Sample Summer Parenting Time Enforcment Letter

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					From: (Non-custodial Parent)
(Street address)
(City, State, Zip)

To: (Custodial Parent)
(Street Address)
(City, State Zip)

Date: (Month day, year)

Re: Notice of intent to exercise summer parenting time

Dear (Custodial Parent),

   As per the (Custody Order dated XX/XX/XXXX/Parenting Time Guidelines) I am writing
   you to notify you that it is my intention to exercise court ordered summer vacation
   parenting time.

   My parenting time for the (XX) week summer vacation shall be split as follows:

   (List the dates and times of exchanges in detail)

   (List any pertinent information regarding weeknight visitation for the custodial parent,
   extended out of town time, summer activity information, etc. BE SPECIFIC.)

   Should these dates and times present a problem for you, respond via U.S. Mail by (Month
   day, Year) with alternate dates and/or times so that I may have sufficient time to adjust
   my schedule accordingly to the alternate dates and/or times or offer another alternative. If
   I receive no response to the contrary, I will assume these dates and times to be acceptable
   to you and will begin exercising this parenting time on (Day of the week, Month Day,

   I look forward to seeing (child(ren)’s name(s)).


   (Non-custodial parent)

   CC: (opposing council)
   CC: (your council)
   CC: (Court Clerk)
   Cause # -- (case number)

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Description: A sample letter for parents to document the enforcement of court ordered summer visitation