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                                                 Pet Friendly Hotels
                                                 By Mark Hammond

   It was not too long ago that it was nearly impossible to travel with your pet. No matter what type of
pet it was, cat, dog, or another type of pet, they were absolutely not tolerated in hotels, at least not the
upscale, more trendy hotels. If you were traveling with your pet, it meant that you generally only had
the choice of low budget, less trendy hotels. Things are definitely changing for the better.

Hotel chains are beginning to realize that for most pet owners, their pets are a big part of their family.
This means that it is very rare for a pet owner to travel without heir pet. Take a look around you, at
celebrities, and other people. You will see that more often than not, their pets go with them everywhere
they go, this includes on vacation.

Hotels are seeing this and stepping up to the tasks. Many hotel chains now not only accept pets, but
also have several amenities geared directly towards pets. For instance, if you are out and about at
meetings or functions, the hotel may have someone to watch your pet for you until you return.

For busy people, the hotel may also provide a service for walking your pet or taking them for exercises.
If that was not enough several of the more trendy and upscale hotel chains offer even more for your
pet. For example, you may find the hotel offers a pet spa, in which your pet can enjoy pampering and
relaxation during their vacation as well. Your pet can enjoy all the same amenities that you do in some
of the more popular hotel chains.

Can you imagine the time has finally come when pets are considered a very important member of the
family? Your pet may have their own bed; turn down service, or even their very own robe. The hotel
may even provide water and food dishes for your pet or even an ID tag that lists the contact information
of the hotel you are staying at, in case your pet were to become lost.

Gone are the days of having to choose only seedy or low budget hotels, just because you are traveling
with your beloved pet. Today, pets are welcomed at most hotels across the world.

Article written by Mark Hammond of National Hotels UK Hotel Finder
and Travel Resource.

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                               Your Pet Will Love Bed And Breakfast Pet Friendly Inns
                                                             By Darlene Berkel

 If you are a pet owner, you may have found that it is difficult to take a last minute holiday. Many hotels
do not allow pets to stay in their rooms, and relying on neighbors to 'pet sit' is not always possible. You
may feel that a holiday is not complete unless you can take your pet with you, but, thankfully, this does
not always have to limit your holidays to caravan parks or camping trips. There are many pet friendly
bed and breakfast establishments out there just waiting for you and your pet to come and stay.

Fortunately, more and more popular holiday destinations offer value for money bed and breakfast, pet
friendly too! The numerous websites on the Internet that are devoted to the needs of pets and their
owners have names and addresses of bed and breakfast pet friendly inns. However, these may have
some limitations regarding the number of pets they can accommodate at a time. They may even have
some restrictions on the kind of pet and its size. Some allow only well behaved dogs on their premises.

Researching Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

Once you have decided to go on holiday, and you have selected a bed an breakfast, it is prudent to call
ahead and confirm that accommodation for the bet is available on the day. It is unlikely you will have
any problems, but it is still best to double check that pets are allowed, and to make sure there are no
restrictions on the size or kind of pet that they can accommodate.

A typical bed and breakfast, pet friendly or otherwise has a restful and intimate atmosphere, quite
unlike a hotel or resort. Well behaved pets may be welcome, but owners will have to ensure that the
dogs are house trained and have not got disoriented because of the road journey to a new place. They
should not disturb other guests, or cause any destruction. Bed and breakfast pet friendly
establishments may have certain areas where the pets cannot go. The pet owner has to ensure that
these ground rules are obeyed.

Most pet friendly bed and breakfast establishments will not charge an extra fee to accommodate your
pet, however some may ask for a refundable deposit in case of any accidents or damage caused by
the pet. There are some that will charge extra per night for you to bring your pet, but these are rare,
and you will always be informed in advance. Even if they do charge extra, the chance to bring your pet
with you on the holiday of a lifetime will be well worth it.

For more tips and resources about traveling with your pets and pet friendly accommodations, visit

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