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									iPhone and AT&T’s Wireless Data Network

                          iPhone combines three amazing products — a mobile phone,
                          a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device — into
                          one small, lightweight, hand-held device that will redefine how
                          consumers think about what can be done on a wireless phone.
                          iPhone is available only with AT&T wireless service.

                          AT&T’s EDGE Network
                          iPhone is optimized to operate on AT&T’s EDGE network, which reaches more places and
                          more people than any other wireless data network.

                          > AT&T’s EDGE network reaches 270 million people — the largest wireless data network
                            on the planet.
                          > EDGE is the nation’s best and largest wireless high speed data network, covering 50
                            million more people than any other wireless data network in the country.
                          > The EDGE network averages speeds of more than 100 Kbps.
                          > iPhone is made to facilitate even faster downloading on the EDGE network through
                            caching and other device designs so advanced, screens don’t build – they just pop.

AT&T’s Wi-Fi Network
iPhone has Wi-Fi capability and automatically detects when it can utilize a Wi-Fi hot spot, giving consumers access
to wireline-like broadband speeds over home Wi-Fi networks and at tens of thousands of public hot spots.

> AT&T operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network, delivering greater mobility to accommodate today’s digital
  lifestyle and demands than any other provider.
> In the United States, AT&T offers access to nearly 15,000 hot spot locations (company-owned and roaming).
> AT&T’s public Wi-Fi locations include leading airports, McDonald’s restaurants, Barnes & Noble bookstores, popular
  sporting venues, coffee shops, state parks, rest stops and welcome centers.

AT&T’s EDGE Reaches
270 Million Americans—
50 Million More Than Any Other
Wireless Data Network
The 1,800 store locations that sell the iPhone can be found online at

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