Baalu's advice to women SHGs

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					Baalu's advice to women SHGs

G. Srinivasan

The Hindu, June 15, 2006

Union Minister ask self-help group woman to identify Reghupathy

It was an interesting interlude between Union Minister for
Surface Transport T.R. Baalu and a woman from a self-help
group at Sethuvabachathiram in Thanjavur district on

An SHG woman told the Minister that she didn't get any bank
loan even though her self-help group was started one year ago.

She said a petition was submitted to Union Minister of State
Reghupathy at Pattukottai but nothing happened. Mr. Baalu
asked her whether she knew who that minister was, since Mr.
Reghupathy was sitting beside him. The woman said. `I've never
seen the Minister in person since only my husband met him at
Pattukottai and gave the petition."

When Mr. Baalu asked her whether she could identify Mr.
Reghupathy among them, she answered in the negative. He
asked her to give a fresh petition to Mr. Reghupathy for getting
the bank loan and assured that it would get sanctioned.

His advice

Mr. Baalu advised women self-help group members to give
proper applications to get loans and also follow them up
`properly' to get them sanctioned.

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