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					Table 3. Program/Flight Awards
#    If the award is                          Base            MAJCOM           Not     Award Presentation/
                                              completes       submits          later   Acceptance
                                              and submits     nominations to   than
1    AF Arts & Crafts Program of the Year     AF IMT          HQ AFSVA/        14      Annual AF Services
2    AF Bowling Program of the Year           1206, V5        CDM              Mar     Awards Banquet
3    AF Child Development Program of the      Not to
     Year                                     exceed one
4    Family Child Care Program of the Year    page, single-
5    AF Golf Program of the Year              spaced,
6    AF Outdoor Recreation Program of the     bullet
     Year                                     format
7    AF Community Center Program of the
8    AF Fitness and Sports Program of the
9    AF Youth Program of the Year
     (Includes School Age Program)
10   AF Library Program of the Year
11   AF Officers’ Club of the Year
12   AF Enlisted Club of the Year
13   AF Collocated Club of the Year
14   AF Services Human Resource Office of
     the Year
15   AF Services Marketing Program of the
16   AF Services Training Program of the
     Year (Must include military and
     civilian training)
17   AF Information Ticket & Travel
     Program of the Year
18   AF Services Specialized Program of
     the Year (Any base-level program not
     covered by other Services program
     awards. Must be recognized in AFI 34
19   AF Readiness Program of the Year
20   George Washington Award for Protocol
     Excellence (Base-level Protocol Office
21   AF Services Resource Management
     Flight of the Year

1. Services Program and Flight Awards. These awards recognize Services programs and the
Resource Management Flight that make outstanding contributions to the AF Services Program. To
be eligible, programs must be officially recognized as AF Services Programs and operated in
accordance with the 34-series of Air Force directives and other appropriate Air Force Service
guidance. Those eligible are identified in Table 3. The award year is based on fiscal year
1 Oct – 30 Sep. Individual nominees must have served more than 6 months in the position to be
nominated for an award.

 2. Nomination Procedures. MAJCOMs submit an AF IMT 1206, Nomination for Award, V5 is
 now mandatory and will not exceed one typewritten page, single-spaced (see appendix 11) and
 include element headings. Prepare and submit AF IMT 1206 in IMT and electronically transmit to Faxed copies will not be accepted. MAJCOMs will make
 reasonable efforts to ensure nominees are not under investigation or involved in any other activities
 that would bring discredit on the Air Force or diminish the credibility and integrity of the award
 program. Nominations must include the following elements:

    a. Innovation. Show how the program or flight demonstrates innovation and ingenuity in
 meeting customer needs and developing programs and ideas that positively impact the mission of the
 base and its personnel.

    b. Management. Show how effectively management communicates goals, objectives, vision,
 etc., to the workforce. Show how well management understands and applies current trends in the
 industry; and how management creates a work environment and climate conducive to the well-
 being of all employees.

    c. Customer Focus and Satisfaction. Define methods used to assess customer desires. Define
 how new programs, services, and improvements to existing programs were made as a result of
 customer desires.

    d. Operational Results. Show the extent results measured relate to customer desires. Identify
 how performance measures show sustained improvement. Show how performance goals reflect high
 expectations and are being met.

3. Nomination Photographs. Two 5x7 color digital photographs which best identifies the
program/flight must accompany the AF IMT 1206. One must be a digital photograph which best
identifies the program/flight. The photo may be an action shot of customers using the program, not a
photo of the outside of the facility. If employees are included in the photograph, they should be in the
uniform required for them to perform their job, e.g., fitness uniform, club chef, etc. The second photo
is an official photo. The official photo should be a group shot of the staff in front of the facility or in
a professional environment. Label photos as follows: 1) MAJCOM award name_Action, e.g., ACC
Golf Prg of the Yr_Action. 2) MAJCOM award name_Official, e.g., AETC Gold Prg of the
Yr_Official. Photos should be in jpeg/jpg format. Do not crop, overwrite text or make any
adjustments to photos. E-mail photos to
 4. Selection Procedures. HQ USAF/A1S appoints a five-person Award Selection Board to
 evaluate nominations based on the AF IMT 1206 content. Upon completion of scoring, the Board
 makes its recommendations to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force for approval. Winners will be
 announced AF-wide by message.

    The Board consists of:

      (a) One field grade officer with prior command experience.
     (b) One GS-GM-14 or above with prior experience as a Services Director.

     (c) One senior Services NCO.

     (d) One member from outside the Services Community.

     (e) One member at large.

5. Awards Presentation. Each winner receives an engraved plaque. Plaques are presented at the
annual AF Services Awards Banquet tentatively scheduled for Jun 08, at Keystone CO.