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                                                 Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast
                                                               By John Slater

   Pennsylvania is known for one of the richest histories in America and visitors are able to enjoy
multiple activities that are rich with not only the history that its known for but with culture and adventure
as well. And Pennsylvania does not lack beautiful scenery either. Here you will find numerous state
forests and parks, great hiking trails, and plentiful sparkling waters. And don’t forget that Pennsylvania
is home to one of the country’s premier honeymoon destinations. The Poconos offer some of the best
views that Pennsylvania has to offer and is a fantastic place to share the most important time of your

 Pennsylvania’s rich history dates back to the beginning of our nation. Not only was Pennsylvania a
major battle ground for the Civil War but the biggest battle actually took place in the state. Sites that
can be visited by the history enthusiasts who visit Pennsylvania include Presidents George
Washington’s House Commemorative Site located in Philadelphia, the Fort Pitt Block House located in
Pittsburgh, the Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Farmington, and the William Goodridge House
located in York, just to name a few. And for those history buffs that like a little thrill every now and then
you can also partake in one of the ghost tours that can be found throughout the state.

 For families that are looking to travel to the great state of Pennsylvania there are many exciting family
activities to go with the rich history that the state has to offer. One of the most popular family
destinations in the state of Pennsylvania is the town of Hershey. Hershey, Pennsylvania is home to
Hershey Park where visitors can enjoy thrill rides, and water rides and top it all off with the sweet
delight of Hershey’s chocolate. Pennsylvania is also home to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom
located in Allenstown, Pennsylvania and Knoebels Amusement Resort located in Elysburg,
Pennsylvania. Additional family activities can be found all over the state. From museums to water
parks to drive-in theaters, there is always something fun for the family to do in Pennsylvania.

 Visitors wishing to spend their time in Pennsylvania outdoors will find that multiple activities are
available to them during the spring, summer, fall, and winter months. In the spring visitors can watch
nature come to life in one of the states many nature centers dedicated to preserving the pristine lands
encompassed in them. During the summer months visitors will find a wide variety of camping areas
throughout the state as well as various other summer activities including the Summer Wildflower Walk
in Dingmans Ferry and Coolspring Corn Maze in Mercer. Fall in Pennsylvania brings scenery rich with
color and air crisp with the smell of a season soon to be passed. In the winter months visitors can

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enjoy some of the best skiing on the East coast as well as snowboarding, sledding, and cozying up to a
nice warm fire after a long day of sightseeing and fun.

 No matter which time of year you decide to visit and no matter what you decide to do you are sure to
enjoy yourself in the great state of Pennsylvania.

John Slater is the head travel writer for the bed and breakfast site. Read some of his articles at
tates&task=businesscities&sid=24&cid=6. For more articles visit

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                             What Makes A Bed & Breakfast So Special?
                                           By Mark Hammond

 Traditions hotels may be great for some travelers, but if you are looking for a quaint more rural kind of
experience, a bed & breakfast options might be perfect for you. Because they include a more
personable approach, bed & breakfast lodging is commonly available in smaller towns and rural areas.

What makes a bed & breakfast so special? Unlike a regular hotel, a bed & breakfast has less rooms
and is usually run by a single person or family. Instead of a large building, a bed & breakfast usually is
a large house with rooms converted for visitors or a smaller building with simple rooms. Your rooms
have a more homey appeal as opposed to a regular hotel.

As the name implies, a bed & breakfast is not a place that you will lounge all day in most cases. It is
simply a place to sleep and to eat in the morning. Check-in is usually during the late afternoon, and
breakfast is served at a specific time. In most cases, breakfast is a real meal cooked especially for
guests, not a continental breakfast. It depends on the particular bed & breakfast where you stay.

Most people stay at a bed & breakfast for a short time. There is not rule, however, that says you can’t
spend your entire two-week vacation there. Some bed & breakfasts have great tours, games, poolside
meet and greets, and other activities for guests to enjoy. Other bed & breakfasts have themed rooms.

No matter what bed & breakfast you choose, try to find one that fits your specific needs. For example,
some do not accept families with children under a certain age. Others specifically have rooms only for
single travelers. Still others have no handicapped lodging available. Bed & breakfast options are
extremely varied, so hunt around until you find the perfect one for you vacation.

Article written by Mark Hammond of National Hotels  UK
Hotel Accommodation Finder and Travel Resource.

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