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									                    Smart Shopping on a Budget
          10 Tips for Avoiding Making Shopping Mistakes
                               by Diane Parente, AICI, CIP
                             Style Consultant to the Nardone Stars &
                                Personal Shopper Extraordinaire.

If your time for clothes shopping is limited like all of us, you can eliminate these
common traps:
    • You go home empty-handed, overwhelmed by too many choices.
    • It looked great on display, but does nothing for you at home.
    • Your bargain doesn't go with anything else you own.
    • It spends the rest of its life in your closet, awaiting alterations, expensive cleaning
        or the right accessories.

Here's how to avoid these all-too-frequent time wasters and get the most out of your
shopping whether you shop at Target, Marshall’s or one of your favorite consignment

   1. Shop alone for maximum efficiency. A companion may distract & persuade you
       to buy something inappropriate
   2. Always carry a master wardrobe plan with you of what you need to have to
       complete your wardrobe e ven if you're looking for a special occasion. The new
       should mesh with the old. Until you have a complete wardrobe, only purchase
       items listed in your master wardrobe plan. This will eliminate orphans from
       accumulating in your closet
   3. Know which styles compliment your body shape. Do you look best in open or
       closed necklines, crisp or fluid fabrics, long or short jackets, wide, straight or slim
       pant legs? Reject inappropriate temptations
   4. Select tops in your best colors and select neutral colors for your foundation
       pieces in your wardrobe
   5. Buy the size that fits today, not tomorrow with an eye toward the garment’s ability
       to be altered if your body changes size
   6. Look in a full-length mirror observe the front, back and side views and double
       check the neckline, collar sleeves, bust, waist and hips. Also, walk, sit and move
       in the garment to see if it pulls in any area
   7. Wear the right undergarments and bring shoes for the clothing you will be trying
   8. Make sure the fabric drapes well, is wrinkle resistant and holds up to numerous
   9. Before purchasing, go over the garment carefully checking for flaws, loose
       buttons and linings, hems failing down, zippers that don’t work. If yo u know you
       can take care of the flaw easily negotiate a better price.
   10. Know the return policy of the store, and keep receipts until you are satisfied.

Prepare for shopping the same way you prepare for a vacation so you can
                return home just as relaxed and content.

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