlyThomasCook whose website offers a range of holiday offers.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                 How to Pack Light on Your Trip
                                                          By Matthew Kepnes

There’s an old saying that when you travel you should take half as much as you need but double the
amount of money you bring. After traveling around the world twice, I couldn’t agree with that statement
more. It’s really important to pack light on your vacation. Packing light helps you avoid fees on airlines,
saves space, and gives you less clothes to carry, and allows you more freedom.

 It is often said that the stuff we own, ends up owning us. When we travel, we plan too much. We
typically bring lots of clothes and stuff because we feel that you never know what might occur. So we
leave for a two week holiday with a suitcase filled with half our wardrobe. However, the trick to travel is
to pack light. We often go on a trip and only end up using half of what we brought, regretting we
brought so much in the first place.

 When I travel, all of my belongings fit into a tiny daypack and a large backpack or duffel bag. I have
traveled for over a year without needing anything more. In fact, I often find I still bring too much!! When
friends come and visit me, I am amazed that they took so much stuff. They ask me my tips on packing
light. I’ll tell you what I tell them.

Here’s my secret to packing light and how you can too:

 First, write a list of everything you think you might need. Everything and anything. From clothes, to
toiletries, to electronics, to jackets, and everything in between. This packing list will usually ends up
pretty long. But that’s ok, we’ll get it down fast.

 Next, look at your list and think about it in relation to your holiday. If you are going to the beach, do
you really need pants or jeans? If you are going to Amsterdam when it is warm, do you really need to
pack long sleeve shirts?

 Now, you should have cut your packing list down a lot by eliminating those items that didn’t really have
anything to do with your trip. Now, let’s take a look at your toiletry list. Why are you packing so much?
In this age of over caution, people tend to pack every medicine known to man just in case. Let’s be
realistic- do you ever use most of them? Can’t you buy them at your destination? So go minimal. If you
do get sick, you can always by Tylenol or diarrhea medicine there. Take only the bare essentials. A few
pills that take up only a little space- you don’t need the whole box.

 What about the other supplies your packing? Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant,
razor, and shaving cream is what you need. If you are staying at a b &b, you don’t even need soap or
shampoo since it is provided for you. You’re going on vacation not to a corporate function so toss the
cosmetics and facial products.

 Now, look at your packing list. What can you buy there if you really need it? Probably lots. Toss the
bug spray, the suntan lotion, and whatever else you are packing. You can’t take it on the plane

 Ok, final step on the way to packing light. We’ve probably cut out a lot of your list now. The next step
is to just remove out another half. You are holiday, relaxing. Things don’t get very dirty and you can

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

wear the same shorts a few days in a row. Ditch the towel- just borrow the one from the hotel. Take
half as many clothes. Wear some longer or don’t wear any! You never wear everything you take and
unless spill something or sweat through your shirt, you can wear it for more than one day.

 That’s it. That is the trick to packing light. Cutting, cutting, and cutting until you get to the essential
items you need to pack. If you follow my opinion, I guarantee you will pack light and make the whole
packing process much easier.

Matt is an avid traveler who has mastered the art of how to backpack the world. You can find more
about how to travel the world and how to pack light at his website,

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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