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                                                   Planning Golfing holidays in Florida
                                                                 By Steve Hearn

   Florida not only hosted four PGA tour events in 2009 -the Players Championship, Arnold Palmer
Invitational presented by MasterCard and the World Golf Championships-CA Champsionship; the
sunshine state is also the home of Tiger Woods -current number one, Arnold Palmer and even the Golf
Channel. Apart from that, there are several courses which have been designed by some of the most
important golf players of all times.

However, when planning golfing holidays, people should pay special attention to the accommodation. If
there are some concerns related to costs and expenditure, people are strongly recommended to
reserve a villa on the golf course; on the other hand, this can be the best way to avoid the crowds of
tourists who are visiting the theme parks.

Some of the most popular Florida golfing accommodations include:

Southern Dunes Resort and Country club is a gated community built around the most prestigious golf
courses in Florida. There is a communal swimming pool, children's playground, tennis courts, volleyball
and basket ball, and private screened pools in all properties. The location is very convenient and is well
catered by a variety of restaurants, bars and malls; it is also very close to the major attractions: Walt
Disney World, Universal Studios, Island of Adventure, Wet n Wild and Sea World.

Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club offers a condo style accommodation, but perhaps the main
attraction is a 18-hole golf course designed by Gary Koch. People can enjoy any of the four pools,
including the Dunes lagoon, a two-acre recreation area featuring a two-storey water slide anchored by
a 30-foot tall rock wall overlooking a massive pool. The resort is conveniently located near to Disney's
Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld and Universal Studios

Highland Reserve features a well-known 18-hole PGA Golf Course. The executive homes -with private
screened pools- have been nestled into the grounds making this an amazing place for holidays.
Highlands Reserve is located within 15 minutes drive from the major theme parks and resorts.

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                                                  Take A Florida Vacation
                                                   By Naldo Camarones

 If you are planning to travel on your vacation, here’s a piece of advice: you should plan your
whereabouts previously, and next time, try somewhere different. Such as Florida! When you are
planning a Florida vacation it’s a good idea to put aside some time to plan what you’ll be doing once
you arrive. Whether you plan on visiting Miami or Fort Lauderdale or one of the other great Florida
cities, you’ll want to come prepared.

With any other vacation hot spot, Florida tends to draw large crowds at certain time of year. Most
people are aware of the spring break getaways that many college students take to Florida each year. If
you are planning a family vacation then you’ll want to choose an alternate time to visit Florida.

The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are a very busy time in Florida because people trade their
winter coats for bathing suits. For a family who has spent each Christmas buried in snow, it’s a fun
experience to wander down the beach looking at palm trees instead.

Most flights to Florida also reflect the demand of tourists. The cost of a flight to a Florida destination will
be more during a peak travel period such as the spring or summer. If your children can afford to take a
few days off of school then consider planning a mid-week break to Florida. Not only will the airfare be
less expensive but your hotel accommodations will also reflect the modest demand.

Once you arrive in Florida there is so much to see and do. With many of the world’s most popular
theme parks within driving distance, you’ll want to consult with your family and choose the one that
they can’t wait to visit. Many Florida theme parks offer discount admission coupons through the
internet or through travel books.

One thing any visitor to Florida must do is visit the beach. Whether you’ve been to the beach in Florida
once or dozens of times you’ll never get tired or bored of it. Sunbathers gather there to soak up the
rays and the ambiance. On a bright and warm day you’ll want to find a spot early and spend the day
with your family.

One of the best resources for tourists in Florida is their hotel concierge. The concierge is very
knowledgeable about the area you’re staying in. He or she will be able to offer you insider’s tips on the
best eateries and tourist attractions in Florida. They also can often offer valuable services including
arranging car rentals and dinner reservations for you.

Taking a trip to Florida is a wonderful way for the family to relax and unwind in a fun environment. With
a little planning you can have the vacation of your dreams on the budget you can afford.

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