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Planning A Luxury Yacht Charter In The Caribbean


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                                     Planning A Luxury Yacht Charter In The Caribbean
                                                            By Rumble Romagnoli

  A vacation to the Caribbean islands in a yacht charter is one of the most enchanting experiences
one can have. This once-in-a-life-time experience for the exotic vacations can be made more
entertaining with appropriate planning and execution.

 Yacht charter in Caribbean islands is a thriving business. One can hire a yacht for a fee based on the
size of the vessel hired for the travel as well as the period for which it is hired. The fee charged for
yacht charter also includes the salary for the permanent crew members. In addition to the salary for the
crew, the fee includes provisioning allowance that includes food and beverages, docking expenses at
the various harbors, fuel expense and consumables. Usually a specified sum is collected in advance
by the yacht charters and any unspent money from the advance is returned back at the conclusion of
the trip.

 As part of the planning process for the trip to the Caribbean yacht charter, one needs to find to a
reliable broker who can guide us through the process and help in optimum utilization of the money at
our disposal for spending on the vacation. One thing that needs to be borne in mind is cost should not
compromise for the quality of the yacht charter and the appropriate one needs to be chosen to make
the trip an enchanting one on all counts. A broker can help us achieve this goal. Among the various
things that need to be considered serious thought is the type of yacht charter one needs to hire and the
type of facilities one can have in each of the yacht charters that are being offered for the people on
yacht charter.

 There are a number of yacht charters on offer including the bareboat charter, crewed yacht charter,
luxury yacht charter and corporate yacht charter. Even among the bareboat and crewed yacht charters,
there are sub-types such as monohull, catamaran and motoryacht.

 The exact type of charter one needs for the travel trip needs to be decided and booked in advance. A
number of things need to be taken care of while deciding on the type of charter to hire on. A thorough
investigation of the types on offer along with its salient features, cost impact and such other things
needs to be assessed and finalized such that the exotic travel plan can be much more enchanting.

Monohull yacht charters come with a minimum size of 35 feet and a maximum size of more than 45

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feet. Depending upon the number of members in the party, the number of state rooms, and the
showers in the boat, appropriate monohull yacht charter can be selected from among the hundreds of
models on offer.

 Two tier and three-tier yacht charters can also be selected depending upon the size of the team
planning a holiday vacation. The yacht charter typically has adequate space to move about, apart from
provision for dining and rest rooms. The catamarans are one of the types of yacht charters that can
offer more fun to the team. Most of the yacht charters have a speed of around 10 nautical miles that
offers great fun for sailing.

Dolmen Yachts specialise in yacht charters in the Caribbean. Ask your captain about BVI yacht
charter, Grenadines yacht charter, Tahiti yacht charter and caribbean catamaran charters.

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                           Yacht Charter Vacations on the Caribbean and Mediterranean
                                                  By Rumble Romagnoli

Both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean are major luxury yacht charter and yachting centres, both
offer an incredible amount of world class luxury yacht facilities and a true chance for some exceptional
time spent sailing. Both areas are also renowned as exceptional places in which to moor a luxury
yacht, due to the fact they are major luxury yacht vacation areas in their own right, making them an
ideal place to keep your luxury sailing yacht, luxury motor yacht or luxury mega yacht, which ever takes
your fancy!

 If you choose to moor your luxury charter yachts in such a place, you may decide you can use it more
frequently than had it been moored in a less accessible place. By using the services of say, a
Mediterranean yacht management company you can be assured that your luxury motor yacht will be
maintained and kept ready for you to use at a moment’s notice. Yacht management makes good
sense, why worry about your luxury sailing yacht while you away from it? Let somebody else take care
of it.

 Of course, if you plan your luxury yacht vacations at the last minute, you may find yourself short on a
charter yacht crew. You could use a crew placement service to find your luxury yacht crew for you.
These kinds of services are also useful for professional sailors, enabling them to find yacht crew jobs.
The better agencies will also help sailors with their career progression by supplying yacht crew training.
Professional sailors can approach one of the many yacht crew agents to look for work.

 If you have been learning to sail, you may be approaching a time when you are beginning to consider
luxury yacht ownership. If you are visiting the Mediterranean or Caribbean why not spare some tie to
visit one of the many exclusive yacht brokers South of France, luxury yacht brokers French Riviera or
one of the luxury yacht brokers Caribbean or luxury yacht brokers Mediterranean. If you have a
particular yacht manufacturer in mind, such as Mangusta motor yachts, then there are specialist
Mangusta yacht brokers on hand that deal with Mangusta yacht sales.

 Whatever your preference in yachting, be it luxury mega yachts, luxury motor yachts, luxury super
yachts or luxury sailing yachts, the facilities to be found in both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean
have made them both world leading sailing areas, popular with everyone from the novice sailor to
owners of multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts. Caribbean yacht charters have always been a
particularly good way of finding out if luxury yacht ownership suits you, just hire a yacht for a week or
two, and take to the water. You can learn about yacht maintenance, boat maintenance and basic
sailing before visiting one of the luxury yacht brokers to discuss your purchase requirements. It is
important that you understand the level of commitment involved in owning a luxury motor yacht and
exclusive yacht ownership before you go ahead and buy one!

 Maybe you would prefer to own a luxury motor yacht, if so you should visit one of the excellent motor
yacht brokers that deal solely with motor yacht sales in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Or why not
try a motor yacht charter or luxury yacht charter first to see if you enjoy it? Then go ahead and
purchase your luxury motor yacht once you are sure it is for you.

Blue Water Yachting is an exclusive yacht charter company specialising in luxury yacht charter in the South of France. Whether you are

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interested in a Mediterranean yacht charter, Caribbean crewed yacht charter or a South of France luxury yacht charter, we always provide a first class service.

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