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									       Fees/Family                    For more information about this program,
    Planning Services                            contact us at 342-8140

•   If you are 18 years and under-            Clinic Schedule                             Family
                                         Monday-Friday: 8AM — 5PM
    no charge
                                     ADULT HEALTH CLINIC
                                                                                          Planning &
•   If you are 19 years or older-
    based on income
                                     Acute Care, Preventive Care, Immunizations
                                     After hours appointments —Thursdays
•   Medicaid accepted– You must
                                     CHILD HEALTH CLINIC
                                     Acute Care, Preventive Care, Immunizations
    bring your Medicaid card on      After hours appointments — Thursdays
    each visit
                                     WOMEN’S PREVENTIVE HEALTH CLINIC
                                     Family Planning, Preventive Care, Breast/ Cervical
•   Other Insurance-Bring your       Cancer Screening
    insurance card                   After hours appointments — Thursdays

                                     ASTHMA CLINIC
•   Private Pay-You will be billed   By appointment only
    based on your income (sliding
                                     GLAUCOMA CLINIC
    fee scale)                       Third Thursday of each month, by appointment

                                     TB CLINIC
                                     By appointment only

                                     NUTRITION SERVICES
                                     Women, Infants and Children, Breastfeeding
                                     After hours appointments — Thursdays

                                     DENTAL CLINIC                                           Rockingham County
                                     Monday—Thursday, closed Friday                       Department of Public Health
                                                                                                 PO Box 204
                                     DIABETES MANAGEMENT CLASS
                                                                                            Wentworth, NC 27375
                                     Mondays, by appointment only

                                                                                             Phone: (336) 342-8140
                                                                                              Fax: (336) 342-8356
             Screenings                             Birth Control Options                                        Sexually Transmitted
                                                                                                                   Infections (STI’s)
What is a PAP test (or PAP Smear)?              ♦   Condoms (rubbers) are used to protect against
A PAP test is a simple                              HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.        We give free screenings for sexually
test that can find                                  Provided for free.
                                                                                                          transmitted infections (STI’s). Call (336) 342-
cancer cells or other                                                                                     8140 for an appointment. All information is
changes in and around                           ♦   Foam, Suppositories and Film                          kept confidential.
your cervix ( the                                   are made of chemicals that kill sperm.
opening to the womb).
                                                                                                          You should be tested if:
                                                ♦   A diaphragm is a small rubber cup that fits
                                                                                                             • You have had unprotected sex, even
Why is a PAP test                                   inside the vagina, over the cervix (opening to
                                                    the womb). It must be fitted by clinician.                  once
                                                                                                             •   You are not sure of your partner’s
A PAP test may help find a change in your           Depo Provera is a hormone (progesterone)
                                                ♦                                                                sexual history
cervix before it becomes cancer. A PAP              that is injected by a clinician. It lasts 3 months.
test may help prevent cervical cancer.                                                                       •   You have had more than one sex
                                                ♦   Pills are hormones (estrogen) that                           partner
Breast Exam-The nurse will examine                  are taken by mouth. You must
your breast to see if you have any lumps.                                                                    •   You or your partner have any
                                                    remember to take the pill
She will also teach you breast self exam.           everyday. By prescription only.                              symptoms or think you may be
What is BSE (breast self exam)?                 ♦   An IUD is a small device put inside the womb             •   You have shared needles, even once
Examining your own breast for changes and           by a clinician.
lumps. Breast self exams allow you to
know how your breasts feel so you may be                                                                  The only 100% way to prevent an STI
more likely to feel a change. BSE’s can         ♦   Natural Family Planning is when a
                                                                                                          is to remain abstinent (do not have sex).
                                                    woman learns to recognize the fertile days of
help find breast cancer.
                                                    her menstrual cycle.
                                                                                                          Using a condom every time you have sex is
What is a Pelvic exam?                                                                                    the next best way.
In a Pelvic exam, the nurse looks inside        ♦   Ortho Evra (Birth Control patch) can be
                                                    written by clinician. The patch releases
your vagina for vaginal infections, bacterial
                                                    hormones and is applied once a week for 3
infections, STI’s (sexually transmitted             weeks. By prescription only.
infections) and cervical cancer. She makes
sure your vagina is healthy and uses a swab
to take a sample. The sample will show if       ♦   NuvaRing is a ring that is inserted into the
you have a vaginal or bacterial                     vagina and releases hormones. By prescription
infection or an STI.                                only.

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