Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

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					                                                                                  2003 Tax Year
                                                                            Clothing and Accessories
                                                                          Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                      High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                                       Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

Boys Clothing                                                               Shoe w/Laces
  Accessories                                                           Dress
     Belts                                                                  Shoe Leather Slip-On
         Dress Leather                                                      Shoe Leather w/Laces
         Other                                                          Slippers
     Caps                                                               Sport
         Baseball                                                           Sneaker Cloth
         Stocking                                                           Sneaker Leather
         Sun Visor                                                   Slacks and Pants
     Scarves                                                            Casual
         Winter                                                             Corduroy
     Suspenders                                                             Denim
         Button Clip-On                                                     Other
     Ties                                                               Dress
  Exercise                                                           Sleepwear
     Jackets                                                            Pajamas
         Fleece Insulated w/Hood                                            Set (Pants and Shirt)
         Fleece w/Hood                                                  Robe
     Pants                                                           Suits
         Fleece                                                         Casual
         Nylon                                                              Sport Coat
     Shirts                                                             Dress
         Fleece Long-Sleeve                                                 Coat
         Fleece Short-Sleeve                                                Slacks
     Shorts                                                                 Two Piece
         Fleece                                                      Summerwear
         Nylon                                                          Shirts
     Suits (Matching Pants and Top)                                         Tank
         Fleece                                                             T-Shirt
         Nylon                                                          Shorts
  Outerwear                                                                 Denim
     Casual Jackets                                                         Other
         Cloth                                                          Swimwear
         Denim                                                       Sweaters
     Casual Winter Coats                                                Casual
         Ski                                                                Cardigan
     Dress Winter Coats                                                     Pullover Long-Sleeve
         All Weather                                                        Vest
     Mittens and Gloves                                                     V-Neck
     Ski Pants                                                          Dress
     Vests                                                                  Cardigan
         Winter                                                             Pullover Long-Sleeve
  Shirts                                                                    Vest
     Casual                                                                 V-Neck
         Flannel Long-Sleeve                                         Undergarments
         Long-Sleeve                                                    Pants
         Short-Sleeve                                                       Insulated
         Turtleneck                                                     Shirts
     Dress                                                                  Long-Sleeve Insulated
         Long-Sleeve                                                        T-Shirt
         Short-Sleeve                                                   Socks (Pair)
     Sport                                                                  Dress
         Pullover Long-Sleeve                                               Other
         Pullover Short-Sleeve                                    Girls Clothing
  Shoes and Boots                                                    Accessories
     Boots Snow                                                         Belts
     Casual                                                                 Leather
         Boots Western                                                      Other
         Shoe Slip-On                                                   Caps
                                                                                2003 Tax Year
                                                                          Clothing and Accessories
                                                                        Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                    High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                                     Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

       Stocking                                                       Sport
   Hats                                                                   Sneaker Cloth
       Dress                                                              Sneaker Leather
       Summer                                                      Skirts
   Purses                                                             Jumpers
   Scarves                                                                Casual
Blouses and Shirts                                                        Dress
   Casual                                                             Regular
       Long-Sleeve                                                        Denim
       Short-Sleeve                                                       Other
       Turtleneck                                                  Slacks and Pants
   Dress                                                              Casual
       Long-Sleeve                                                        Corduroy
       Short-Sleeve                                                       Denim
Dresses                                                                   Other
   Casual                                                             Dress
   Dress                                                           Summerwear
   Summer                                                             Shorts
Exercise                                                                  Denim
   Jackets                                                                Other
       Fleece Insulated w/Hood                                        Swimwear
       Fleece w/Hood                                                      One-Piece
   Leotards                                                               Two Piece
   Pants                                                              Tops
       Fleece                                                             Tank
       Nylon                                                              T-Shirt
   Shirts                                                                 Other
       Sweatshirt Long-Sleeve                                      Sweaters
       Sweatshirt Short-Sleeve                                        Casual
   Shorts                                                                 Cardigan
       Fleece                                                             Pullover Long-Sleeve
       Nylon                                                              Vest
   Suits (Matching Pants and Top)                                         V-Neck
       Fleece                                                         Dress
       Nylon                                                              Cardigan
Outerwear                                                                 Pullover Long-Sleeve
   Casual Jackets                                                         Vest
       Cloth                                                              V-Neck
       Other                                                       Undergarments
   Casual Winter Coats                                                Night Shirt
       Ski                                                            Nightgown
       Other                                                          Pajamas
   Dress Jackets                                                      Robe
   Dress Winter Coats                                                 Slips
       All Weather                                                        Camisole
   Ear Muffs                                                              Full
   Rainwear                                                               Half
       Coat                                                           Socks (Pair)
   Ski Bibs                                                               Dress
Shoes and Boots                                                           Other
   Boot Snow                                                    Infants Clothing
   Casual                                                          Bedding
       Shoe Leather Slip-On                                           Afghan
       Shoe Leather w/Laces                                           Blankets
   Dress                                                              Quilt
       Shoe Leather Slip-On                                           Receiving Blanket
       Shoe Leather w/Laces                                           Sheets Set
   Sandals                                                         Dresses
   Slippers                                                           Casual
                                                                      2003 Tax Year
                                                                Clothing and Accessories
                                                              Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                              High or   Avg or   Low or                                   High or   Avg or   Low or
                               Good      Fair     Poor                                     Good      Fair     Poor

     Dress                                                      Illuminator
  Outerwear                                                 Databank
     Caps                                                       Telememo
     Coats Winter                                               World Time
     Gloves and Mittens                                     Edifice
     Jacket                                                 Forester
     Snowsuits                                                  Altimeter
     Stocking Cap                                               Illuminator
  Pants                                                     G-Shock
     Casual                                                     Classic
  Shirts                                                        G-Cool
     Long-Sleeve                                                Telememo
     Short-Sleeve                                           Marine Gear
     Tank                                                       Diving
     T-Shirt                                                Premier Pathfinder
  Shoes and Boots                                               Thermometer
     Shoes                                                      Twinsensor
  Sleepwear                                               Watches Citizen
     Gowns                                                  21 Jewels
     Sleeper w/Feet                                         21 Jewels Diamond
     Sleeper w/o Feet                                       Diver Watch
  Summerwear                                                Eco-Drive Chronograph
     Play Suits                                             Eco-Drive Solar
     Shorts                                                 Eco-Drive Titanium
     Swimwear                                               Elegance Signature
  Sweaters                                                  Elektra Eco-Drive Solar
     Cardigan                                               Ladies Dress Bracelet
     Pullover Long-Sleeve                                   Ladies Elegance
  Undergarments                                             Ladies Elegance Diamonds
     Booties                                                Mens Elegance
     Socks (Pair)                                           Modena Perpetual Calendar
     Tights                                                 Promaster
Jewelry                                                         100 Meter Chronograph
  Watches                                                       200 Meter Chronograph
     Other                                                      Aqualand Dive Watch
  Watches Bulova                                                Blue Angels Navihawk
     14Karat Collection                                         Chronograph
     Gold                                                       Depth Meter Chronograph
     Ladies Bangles                                             Navihawk
     Ladies Diamonds                                            Navisail
     Marine Star                                                Navistar
     Marine Star Sport                                          Navisurf
     Mens Bracelet                                              Navitach
     Mens Diamonds                                              Thunderbird Navihawk
     Millenia Chronograph                                       World Time Chronograph
     Millenia Motion Quartz                                     World Time Navihawk
     Pocket Watches                                         Skyhawk
     Sports-Giants                                          Sports Chronograph
     Strap Collection                                       Sports Watches
  Watches Casio                                             Titanium
     Baby-G                                                 Titanium Chronograph
         Classic                                            World Timer Eco-Drive Solar
         File                                             Watches Fossil
         G-Lide                                             Cartoons and Comics
         reef                                                   Batman
         Sport                                                  Betty Boop
         Telememo                                               Dilbert
         Tough Label                                            Felix the Cat
     Casual Sports                                              Flinstones
                                                                        2003 Tax Year
                                                                  Clothing and Accessories
                                                                Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                High or   Avg or   Low or                                   High or   Avg or   Low or
                                 Good      Fair     Poor                                     Good      Fair     Poor

   GI Joe                                                         NFL
   Jetsons                                                        Nolan Ryan
   Marvin the Martian                                             Tom Landry
   Mighty Mouse                                             Watches Pulsar
   Pink Panther                                               14 Karat
   Popeye                                                     Analog
   Powerpuff Girls                                            Chronograph
   Rocky and Bullwinkle                                       Digital
   Scooby Doo                                                 Kinetic
   Simpsons                                                   LED
   Snoopy                                                     LED Computer
   Spawn                                                      Mickey and Company
   Speedy Gonzales                                            Pulsar for Men
   Spiderman                                                  Pulsar for Women
   Superman                                                   SAM Spoon
   Tazmanian Devil                                            Solar
   Tweety Bird                                                Spoon
   Woody Woodpecker                                           Sport
Disney                                                      Watches Seiko
   A Bugs Life                                                AirPro
   Aladdin                                                    Automatic Diver
   Cinderella                                                 Bullhead Chrono
   Dinosaur                                                   Chronograph
   George of the Jungle                                       Diver
   Goofy                                                      Kinetic
   Lion King                                                  Kinetic Arctura
   Mickey Mouse                                               Kinetic Auto Relay
   Nightmare Before Christmas                                 Kinetic SS
   Toy Story                                                  Kinetic Titanium
   Toy Story 2                                                Kinetic Windward
   Winnie the Pooh                                            Ladies 14kt
Movies and Television                                         Ladies 50m
   Alien Resurrection                                         Ladies Bracelet
   Buffy the Vampire Slayer                                   Ladies Dress
   Dracula                                                    Ladies Strap
   Frankenstein                                               Lassale Dress
   Gene Autry                                                 Le Grand Sport
   Godzilla                                                   Mens Bracelet
   I Love Lucy                                                Mens Strap
   James Bond                                                 Mickey and Company
   James Dean                                                 Perpetual Calendar
   King Kong                                                  Pocket Watches
   Lone Ranger                                                Quartz Chronograph
   Marilyn Monroe                                             Scuba Chronograph
   Roy and Dale                                               Sonata
   Roy Rodgers and Trigger                                    Sonata and 18kt
   Star Trek                                                  Titanium Chronograph
   Star Wars                                                Watches Swatches
   Wizard of OZ                                               Access
   X-Files                                                    Aquachrono
   Zorro                                                      Artists
Music and Culture                                             Automatic
   Barbie                                                     Christmas
   Beatles                                                    Chrono
   Einstein                                                   Classic
   Elvis                                                      GB
   Harry Potter                                               GK
Sports and Sport Figures                                      GM
   Golf                                                       GN
                                                                     2003 Tax Year
                                                               Clothing and Accessories
                                                             Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                          High or   Avg or   Low or                                         High or   Avg or   Low or
                           Good      Fair     Poor                                           Good      Fair     Poor

  GR                                                          Pearl
  GX                                                          Silver
  GZ                                                       Necklace
  Irony                                                       Diamond
  Lady                                                        Gold
  Musicall                                                    Other Gemstones
  Olympic                                                     Pearl
  Pop                                                         Silver
  Scuba                                                    Sunglasses
  Skin                                                Mens Clothing
Watches Timex                                           Accessories
  Analog - Digital                                         Belts
  Atlantis                                                    Casual Leather
  Cavatina                                                    Cloth
  Chronograph                                                 Dress Leather
  Data Link                                                Caps
  Digital Compass                                             Stocking
  Disney-Lion King                                            Summer
  Disney-Pooh Tigger                                          Sun Visor
  Expansion Bracelets                                         Winter
  HUMVEE Extreme Sports                                    Handkerchiefs
  i-Control                                                Hats
  Indiglo-3 Time Zones                                        Cowboy
  Indiglo-Acqua                                               Dress
  Indiglo-Easy Reader                                      Scarves
  Indiglo-Expedition                                          Dress
  Indiglo-Quartz                                              Other
  Ironman Sports                                           Suspenders
  Ladies Bracelet                                             Button-On
  Marathon                                                    Clip-On
  Mens Strap                                               Ties
  Midsize                                                     Clip-On
  Pocket Watches                                              Silk
  Reef Gear                                                   Other
  RUSH Fitness                                          Exercise
  RUSH VO2 Sports                                          Jackets
  Stainless Steel                                             Fleece Insulated w/Hood
  Tech Series                                                 Fleece w/Hood
  TMX Mystery Answer                                          Nylon
  Turn and Pull Alarm                                      Pants
  Youth                                                       Fleece
Womens Jewelry                                                Nylon
  Bracelet                                                 Shirts
     Charm                                                    Nylon Long-Sleeve
     Diamond                                                  Sweatshirt Long-Sleeve
     Gold                                                     Sweatshirt Short-Sleeve
     Silver                                                Shorts
  Brooch                                                      Fleece
     Crystal                                                  Nylon
     Diamond                                               Suits (Matching Pants and Top)
     Gold                                                     Fleece
     Patriotic                                                Nylon
     Pearl                                              Outerwear
     Silver                                                Casual Jackets
  Earrings                                                    Cloth
     Diamond                                                  Nylon
     Gold                                                  Casual Winter Coats
     Other Gemstone                                           Ski
     Other Materials                                          Other
                                                                          2003 Tax Year
                                                                    Clothing and Accessories
                                                                  Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                               High or   Avg or   Low or                                      High or   Avg or   Low or
                                Good      Fair     Poor                                        Good      Fair     Poor

   Coveralls                                                 Suits
   Dress Jackets                                                Casual
       Wool                                                        Sports Coat
   Dress Winter Coats                                           Custom Tailored
       All Weather                                                 Two Piece
       Wool                                                     Dress
       Other                                                       Coat
   Gloves                                                          Slacks
       Dress                                                       Two Piece
   Leather Coats                                                   Vest
       Casual                                                Summerwear
       Dress                                                    Shirts
   Rainwear                                                        Tank
       Coat                                                        T-Shirt
   Ski Bibs                                                     Shorts
   Snow Mobile Outfit                                              Denim
   Vests                                                           Other
       Suede                                                    Swimwear
       Winter                                                Sweaters
Shirts                                                          Casual
   Casual                                                          Cardigan
       Long-Sleeve                                                 Pullover Long-Sleeve
       Short-Sleeve                                                Turtleneck
       Turtleneck                                                  Vest
   Dress                                                           V-Neck
       Long-Sleeve                                              Dress
       Short-Sleeve                                                Cardigan
   Sport                                                           Pullover Long-Sleeve
       Pullover Long-Sleeve                                        Turtleneck
       Pullover Short-Sleeve                                       Vest
   Work                                                            V-Neck
       Long-Sleeve                                           Undergarments
       Short-Sleeve                                             Pants
Shoes and Boots                                                    Insulated
   Boots Snow                                                   Shirts
   Casual                                                          Insulated Long-Sleeve
       Boot Slip-On                                                T-Shirt
       Boot Western                                             Socks (Pair)
       Shoe Slip-On                                                Dress
       Shoe w/Laces                                                Other
   Dress                                                   Mens Designer Clothing
       Boot Leather Slip-On                                  Accessories
       Shoe Leather Slip-On                                     Belts
       Shoe Leather w/Laces                                        Casual
   Slippers                                                        Leather
   Sport                                                        Hats
       Boot Hiking w/Laces                                         Cowboy
       Boot Hunting w/Laces                                        Dress
       Sneaker Leather                                          Ties
Slacks and Pants                                                   Clip-on
   Casual                                                          Silk
       Corduroy                                                    Other
       Denim                                                 Exercise
       Other                                                    Jackets
   Dress                                                           Fleece
Sleepwear                                                          Nylon
   Pajamas                                                      Pants
       Matching Set                                                Fleece
   Robe                                                            Nylon
                                                                               2003 Tax Year
                                                                         Clothing and Accessories
                                                                       Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                    High or   Avg or   Low or                                         High or   Avg or   Low or
                                     Good      Fair     Poor                                           Good      Fair     Poor

   Shirts                                                         Sleepwear
       Nylon Long-Sleeve                                             Pajamas
       Sweatshirt Long-Sleeve                                           Matching Set
   Shorts                                                            Robe
       Fleece                                                     Suits
       Nylon                                                         Casual
   Suits (Matching Pants and Top)                                       Sport Coat
       Fleece                                                        Custom Tailored
       Nylon                                                            Two Piece
Outerwear                                                            Dress
   Casual Jackets                                                       Coat
       Cloth                                                            Slacks
       Nylon                                                            Two Piece
   Casual Winter Coats                                                  Vest
       Ski                                                        Summerwear
       Other                                                         Shirts
   Dress Jackets                                                        T-Shirt
   Dress Winter Coats                                                Shorts
       All Weather                                                      Denim
       Wool                                                             Other
       Other                                                      Sweaters
   Leather Coats                                                     Casual
       Casual                                                           Cardigan
       Dress                                                            Pullover Long-Sleeve
   Rainwear                                                             Turtleneck
   Vests                                                                Vest
       Down                                                             V-Neck
       Suede                                                         Dress
Shirts                                                                  Cardigan
   Casual                                                               Pullover Long-Sleeve
       Long-Sleeve                                                      Turtleneck
       Short-Sleeve                                                     Vest
       Turtleneck                                                       V-Neck
   Dress                                                        Toddlers Clothing
       Long-Sleeve                                                Dresses
       Short-Sleeve                                                  Casual
   Sport                                                             Dress
       Pullover Long-Sleeve                                       Exercise
       Pullover Short-Sleeve                                         Jackets
Shoes and Boots                                                         Fleece w/Hood
   Casual                                                            Pants
       Shoes Slip-on                                                    Fleece
       Shoes w/Laces                                                    Nylon
   Dress                                                             Shirts
       Boots Leather                                                    Nylon
       Shoes Slip-on                                                    Sweatshirt
       Shoes w/Laces                                                 Suits (Matching Pants and Top)
   Sport                                                                Fleece
       Boots Hiking                                                     Nylon
       Boots Hunting                                              Outerwear
       Boots Snow                                                    Bib Overalls
       Sneakers Leather                                                 Corduroy
       Sneakers Other                                                   Denim
Slacks and Pants                                                        Other
   Casual                                                            Cap
       Corduroy                                                      Gloves
       Denim                                                         Jackets
       Other                                                            Casual
   Dress                                                                Dress
                                                                    2003 Tax Year
                                                              Clothing and Accessories
                                                            Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                            High or   Avg or   Low or                                      High or   Avg or   Low or
                             Good      Fair     Poor                                        Good      Fair     Poor

     Raincoat                                                 Leather
     Snowsuit                                                 Other
     Sweaters                                              Scarves
     Winter Coats                                             Dress
         Casual                                               Other
         Dress                                          Blouses and Shirts
  Pants                                                    Casual
     Denim                                                    Long-Sleeve
     Other                                                    Short-Sleeve
  Shirts and Blouses                                          Turtleneck
     Long-Sleeve                                           Dress
     Short-Sleeve                                             Long-Sleeve
     Turtleneck                                               Short-Sleeve
  Shoes and Boots                                       Dresses
     Boots Leather                                         Casual
     Boots Snow                                            Dress
     Shoe Leather                                          Summer
     Shoe Other                                            Wool
     Slippers                                           Exercise
     Sneaker Leather                                       Jackets
  Skirts                                                      Fleece w/Hood
     Casual                                                   Nylon Insulated w/Hood
  Sleepwear                                                   Nylon w/Hood
     Pajamas                                               Leotards
         Gown                                              Pants
         Matching Set                                         Fleece
         Sleepers feet                                        Nylon
         Sleepers wo/Feet                                  Shirts
  Suits                                                       Fleece Long-Sleeve
     Dress                                                    Fleece Short-Sleeve
  Summerwear                                                  Nylon Long-Sleeve w/Zipper
     Shirts                                                Shorts
         Tank                                                 Fleece
         T-Shirt                                              Nylon
     Shorts                                             Formals
         Denim                                             Long
         Other                                             Short
  Sweaters                                                 Wedding Gown
     Cardigan                                           Maternity
     Pullover Long-Sleeve                                  Casual Tops
     Vest                                                     Long-Sleeve
  Undergarments                                               Short-Sleeve
     Plastic Pants                                         Dress Tops
     Socks (Pair)                                             Long-Sleeve
         Dress                                                Short-Sleeve
         Other                                             Dresses
     Swimsuits                                                Casual
     Tights                                                   Dress
Womens Clothing                                            Skirts
  Accessories                                              Slacks
     Belts                                                    Casual
         Leather                                              Dress
         Other                                                Jumpers
     Gloves                                                Suits
         Casual                                               Skirt and Jacket
         Dress                                                Slacks and Jacket
         Mittens                                        Outerwear
     Purses                                                Casual Jackets
         Dress                                                Cloth
                                                                     2003 Tax Year
                                                               Clothing and Accessories
                                                             Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                         High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                          Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

       Nylon                                              Nightgown
   Casual Winter Coats                                    Pajamas
       Ski                                                    Matching Set
       Other                                              Robe
   Dress Jackets                                          Teddies
       Cloth                                           Suits
       Wool                                               Custom Tailored
   Dress Winter Coats                                         Skirt and Jacket
       All Weather                                            Slacks and Jacket
       Wool Cape                                          Jacket
       Wool Coat                                          Skirt
       Other                                              Skirt and Jacket
   Leather Coats                                          Slacks
       Casual                                             Slacks and Jacket
       Dress                                           Summerwear
   Rainwear                                               Shorts
       Coat                                                   Denim
Shoes and Boots                                               Other
   Boot Snow                                              Swimsuits
   Casual                                                     Maternity
       Boot Leather                                           One-Piece
       Boot Other                                             Two Piece
       Shoe Slip-On                                       Tops
       Shoe w/Laces                                           Tank
   Dress                                                      T-Shirt
       Boot Leather                                           Other
       Boot Other                                      Sweaters
       Pumps Leather                                      Casual
       Shoe Leather                                           Cardigan
       Shoe Other                                             Pullover Long-Sleeve
   Sandals                                                    Turtleneck
       Leather                                                Vest
       Moccasins                                          Dress
   Slippers                                                   Cardigan
   Sport                                                      Pullover Long-Sleeve
       Sneaker Cloth                                          Turtleneck
       Sneaker Leather                                        Vest
   Tap                                                    V-Neck
   Water Socks                                         Undergarments
Skirts                                                    Bras
   Jumpers                                                    Regular
       Casual                                                 Sport
       Dress                                              Girdle
   Mini                                                   Slips
       Denim                                                  Camisole
       Leather                                                Full
       Other                                                  Half
   Regular                                                Socks (Pair)
       Corduroy                                               Dress
       Denim                                                  Other
       Other                                              Tights
Slacks and Pants                                     Womens Designer Clothing
   Casual                                              Accessories
       Corduroy                                           Belts
       Denim                                                  Leather
       Other                                                  Other
   Dress                                                  Gloves
Sleepwear                                                     Dress
   Night Shirt                                                Leather
                                                                         2003 Tax Year
                                                                   Clothing and Accessories
                                                                 Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                High or   Avg or   Low or                                    High or   Avg or   Low or
                                 Good      Fair     Poor                                      Good      Fair     Poor

   Purses                                                          Shoes Slip-on
      Dress                                                        Shoes w/Laces
      Leather                                                  Dress
      Other                                                        Boots Leather
   Scarves                                                         Boots Other
      Dress                                                        Pumps Leather
      Other                                                        Shoes Leather
Blouses and Shirts                                                 Shoes Other
   Casual                                                      Miscellaneous
      Long-Sleeve                                                  Boots Snow
      Short-Sleeve                                                 Sandals
      Turtleneck                                               Sport
   Dress                                                           Sneakers Cloth
      Long-Sleeve                                                  Sneakers Other
      Short-Sleeve                                          Skirts
Dresses                                                        Casual
   Casual                                                          Corduroy
   Dress                                                           Denim
   Summer                                                          Other
   Wool                                                        Mini
Exercise                                                           Denim
   Jackets                                                         Leather
      Fleece                                                       Other
      Nylon                                                 Slacks and Pants
   Pants                                                       Casual
      Fleece                                                       Corduroy
      Nylon                                                        Denim
   Shirts                                                          Other
      Sweatshirt Long-Sleeve                                   Dress
      Sweatshirt Short-Sleeve                               Sleepwear
   Shorts                                                      Nightgown
      Fleece                                                   Pajamas
      Nylon                                                        Matching Set
Formals                                                        Robe
   Long                                                        Teddies
   Short                                                    Suits
   Wedding Gown                                                Custom Tailored
Jumpers                                                            Skirt and Jacket
   Casual                                                          Slacks and Jacket
   Dress                                                       Jacket
Outerwear                                                      Skirt
   Casual Jackets                                              Skirt and Jacket
      Cloth                                                    Slacks
      Nylon                                                    Slacks and Jacket
   Casual Winter Coats                                      Summerwear
      Ski                                                      Shorts
      Other                                                        Denim
   Dress Jackets                                                   Other
      Cloth                                                    Swimsuits
      Wool                                                         One-Piece
   Dress Winter Coats                                              Two Piece
      All Weather                                              Tops
      Wool                                                         Tank
      Other                                                        T-Shirt
   Leather Coats                                                   Other
      Casual                                                Sweaters
      Dress                                                    Casual
Shoes and Boots                                                    Cardigan
   Casual                                                          Pullover
      Boots Leather
                                                      2003 Tax Year
                                                Clothing and Accessories
                                               Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                   High or   Avg or   Low or
                    Good      Fair     Poor

                                                                  2003 Tax Year
                                                        Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                          High or   Avg or   Low or                                 High or   Avg or   Low or
                           Good      Fair     Poor                                   Good      Fair     Poor

Book                                                  Dune
  Audio Book                                          Dungeons and Dragons
  Cookbook                                            Elfenland
  Encyclopedias                                       Empire Builder
     Set                                              Enchanted Forest
  Print Book                                          Escape from Colditz
     Hardback                                         Evo
     Paperback                                        Executive Decision
Games                                                 Facts in Five
  Board Games                                         Family Business
     Aggravation                                      Family Feud
     Airlines                                         Foil
     Animals                                          Formula 1
     Apples to Apples                                 Fossil
     Avalanche                                        Game of Life
     Axis and Allies                                  Geography
     Backgammon                                       Grand Prix
     Backgammon Deluxe                                Hera and Zeus
     Backgammon Travel                                High Bid
     Balderdash                                       Hi-Ho! Cherry-O
     Battle Cry                                       History
     Battleship                                       History of the World
     Bazaar                                           Hong Kong
     Bermuda Triangle                                 Hungry Hungry Hippos
     Bewitched                                        Image
     Boggle                                           Jumpin
     Boggle Deluxe                                    Kensington
     Bonkers                                          Kingdoms
     Breakthru                                        Lord of the Rings
     Candy Land                                       Lost Cities
     Capitol                                          Manhattan
     Car Wars                                         Master Labyrinth
     Careers                                          Master Mind
     Castle                                           Masterpiece
     Cathedral                                        Memory
     Checkers                                         Mind Trap
     Checkers 2000                                    Mississippi Queen
     Chess                                            Money
     Chess Travel                                     Monopoly
     Chinese Checkers                                    Anniversary Editions
     Chutes and Ladders                                  Basic
     Clue                                                Geographical Editions
     Clue II                                             Special Editions
     Clue Jr                                             Sports Editions
     Collector                                        Moods
     College Football                                 Mouse Trap
     Connect Four                                     New York
     Connoisseur                                      Newlywed
     Contigo                                          Operation
     Cranium                                          Oscar
     Cranium Cadoo                                    Othello
     Diplomacy                                        Ouija
     Diskwars                                         Outburst
     Disney                                           Outburst Junior
         Charades                                     Parcheesi
         Trivia                                       Parcheesi Deluxe
         Trivia 2                                     Pass the Pigs
         UNO                                          Password
     Dragon Strike                                    Payday
                                                                              2003 Tax Year
                                                                   Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                               High or   Avg or   Low or                                         High or   Avg or   Low or
                                Good      Fair     Poor                                           Good      Fair     Poor

Pictionary                                                       Vegas
Pictionary Jr                                                    Weakest Link
Pig Pile                                                         Wheels on the Bus
Pirateer                                                         Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Pit                                                              Wizard
Pit Deluxe                                                       Wyatt Earp
Ploy                                                             Yahtzee
Point of Law                                                        Casino
Pokemon                                                             Challenge
Poleconomy                                                          Deluxe Edition
Pretty Princess                                                     Deluxe Triple
Reminiscing                                                         Jackpot
Risk                                                                Odd Couple
Robin Hood                                                          Showdown
Rules of the Game                                                   Triple
Samurai                                                             Ultimate
Scotland Yard                                                       Word
Scrabble                                                            Other
Scrabble Deluxe                                                  Zobmondo
Scrabble Game Folio Edition                                      Zombies
Scrabble Golf Edition                                            Other
Scrabble Travel                                              Computer Games
Scruples                                                         Macintosh
Shark                                                            PC
Shogun                                                       Video Games
Simpsons                                                         Coleco
Simpsons Trivia Game                                       Magazine
Snakes and Ladders                                           Non-Collector Editions
Snow White                                                 Movies and Videos
Sorry                                                        DVD
Space Race                                                   Exercise
Spill and Spell                                              VHS
Split Level Aggravation                                    Music
Spy Alley                                                    Cassettes
Squares                                                      CDs
Star Fleet Battles                                           Records
Stock Market Game                                                45s
Stocks and Bonds                                                 Albums
Stratego                                                   Toys
Streetcar                                                    Bionicles
Taboo                                                        Disney Figures
Tag                                                          Electronic Pet
Terrace                                                      Fisher Price
Times to Remember                                                Briarberry
Times Up                                                            Berryellen
Totopoly                                                            Berryellen and Berrykate
Tri Bond                                                            Berryjustin
Trivial Pursuit                                                     Berrykate
    20th Anniversary Edition                                        Berrykris and Sleigh
    Biographies Edition                                             Berrylouise and Case
    Genus 5                                                         Birthday Party
    Junior                                                          Chair-Bed
    Millenium Edition                                               Cradle
    Other                                                           Dining Room
Trouble                                                             Hannahberry
Twister                                                             Highchair
Union Pacific                                                       Highchair and Cradle
Vampire                                                             Kitchen
Vampire Hunter                                                      Kristin
                                                                             2003 Tax Year
                                                                  Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                  High or   Avg or   Low or                                         High or   Avg or   Low or
                                   Good      Fair     Poor                                           Good      Fair     Poor

    Rocker With Mouse                                                Prince and Princess
    Swing                                                            Puzzle Dog
    Tea Party                                                        Safari Mountain
    Wardrobe                                                         Sarah Doll
    Wedding                                                          School Bus
Dollhouse                                                            Sea Plane
    Backyard Fun                                                     Sesame Street House
    Candy Shop and Dance Studio                                      Sesame Street Sign
    Family Camping                                                   Sewing Machine
    Holiday Fun                                                      Space Ship
    Huge Lot (20+ pieces)                                            Space Ship and Figures
Great Adventures                                                     Swimming Pool
    Bandit Pirates                                                   Swimming Pool and Playground
    Blue Beard                                                       Taxi
    Castle and Knights                                               Train
    Castle Launcher                                                  Village Birdge
    Pirate Pirates                                                   Vintage School
    Pirate Ship Sea Serpent                                          Western Town
    Stage Coach and Driver                                           Wrecker
Hideaway Hollow                                                      Zoo
    Bunny Lot                                                    Miscellaneous
Infant                                                               Band Toys
    Airplane Pull Toy                                                Cassette Player
    Vintage Red Queen Buzzy Bee                                      Chime Balls
Kitchens, Play Food and Dishes                                       Happy Apple Chime Rattle
    Pie Surprise Dessert                                             Jalopy
    Speedy Spaghetti                                                 Lil Snoopy
Little People                                                        Mini Copter
    Accessories                                                      Musical Tick Tock Clock
    A-Frame House                                                    Puffalump Christmas Mouse
    Airport                                                          Spiral Speedway
    Baby with Bib                                                    Tiny Tim the Turtle
    Baby Zoo Animals                                             Rescue Heroes
    Big Top Balancing Bear                                           Ariel Flyer
    Christmas Village                                                Billy Blazes
    Chunky Animals                                                   Billy Blazes Launch Force
    Circus Train                                                     Captian Cuffs
    Circus Train Animals                                             Cliff Hanger
    Clown                                                            Cmd. Center
    Discoveries                                                      Cmd. Center Video and Rocky
    Family Fun Jet                                                   FDNY Billy Blazes
    Farm                                                             Gil Gripper
    Farm and Airport Toys                                            Nemo the Dolphin
    Ferris Wheel                                                     Rocky
    Figures                                                          Roger and Video Backpack
    Fireman                                                          Roger Houston
    Floaty Boat                                                      Sam Sparks
    Garage                                                           Sandy Beach
    House                                                            Smokey
    Mainstreet                                                       Video
    Mainstreet Mail and Mailbox                                      Video and Toothbrushes
    Mainstreet Phone                                                 Wendy Waters
    Moms Factory                                                     Willie Stop
    Nativity                                                         Windchill
    Olympic Stars                                                Roleplay
    Pets                                                             Medical Kit
    Pilot                                                            Play Tools
    Play and Go Sets                                          Furby
    Playground                                                G.I. Joe
                                                                             2003 Tax Year
                                                                   Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                      High or   Avg or   Low or                                  High or   Avg or   Low or
                                       Good      Fair     Poor                                    Good      Fair     Poor

Harry Potter                                                         Red 4x4 Truck
    Bertie Botts Beans                                            Climbers
    Book                                                             8-In-1 Adjustable
        Chamber of Secrets                                           Activity Gym
        Fantastic Beasts                                             Climb and Slide Castle
        Goblet of Fire                                               Hide and Slide Climber
        Prisoner of Azkaban                                          Jungle Climber
        Quidditch through the Ages                                   Little Tikes Playground
    Harry Potter Poster                                              Playcenter with Swingset
    Magnet                                                           SwingAlong
    Movie Poster                                                     Wave Climber
    Mug                                                           Dollhouse
        Harry and Hagrid                                             Baby Buggy
        Harry and Hedwig                                             Black Family
    Plush Hedwig                                                     Blue Roof Dollhouse
    Quidditch                                                        Country Kitchen
        Card Game                                                    Cozy Coupe
        Poster                                                       Desk
        Puzzle                                                       Desk and Chair
    Snapes Potion Lab                                                Family of 3
    Sorceror Stone                                                   Family of 4
        Golden Snitch                                                Family of 5
        Gryffindor                                                   Family of 6
        Norbert                                                      Family of 7
        Philosophers                                                 Family of 8
        Ron                                                          Grand Mansion Dollhouse
        Scabbers                                                     Grandmas House Dollhouse
        Slytherin                                                    Grandparents
        Snape                                                        Kitchen Work Center
        Sorting Hat                                                  Mini Van
    Stationary Set                                                   Misc. Family
    Storyteller Figurine                                             Miscellaneous Kitchen Set
        Dumbledore                                                   Nursery Set
        Fluffy                                                       Party Kitchen
        Harry                                                        Single Misc. Mattress
        Hedwig                                                       Single Pink Mattress
        Hermione                                                     Single Yellow Mattress
        Ron Weasley                                                  Swimming Pool
        Through the Trapdoor                                         Teddy Bear
    Wand                                                             Turtle Sandbox
Hot Wheels                                                           Two Misc. Matttresses
Little Tikes                                                         Two Pink Mattresses
    Cars and Trucks                                                  Two Yellow Mattresses
        18 Wheeler                                                   Vacuum Cleaner
        Adventure Mountain Raceway                                   Vanity and Chair
        Big Car Carrier                                              Wheelchair Ramp
        Big Dump Truck                                               Workbench
        Big Loader with Helmet                                       Workbench Chairs
        Construction Dump Truck                                   Furniture
        Dump Truck                                                   Bear Bed
        Farm Hauler Tractor Set                                      Country Table and Chairs
        Flame Fighter Rescue Set                                     Creative Art Studio Desk
        Front End Loader                                             Double Easel
        Hotwheels Mountain                                           Easy Store Jr.Table
        Large Semi Truck                                             EasyAdjust Play Table
        Monster Truck                                                Football Toy Box
        Peak Mountain Rail and Road                                  Giant Toy Chest
        Pick-Up Truck                                                Hideaway Art Desk
        Race and Repair Action Team                                  Noah and Ark Toddler Bed
                                                                              2003 Tax Year
                                                                   Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                      High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                                       Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

    Race Car Bed                                                     Load and Ride Dump Truck
    Sleeptime Express Toddler Bed                                    Pickup Truck
    Sports Car Twin Bed                                              Push and Ride Coupe
    Sports Toddler Bed                                               Push and Ride Doll Walker
    Storybook Cottage Twin Bed                                       Push and Ride Racer
    StudioDesign Art Desk                                            Push and Ride Semi Truck
    Tire Toy Box                                                     Roar N Rev Monster Truck
Infant                                                               Toddler Wagon
    Activity Garden                                                  Tractor Trailer
    Aquarium Shape Sorter                                            WhirlyBounce Rider
    Bu About Mailbox                                                 WhirlyRocket Ride
    Discover Sounds Giraffe                                       Roleplay
    Discover Sounds Kitchen                                          2-in-1 Vacuum Set
    DiscoverSounds Workshop                                          Carry Along Tool Caddy
    Easy Store Activity Cottage                                      Circular Saw
    Little 3-in-1 Sports Set                                         Cookin Around Sounds Kitchen
    Musical Motion Ocean Gym                                         Doll Bed
    Nesting Farm Animals                                             Doll High Chair
    PlayAbout Farm                                                   Doll Stroller
    Police CycleSounds Rocker                                        Doubleup Kitchen and Laundry
    Rock and Scoot Motorcycle                                        Family Kitchen
    Rock and Scoot Zebra                                             Grill and Glow Electronic BBQ
    Rocking Horse                                                    Happy Pumper Gas Pump
    Soft Pony                                                        Home Center Workshop
    Tap-a-Tune Xylophone                                             Home Improve 2-Sided Wrkshop
    Tigger Rocker                                                    Hutch with Dishes
Outdoor and Seasonal Play                                            Little HandiWorker Electronic
    2-in-1 Snug N Secure Swing                                       Little HandiWorker Workhorse
    Alligator Teeter Totter                                          Modern Kitchenware
    Castle Sandbox                                                   Modern Menu Food Set
    Disc Swing                                                       Party Ware
    Easy Store Jr. Play Slide                                        Pink Vanity
    Easy Store Large Slide                                           Play Money
    Easy Store Sand and Water Table                                  Refrigerator
    High Back Toddler Swing                                          Shopping Cart
    Little Landscape Mulch Mower                                     SuperGlow Electronic Kitchen
    Rock-a-Saur Teeter Totter                                        Tender Heart Nursery
    Swing Seat                                                       Tender Heart Talking Vanity
    Turtle Sandbox                                                   Victorian Kitchen
    Twist and Spout Sprinkler                                        Victorian Tea Set Tray
Playhouse                                                            Wheelbarrow
    Country Cottage Playhouse                                        White Buggy
    Cozy Cottage Playhouse                                           Workbench With Tools and Chair
    Log Cabin Playhouse                                           Sports
    Magic Doorbell Playhouse                                         3-in-1 Baseball Trainer
    Patio Playhouse                                                  Big Strike Bowling Set
    Playhouse                                                        Easy Hit Golf Set
Ride-Ons                                                             Easy Score Basketball Set
    All Terrain Vehicle                                           Toddler-Preschool
    All-in One Wagon                                                 Big Building Blocks
    Cozy Coupe                                                       Cast and Count Fishing Set
    Cozy Coupe II                                                    Chat and Play Phone
    Cozy Cruiser Trailer and Jogger                                  Choo Choo Zoo Train
    Deluxe 2-Door Wagon                                              Drum
    Deluxe Cozy Convertible Car                                      Glowin and Cow Flashlight
    Deluxe Motorcycle Trike                                          Little RhythmMaker Piano
    Explorer Wagon                                                   Piggy Bank
    Lion                                                             Radiant Rhythms Maracas
    Little Roadster                                                  Ready-Step-Go Roller Skates
                                                                      2003 Tax Year
                                                              Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                  High or   Avg or   Low or
                                   Good      Fair     Poor

       Seacrawlers Submarine
       Toddle Tots Dirt Diggers
       Toddle Tots Fire Truck
       Toddle Tots School Bus
       Waffle Block Castle
       Waffle Blocks
Masters of the Universe
Matchbox Car
   Large Toys
   Small Toys
   Stuffed Animal
Scooter - Folding
Star Wars Figures
Ty Attic Treasures
                                                                          2003 Tax Year
                                                                         Home and Garden
                                                                  Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                              High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                               Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

Appliances - Large                                             Other
  Dishwasher                                                George Foreman Grill
  Dryer                                                        Deluxe
  Freezer                                                      Double Champion
      Chest                                                    Family
      Upright                                                  Fusion
  Jenn-Air                                                     Jumbo
  Microwave Oven                                               Rotisserie
  Oven                                                         The Champ
      Wall                                                     X-Large
  Range                                                        XX-Large
      Double Oven                                           Hair Blow Dryer
      Oven / Microwave                                      Ice Cream Maker
  Refrigerator                                                 Name Brand
  Stove                                                        Other
      Electric                                              Iron
      Gas                                                      Name Brand
  Washer / Dryer Set                                           Other
  Washing Machine                                           Juicer
Appliances - Small                                             Name Brand
  Air Purifier                                                 Other
      Name Brand                                            Knife - Electric
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Blender                                                      Other
      Name Brand                                            Mixer
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Bread Machine                                                Other
      Name Brand                                            Pasta Maker
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Burger Maker                                                 Other
  Can Opener - Electric                                     Popcorn Popper - Hot Air
      Name Brand                                            Skillet - Electric
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Cappuccino/Espresso Maker                                    Other
      Name Brand                                            Toaster
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Coffee Bean Grinder                                          Other
      Name Brand                                            Toaster Oven
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Coffee Maker - Electric                                      Other
      Name Brand                                            Vacuum-Canister
      Other                                                    Name Brand
  Crock Pot                                                    Other
  Curling Iron                                              Vacuum-Handheld
  Deep Fryer                                                Vacuum-Shop Vac
  Dehumidifier                                              Vacuum-Stickbroom
      Name Brand                                            Vacuum-Sweeper
      Other                                                 Vacuum-Upright
  Electric Shaver                                              Name Brand
      Name Brand                                               Other
      Other                                                 Vaporizer
  Food Dehydrator                                           Waffle Iron
      Name Brand                                               Name Brand
      Other                                                    Other
  Food Processor                                            Water Filter
      Name Brand                                               Name Brand
      Other                                                    Other
  Food Steamer                                            Baby Supplies
      Name Brand                                            Baby Monitor
                                                                    Constant Care 1000
                                                                              2003 Tax Year
                                                                             Home and Garden
                                                                     Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                        High or   Avg or   Low or                                  High or   Avg or   Low or
                                         Good      Fair     Poor                                    Good      Fair     Poor

      Constant Care 3000 2 Way Cm                                      Avanta SE
      Constant Care 4000 Parent Pgr                                    Bravo
      Monitor and Intercom 613                                         Brevarra Ascend SE 44892L
      Sound Lights                                                     Breverra
      Ultra-Sensitive 615                                              Breverra Ascend
  Fisher Price                                                         Breverra Contour Sport
      900MHz                                                           New Century
      Cordless Nursery Monitor                                         Next Step
      Direct Link Privacy Monitor                                      Next Step DX
      Sight and Sound                                                  Next Step MX
      Soothing Dreams                                                  Room To Grow
      Sounds So Clear Nursery                                          Smart-Fit
      Super-Sensitive Nursery Monitor                                  Smart-Fit Classic
      Video Monitor                                                    Smart-Fit plus
  Gerry                                                                Smartmove
      603                                                           Cosco
      Ultra-Sensitive                                                  Alpha Omega
  Graco                                                                Commuter
      Sound Sleep                                                      Dale Earnhardt
      Ultraclear                                                       Designer
  Remington                                                            Explorer
      900MHz                                                           Grand Explorer
  Safety 1st                                                           High Back booster
      900MHz                                                           Nascar Jeff Gordon
      Angelcare                                                        Olympian
      Crystal Clear                                                    Regal Ride
      Light and Sound                                                  Summit
      Musical                                                          Tote N Go
      Sight and Sounds                                                 Touriva
      Video Monitor                                                    Triad
      Wireless Baby Monitor                                            Ventura
  Sony                                                                 Vista
      Babycall                                                         Voyager
      NTM-1                                                         Eddie Bauer
      NTM-30                                                           5-point
  The First Years                                                      Alpha Omega
      900MHz                                                           Convertible Car Seat
      Crisp and Clear                                                  Overhead Shield
  Other                                                                Sport
Car Seat                                                               Three in One
  Britax                                                            Evenflo
      Advantage                                                        Apollo
      Cruiser                                                          Champion
      Expressway                                                       Conquest
      Freeway                                                          Cozy Carry
      Freeway Plus                                                     Discovery
      Galaxy                                                           Horizon
      Handle With Care                                                 Joyride
      Husky                                                            Medallion
      Marathon                                                         Odyssey
      Porsche                                                          On My Way
      Roadster                                                         Right Fit
      Roundabout                                                       Titan
      Starriser Booster                                                Trooper
      Starriser Comfy                                                  Ultara
  Century                                                           Fisher Price
      1000 STE                                                         Booster
      Accel                                                            Futura
      Accel SE                                                         Futura 20
                                                                                 2003 Tax Year
                                                                                Home and Garden
                                                                         Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                        High or   Avg or   Low or                                      High or   Avg or   Low or
                                         Good      Fair     Poor                                        Good      Fair     Poor

       Grow With Me                                                 Stroller
       Safe Embrace                                                    Aprica
       Safe Embrace II                                                     Cabriolet
       Stay In View                                                        Calais
   Gerry                                                                   Double
       Booster                                                             Quantum Royale
   Graco                                                               Baby Jogger
       30-100                                                              Double
       LiteRider                                                           Jogger II
       Princeton                                                           Jogger III
       Safari                                                              Triple Jogger
       Snugride                                                            Twinkle
       SnugRide DX5                                                        Twinner
       Treasured CarGo                                                     Twinner II
   Maxi-Cosi                                                               Zipper
       Priori                                                          Baby Trend
   Peg Perego                                                              Caravan
       Primo Viaggo                                                        Double
       Viaggo                                                              Expedition
   Safety 1st                                                              Explorer
       Forerunner                                                          Jogging
       Vantage. Point                                                      Sit N Stand
   Other                                                                   Snap N Go
Miscellaneous                                                          Bertini
   Bassinets                                                               M5
   Bibs                                                                    Shuttle
   Booster Seat                                                            Twin
   Bottle Dryers                                                       BOB
   Bottle Sets                                                             Double
   Bottle Warmer                                                           Jogging
   Bumper Pads                                                             Sport Utility
   Carrier                                                                 Sport Utility DLux
   Changing Pad                                                        Century
   Changing Table                                                          4 in 1
   Crib                                                                    Lifestyle
   Diaper Bag                                                              Sit and Stand
   Dolls                                                                   Take 2
   High Chair                                                              Travelite
   Johnny Jump-Up                                                      Chicco
   Play Mats                                                               Caddy
   Playpen                                                                 Play N Ride
   Potty Chair                                                             Trekking
   Saucer                                                                  XL
   Scooter                                                             Combi
   Sling                                                                   Convenience
   Swing                                                                   Legacy
   Tub                                                                     Perfect Match
   Walker                                                                  Perfect Match Convenience
Safety Gate                                                                Savvy
   Evenflo                                                                 Spirit
       Classic Wood Slat Gate                                              SUB V
       Position and Lock Baby 202                                          Travel Savvy
       Simple Touch Gate                                                   Twin
       Soft N Wide Gate                                                    Twin Savvy
   Fisher Price                                                            Ultra Savvy
       Step-Lock Gate Model 9151                                       Cosco
   KidCo                                                                   Cameo Tandem
       HearthGate G70 Fireplace/Stove                                      Contura
   Other                                                                   Double
                                                                                    2003 Tax Year
                                                                                   Home and Garden
                                                                            Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                        High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                                         Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

   Endeavor                                                                  Max Evo
   Enterprise                                                                Pram
   Pathfinder                                                                Triple
   Rock N Roller                                                             Twin
   Scamper                                                                InStep
   Side By Side                                                              5K
   Tandem                                                                    Double Jogger
   Umbrella                                                                  EZ Strider
Dreamer Design                                                               Marathon
   Deluxe                                                                    Ultra Double Baby Jogger
   Double                                                                    ZII
   Double Jogging                                                            Zoomer
   Jogging                                                                Kidco
Eddie Bauer                                                                  Bebecar
   All Terrain                                                               Elan
   Double                                                                    Maverick Double
   Rock N Roller                                                          Kolcraft
   Sport Line                                                                Catalina
   Tandem                                                                    Double
Emmaljunga                                                                   Grand Sport
   Baby Bus                                                                  Jeep Wrangler 55100JC
   Double                                                                    Lil Limo
   Double Side By Side                                                       Side by Side
   EC                                                                        Sport
   EC1                                                                       Umbrella
   Husky                                                                  Kool Stop
   Pram                                                                      Jogger
   Viking                                                                 MacLaren
Evenflo                                                                      Daytripper
   Dimensions                                                                Double
   Discovery                                                                 Mistral
   Light and Easy                                                            Opus
   Trendsetter                                                               Opus Duo Twin
Fisher Price                                                                 Opus VI
   Jogging                                                                   Techno
   Perfect Fit                                                               Twin
Gerry                                                                        Umbrella
   Rollerbaby                                                                Vogue 2001
   Zoomer                                                                    Volo
Graco                                                                     Peg Perego
   4-in-1 Combo                                                              Aria
   Breeze                                                                    Milano
   Citisport                                                                 Pliko
   CoachRider Travel System                                                  Roma
   Double                                                                    Tender Twin
   Duo                                                                       Venezia
   Duo Glide                                                              Regalo
   Duo Lite                                                                  Double
   Duo LXI                                                                Safeline
   Duo Rider                                                                 Sit N Stoll Summit
   Leisure Sport 4-in-1 Travel System                                     Simo
   Literider                                                                 Nordic Cruiser
   MetroLite                                                              Other
   Seville LXI                                                      Furniture
   Side By Side                                                        Bed
   Twin                                                                   Bunk
Inglesina                                                                 Rollaway
   Ace                                                                 Bookshelf
   Biposto                                                             Box Springs
                                                                    2003 Tax Year
                                                                   Home and Garden
                                                           Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                        High or   Avg or   Low or                                      High or   Avg or   Low or
                         Good      Fair     Poor                                        Good      Fair     Poor

Brass Fireplace Tools                                     Coffee
Buffet                                                    Dining
Chair                                                     Dining with 4 Chairs
   Bean Bag                                               End
   Folding Lawn                                           Hall with Mirror
   Living Room                                            Kitchen
   Lounge                                             Typewriter
   Office                                                 Electric
   Recliner                                               Manual
   Secretary                                        Garden Tools
Chest of Drawers                                      Anvil Lopper
Coat Rack                                             Bug Zapper
Curio                                                 Electric
Desk                                                      Hedge
   Bedroom                                                    Trimmer
   Childs                                                 Leaf
   Office Wood                                                Blower
   Wicker                                             Garden Tool Set
Dining Room Set                                       Gas
Dresser                                                   Hedge
   Regular                                                    Trimmer
   with Mirror                                            Leaf
Entertainment Center                                          Blower
Headboard                                             Hoe
   Full                                               Pest Control
   King                                               Pressure Washer
   Queen                                              Pruner Set
   Twin                                               Push Lawn
Hutch                                                     Mower
   Solid Wood                                         Rake
Lamp                                                  Riding Lawn
   Desk                                                   Mower
   Floor                                              Shears
   Shades                                             Shovel
   Swag                                               Sprinkler
   Table                                              Tillers
Magazine Rack                                         Trimmer
Mattress                                              Watering Can
   Full                                               WheelBarrow
   King                                             Household Electronics
   Queen                                              Alarm Clock and Radio
   Twin                                               Answering Machine
Nightstand                                                Cassette
Piano                                                     Digital
Rocker                                                Telephones
   Swivel                                                 Corded
   Wooden                                                 Cordless
Sectional                                           Household Miscellaneous
Sewing Machine                                        Bathroom
Sofa                                                      Bathroom Scale
   3-Piece Set                                            Shower Curtain
   Love Seat                                              Toilet
   Regular                                                    Cover
   with Recliner                                              Floor Mat
   with Sleeper                                               Tank Cover
Stool                                                 Kitchen Miscellaneous
   Set of 4                                               Coffee Mug
   with Vanity                                            Cutting Board (Wooden)
Table                                                     Designer Plates
   Card with Chairs
                                                                          2003 Tax Year
                                                                         Home and Garden
                                                                  Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                              High or   Avg or   Low or                                       High or   Avg or   Low or
                               Good      Fair     Poor                                         Good      Fair     Poor

    Glassware Tumbler                                                Fondue Set
    Hot Pad                                                          Saute Pan
    Plates                                                           Wok
    Shakers - Salt / Pepper                                      KitchenAid
    Teapot                                                           Round Grill Pan
    Tupperware Bowls                                                 Sauce Pan
Kitchen Pots and Pans                                                Saute Pan
    All Clad                                                     Lodge
        Chef Pan                                                     Wok
        Omelette Pan                                             T-Fal
        Round Grill Pan                                              Chef Pans
        Sauce Pan                                                    Dutch Oven
        Saucier Pan                                                  Pressure Cooker
        Saute Pan                                                    Saute Pan
        Square Griddle                                           Wagner
        Steamer Insert                                               Lasagna Bake Pan
        Wok                                                          Sauce Pan
    Anolon                                                       West Bend
        Chef Pans                                                    Wok
        Deep Skillet                                             Other
        Fondue Set                                           Luggage
        Saute Pan                                                Backpack
        Wok                                                      Carry-On Bag
    Calphalon                                                    Old Set
        All Round Pan                                            Suitcase
        Chef Pans                                            Miscellaneous
        Chef Skillet                                             Ash Tray
        Commercial Roaster                                       Bedroom Curtains
        Deep Skillet                                             Crutches
        Everyday Pan                                             Dining Room Drapes
        Fajita Pan                                               Doormat
        Flat Bottom Wok                                          Eyeglasses
        Fondue Set                                               Flower Pot
        French Roast Pan                                         Flower Vase (Glass)
        Lasagna Bake Pan                                         Glass Candles
        Omelette Pan                                             Heating Pad
        Oval Au Gratin                                           Ironing Board
        Pasta Insert                                             Mini Blinds
        Pealla Pan                                               Patterns
        Round Grill Pan                                          Picture Frame
        Sauce Pan                                                Straw Baskets
        Saucier Pan                                       Linens
        Saute Pan                                            Afghan
        Sauteuse Pan                                         Aprons
        Solo Stir                                            Bath Towels
        Square Griddle                                       Bedspread
        Steamer Insert                                       Blanket
        Wok                                                      Heating
    Circulon                                                     Regular
        Chef Pans                                            Comforter
        Deep Skillet                                         Dish Towel
        Everything Pan                                       Pillow
        Fondue Set                                           Pillow Sham
        Round Grill Pan                                      Pillowcase (Set)
        Sauce Pan                                            Place Mat (Set)
        Saute Pan                                            Quilt
        Wok                                                  Sheets (Set)
    Farberware                                               Tablecloth
        Deep Skillet                                         Throw Pillows
                                                                                  2003 Tax Year
                                                                                 Home and Garden
                                                                          Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                                      High or   Avg or   Low or                                         High or   Avg or   Low or
                                       Good      Fair     Poor                                           Good      Fair     Poor

   Throw Rug                                                            Bowl, Feeder, Water Recetacle
   Washcloth                                                            Cage
Pet Supplies                                                            Grooming
   Aquariums and Supplies                                               Leashes, Collars, Leads
      Air Pump                                                          No Bark Collar
      Aquarium Sets                                                     Pet Door - Large
      Bio-Balls                                                         Pet Door - Medium
      Bio-Sponge Filter                                                 Pet Door - Small
      Cleaning Tools                                                    Pet House
      Decoration                                                        Toys
          Any Type                                                  Rodent Supplies
          Gravel                                                        Cage
      Filter                                                            Fun Tunnel
          Bed                                                           Pet House
          Canister                                                Tools
          Other                                                     Adjustable Wrench
      Filter Cartridge                                              Air Hose
      Fish Bowl                                                     Belt Sander
      Fish Food                                                     Bench Vises
      Heater                                                        Brad Nailer
          Dry                                                       Chainsaws
          Submersible                                               Chisel
      Light and Hood                                                Clamps
      Powerhead                                                     Cordless Screwdriver
      Protein Skimmer                                               Crown Stapler
      Tank                                                          Drywall Screwdriver
          10 gallon                                                 Electric Drills
          15 gallon                                                 Finishing Sander
          2 gallon                                                  Flashlight
          50 gallon                                                 Grinder
          55 gallon                                                 Heat Gun Kit
          60 gallon                                                 Impact Wrench
          65 gallon                                                 Level
          75 gallon                                                 Orbital Sander
      Test Kits                                                     Ratchet
      Thermometer                                                   Router
   Bird Supplies                                                    Router Bits
      Bowl, Feeder, Water Recetacle                                 Tool Carriers
      Cage                                                          Wire Cutters
      Leashes, Collars, Leads
      Pet Door
      Pet House
      Play Gym
   Cat Supplies
      Bowl, Feeder, Water Recetacle
      Leashes, Collars, Leads
      Litter Box
      Litter Box - LitterMaid
      Pet Door
      Pet House
   Dog Supplies
                                                                    2003 Tax Year
                                                                 Sports and Recreation
                                                            Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                         High or   Avg or   Low or                                      High or   Avg or   Low or
                          Good      Fair     Poor                                        Good      Fair     Poor

Camping Equipment                                      Miscellaneous
  Air Mattress                                             Bar Bells with Weights
  Cooler                                                   Exercise Ball
      Name Brand                                           Hand and Ankle Weights
      Other                                                Heart Rate Monitor
  Fishing Lure                                             Jump Rope
      Name Brand                                           Weight Belt
      Other                                                Weight Bench
  Fishing Reel                                       Sporting Goods
      Name Brand                                       Baseball/Softball Equipment
      Other                                                Baseball
  Fishing Rod                                              Bases
      Name Brand                                           Bat
      Other                                                    Aluminum
  Lantern                                                      Wood
      Name Brand                                           Bat Bag
      Other                                                Batters Helmet
  Sleeping Bag                                             Catchers
      Name Brand                                               Chest Protector
      Other                                                    Mask
  Stove                                                        Shin Guards
      Name Brand                                           Glove
      Other                                                    Catchers
  Tent                                                         Fielders
      Name Brand                                           Pants
      Other                                                Pitchback
Exercise Equipment                                         Shoes
  Abdominal Equipment                                      Softball
      Ab Away                                              Stirrup Socks
      Ab Doer                                              Umpires Chest Protector
      Ab Dolly                                         Basketball Equipment
      Ab Fit                                               Basketball
      Ab Flex                                          Biking Equipment
      Ab Flex Pro Ab                                       Bike
      Ab Force                                             Car Rack
      Ab Max                                               Helmet
      Ab Rocker                                            Mountain Bike
      Ab Sculptor                                              Name Brand
      Ab Slide                                                 Other
      Ab Sonic                                         Billiards Equipment
      Ab Toner                                             Cue Stick
      Ab Trainer                                               Name Brand
      Ab Tronic                                                Other
      Ab Twister                                           Pool Balls
      E-Z Crunch                                       Bowling Equipment
      Fast Abs                                             Bag
  Exercise Machines                                        Bowling Ball
      Ellipticals                                              Name Brand
          Computerized                                         Other
      Nordic Track                                         Shoes
      Stair Climber                                    Boxing Equipment
          Computerized                                     Boxing Gloves
          Manual                                               Adult
      Stationary Bikes                                         Child
          Computerized                                     Coaching Gloves
          Manual                                           Jump Rope
      Treadmills                                           Protective Gear
          Computerized                                         Head Gear
  Home Gyms                                                Punching Bag
                                                                   2003 Tax Year
                                                                Sports and Recreation
                                                           Non-Cash Item Category Worksheet

                           High or   Avg or   Low or                                   High or   Avg or   Low or
                            Good      Fair     Poor                                     Good      Fair     Poor

   Speed Bag                                                 Ski Glider
Football Equipment                                           Ski Goggles
   Football                                                  Ski Poles
   Helmet                                                    Skis (Pair)
   Pad                                                   Water Skiing
       Neck                                                  Knee Board
       Shoulder                                              Water Pair
       Thigh                                                 Water Slalom
   Shoes                                               Soccer Equipment
Golfing Equipment                                        Bag
   Bag                                                   Ball
       Name Brand                                        Cleats
       Other                                                 Name Brand
   Ball                                                      Other
   Clubs                                                 Goalie Gloves
       8-Piece Set                                       Jerseys
       Driver/Wood                                       Shin Guards
       Iron                                              Shorts
       Putter                                            Socks
       Wedge                                           Tennis Racket
   Head Covers                                           Name Brand
   Shoes                                                 Other
       Name Brand
Hockey Equipment
   Goalie Pads
   Shoulder Pads
Hockey Skates
   Name Brand
Ice Skates
       Name Brand
       Name Brand
In-Line Skates
   Name Brand
Roller Skates
   Name Brand
   Name Brand
Ski Equipment
   Snow Skiing
       Ski Board
       Ski Boot Carrier
       Ski Boots - Adult
       Ski Boots - Child