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									                                  “HOT” CHOCOLATE PLANTS                                        MARCH 2008
                                  FIFTH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE

                                            LESLIE PHILLIPS, COPY EDITOR

                                                                          Chocolate Corn
                                                                          (Corn „Mayes Double Red‟)
                                                                          Another Chocolate Flower Farm edible. I
                                                                          have no experience growing corn, but I‟m

                                                                          excited to try it out. You can see pictures of
                                                                          this beautiful, edible corn on the Chocolate
                                                                          Flower Farm Web site. Sow these seeds
                                                                          outside in the spring when it‟s warm

                                                                          enough. Grow it and report your results to

Yummy Northwest is five years old!                                        Native Chocolate Lily
                                                                          (Fritillaria camschatcensis)
This year, instead of cups of hot chocolate,                              The maritime Northwest has a native
Yummy celebrates with the latest thing in                                 chocolate lily. Don‟t you want one? Local
chocolate plants. The Growing Gardener         Where to find plants       scientists do, too, as this native is listed as
shows Yummy readers what kind of plants        and gardening              a sensitive species. It has deep purple,
can make a garden look tasty. Many of the      information                almost black, nodding bell-shaped flowers.
plants are edible, too, so you can enjoy                                  And, interestingly, 18th-century explorer
them in the same meal as your cup of hot       Chocolate Flower Farm      Captain Cook reported that he boiled the
chocolate.                                     Langley, Wash.             tubers and ate them as potatoes. The
                                               www.chocolateflowerfarm.   flowers are dainty looking, grow in
Spring is almost here – take a sip of hot      com                        meadows, tolerate some shade, and like
chocolate and get digging!                                                moist, acid soil. Also, the flower is stinky
                                               Great Plant Pick           and attracts pollinating flies.
Chocolate Gardening                            Seattle, Wash.
                                         Chocolate Mint
By The Growing Gardener                                                   (Mentha piperita species)
                                               Log House Plants           Don‟t plant this anywhere near the native
Who knew there were so many way to                                        chocolate lily! It will most definitely grow
flavor your garden with chocolate! From        Cottage Grove, Ore.
                                          there, but, like all mints, it makes itself a
edible to ornamental . . . you don‟t have to                              little TOO comfortable in the earth. This
stay in the kitchen to get your fix.                                      mint is wonderfully aromatic and smells like
                                                                          chocolate. Grow mint in a container.
Here‟s a list of plants to consider for your
                                                                          Harvest and cut back frequently to avoid
chocolate garden, beginning with edible            Warning              reseeding.
                                               Do not eat flowers from    Chocolate Nasturtium
Edible                                         the florist or ones that   (Nasturtium „Black Velvet‟)
                                               have been sprayed with     Nasturtiums add extra fun to veggie
Milk Chocolate Calendula                       pesticides.                gardens and will bloom all summer long.
(Calendula species)
                                                                          Both the flowers and the leaves are edible.
Not your typical marigold. The milk            Watch for allergic         Add the large, flat leaf of the Nasturtium to
chocolate variety, available at the            reactions.                 any sandwich (like you would spinach
Chocolate Flower Farm
                                                                          leaves) and enjoy the peppery flavor.
(, is so           Eat only the petals of a
pretty with its milk chocolate middle and      flower, unless you know
pale yellow petals with burnt toast edges.     for sure other parts are                                  Continued on page 2
Use the petals on your salad. Bees,            edible.
butterflies, and birds love calendula, too.
Continued from page 1                                                             at the Mount Vernon tulip festival in 1996
                                                                                  or so. Just love those flowers. And,
Chocolate Cherry Tomato                                                           wonderful for us, the Chocolate Flower
(Tomato „Cherry Chocolate‟)
                                                                                  Farm has the gorgeous Chocolate Sundae
Every gardener has a story or two that
                                                                                  Dahlia. Grow these in pots, too!
started him or her down the garden road.
Growing tomatoes in pots on my sunny                                              Chocolate Delphinium
south-facing patio rocked my world. I didn‟t                                      (Delphinium „Chocolate‟)
know heaven existed on earth until I ate                                          I‟m a practical gardener . . . sticking to
one of those amazing vine-ripened                                                 mostly natives and reliable, drought-
tomatoes. I haven‟t yet ventured into                                             tolerant plants … but if I ever wanted to try
growing tomatoes in the ground. My sister,                                        something a little more exotic, I would
Amy, grows her “toms” in the ground every                                         definitely take on this Chocolate
year in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada                                        Delphinium available from Log House
mountains with amazing results. I‟m going         Chocolate Mint                  Plants in Cottage Grove, Ore. You can
to do pots again this year and try these
chocolate ones. If you decide to grow this        Hot Chocolate                   read more about it on their Web site
                                                                                  ( Look under
heirloom variety (again, from the Chocolate                                       Plant Curiosities. Gorgeous!
Flower Farm), we want to know how you             The original recipe calls for
like it!                                          regular mint, but you can       Milk Chocolate Foxglove
                                                  use your garden-fresh           (Digitalis parviflora „Milk Chocolate‟)
Frosted Chocolate Viola                           Chocolate Mint.                 Old-fashioned plants are in again. And you
(Viola x williamsii „Velour Frosted Chocolate‟)                                   can‟t get more old-fashioned than
A must-have for any garden . . . those            3 cups milk                     Foxglove. This variety, though, with its
happy-face violas (or pansies) are                3 ounces bittersweet or         elegant reddish-brown spikes takes the
wonderful all year round in our climate. A          semi-sweet chocolate,         Foxglove to another level. Find this rare
chocolate-brown pansy with a yellow face            chopped into small bits       and perennial plant at the Chocolate
and a frosted wing. Start this edible flower      6 to 8 mint leaves              Flower Farm. This plant is toxic, so
now (Feb./March) inside your house. I‟ve                                          although you may be tempted: Do NOT
started mine. Note that the seeds are teensy.     Heat milk in a saucepan         Eat.
                                                  just until it begins to boil.   Eupatorium Chocolate
Non-Edible                                        Take off heat and add mint      (Eupatorium rugosum „Chocolate‟)
                                                  leaves and let steep for 10     If you‟re interested in non-edible chocolate
Chocolate Vine                                    minutes. Strain out the
(Akebia quinata)                                                                  foliage, this plant is a great one, and it‟s a
                                                  mint leaves, then reheat        2004 Great Plant Pick
One of my first gardening success stories. I
                                                  the milk.                       ( It reportedly is
was given an Akebia many, many years
ago by my good friend and garden muse,                                            not prone to reseeding itself around the
                                                  Add the chopped                 garden like some of its relatives. You‟ll
Anja, and this vine flourished, well, took
                                                  chocolate, and stir or          attract butterflies and bees to the fall
over, but I loved it! This twining vine has
                                                  whisk until well blended.       garden. Grow in part shade and full sun.
dainty chocolate-purple colored flowers and
weird-looking non-edible fruit. It‟s perfect
                                                  Pour into 2 or 3 mugs and       The Growing Gardener is Gina Renee Lozier, a
for growing on an arbor or fence but will                                         Seattle-area resident, a landscape and
                                                  garnish with a mint leaf.
smother other plants if you let it.                                               container garden designer, and an enthusiastic
                                                  adapted from                    student of horticulture.
Chocolate Cosmos
(Cosmos atrosanguineu)                          Editor’s note: The Growing Gardener will soon
When I first smelled this dark maroon             ing/recipes/hot_chocolate.      supply a monthly gardening column for Yummy
flower, I was amazed that it smelled like         aspx                            Northwest.
real Belgian chocolate. Every sunny garden                                                             
needs one! It‟s a tender perennial and,                                           About Yummy Northwest
unlike other Cosmos, it‟s a tuber. Dig it up
                                                                                  Each monthly issue highlights an edible
and store over the winter. One idea is to
                                                                                  delight available in the Pacific Northwest
grow chocolate cosmos in a pot mixed with
                                                                                  and Montana.
the pale yellows of Calendula.

Chocolate Sundae Dahlia                                                           Contact the editor
(Dahlia „Chocolate Sundae‟)                                                       Comments, corrections, topic ideas, and
I LOVE dahlias. I dreamt of being a dahlia                                        submissions are all most welcome at
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