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									                                                                                                                                      Spring 2003

                       Working Together to Improve the Health Status of the Community
                       The Health Collaborative

                        Depression Council Offers
                        Tips for Parents
   Exposure about            Nearly all U.S. parents believe         comprehensive community
 the benefits of a      that they can spot depression in their       health assessments.
  healthy lifestyle.    teen-agers, but in fact, two-thirds of           According to the
                        adolescents are never diagnosed and          Columbia study, only a
                        are left at risk of suicide, according       third of depressed
  San Antonio
         The Health     to a Columbia University study               teen-agers are ever
    Collaborative is    released earlier this year.                  diagnosed. “Despite the
  encouraging area           In response to this and other           very real threat of
  residents to walk     evidence that parents have difficulty        depression and suicide
     on Wednesday,      identifying depression in teenaged           among teens, many families do
            May 14.     children, the Youth Depression Advisory      not like to talk about depression or
                        Council of The Health Collaborative has      suicide,” said Dr. Thornton.
                        posted detailed information on the signs     “Unfortunately, many believe that            In addition, even though the basic
                        and symptoms of depression on The            discussing this problem makes            symptoms of depression are the same
                        Health Collaborative Web site,               depression and suicide more likely to    for people of all ages, youth tend to
               The site also   occur. However, talking to teens about   have a harder time recognizing and
                        contains information on local resources      their feelings may make them feel less   describing what they are going through
                        for information and treatment.               hopeless and sad.”                           The Youth Depression Advisory
                             “May is Mental Health Month, and            Dr. Thornton also noted that well    Council is a multi-disciplinary group
                        we saw it as an appropriate time to          meaning parents or teachers may          of community leaders who work to
                        raise awareness of youth depression          think that a young person is             identify unmet needs and develop
                        and to offer assistance to parents           unhappy or moody because it is a         interventions to mitigate the impact
                        who may be dealing with it,” said Joe        natural part of being young. “This is    of youth depression. Members
                        Thornton, M.D., chairman of the Youth        especially true for adolescents who      represent local social service agencies,
                        Depression Advisory Council. Youth           are expected to be hormonal and          health systems, counseling centers, and
                        depression is one of three target            rebellious,” he said. “Persistent        Metro Health, among others.
                        issues identified by The Health              unhappiness or moodiness is not
                        Collaborative through two                    normal for anyone.”
  A joint community
effort sponsored by:
                               The Health Collaborative –                                                           The Health
      Baptist Health System    A Look at Who We Are                                                                 Receives Grants
              Bexar County         The Health Collaborative is a             comprehensive report of local          The Health Collaborative has
             Medical Society   cutting-edge, public-private model for        health, guiding the community's        received several new grants in
            CHRISTUS Santa     solving community health issues. It           efforts toward prevention and health   support of Walk San Antonio, a
          Rosa Health Care     began informally in 1997 when                 improvement. The report was            program of the Fit City/Fit
           Community First     several area health care organizations        compiled jointly with Metro Health.    Schools initiative. They include:
              Health Plans     agreed to put aside their competitive       • The Youth Depression Advisory            • A $150,000 federal
       Methodist Healthcare
                               business practices to conduct the first       Council, a multi-disciplinary group        appropriation. Congressman
                               assessment. The mission of the                of community leaders who work              Charlie Gonzalez was
       Methodist Healthcare    organization is to improve the health         to identify unmet needs and
   Ministries of South Texas                                                                                            instrumental is securing
                               status of the community through               develop interventions to mitigate          the grant.
   San Antonio Metropolitan    collaborative means. Representatives of       the impact of youth depression.
             Health District
                                                                                                                      • A $150,000 grant from the
                               this group are dedicated to the             • Fit City/Fit Schools, which promotes       University Health System
 Southwest General Hospital    health and well being of our                  nutrition and fitness through six          Board of Managers. Terri De
   University Health System    community in the spirit of                    strategic initiatives, including           La Haya, Health Collaborative
                               collaboration. Partners are the Baptist       healthy vending, Walk San Antonio,         board member, helped us
                               Health System, Bexar County Medical           Fit City Monthly Messages, Fit City        obtain the grant.
      Friends of The           Society, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health           Forums, the body mass index              • A $50,000 grant and a
Health Collaborative           Care, Community First Health Plans,           program and Fit Schools.                   commitment of 5,000 volunteer
                    Humana     Methodist Healthcare, Methodist                                                          hours (valued at $50,000)
                               Healthcare Ministries, San Antonio             The 2002 Health Assessment and            from The Junior League of San
         Fitness Connection
                               Metropolitan Health District, Southwest    Health Profiles as well as information        Antonio, Inc. The organization’s
      The Junior League of     General Hospital, and University           on Health Collaborative programs are          sponsorship of Walk San
          San Antonio, Inc.
                               Health System.                             available through the organization's          Antonio is the largest financial
       Kronkosky Charitable                                               Web site,        and volunteer commitment ever
                               Programs of The Health                     For additional information, phone             made by the almost 80-year-
         Texas Beef Council    Collaborative include:                     Joan M. Miller, executive director, at        old organization.
                                • The 2002 Health Assessment and          (210) 481-2573, or e-mail her at            • A $50,000 sponsorship from
 United Way of San Antonio
         and Bexar County          Health Profiles, which serves as a             Fitness Connection, a chain of
                                                                                                                        full-service fitness centers
  U.S. Department of Health
        and Human Services                                                                                              throughout San Antonio.
                               From the 2002 Health Assessment                                                        • A $4,000 micro grant from
                               and Health Profiles…                                                                     the U.S. Department of Health
                                                                                                                        and Human Services through
                                     The Healthy People 2010 goal is that no
                                                                                                                        their Healthy People program.
                               more than 3.3 percent of the population will be
                                                                                                                      • A $10,000 grant from
                               victims of domestic violence in a five-year
                                                                                                                        Humana to spread the word
                               period. Eleven percent of the respondents to the
                                                                                                                        to businesses about Fit City/
                               2002 Health Assessment and Health Profiles
                                                                                                                        Fit Schools.
                               indicated they had been the victims of this type of
                                                                                                                      • A $10,000 grant from the
                               abuse in the past five years. In the 1998
                                                                                                                        Texas Beef Council
21702 Hardy Oak Blvd.          assessment, four percent responded that they had
               Suite 105       been victims of domestic violence.
San Antonio, TX 78258
    Tel: (210) 481-2573              Persons living in the southern sectors of the
   Fax: (210) 481-0539         county reported being victims of domestic violence more
                               often than did people living in the northern sectors.
In the News                                    spotlighted in coverage on
                                               KENS-TV, WOAI-TV, WOAI radio,
    The Health Collaborative and its           the San Antonio Express-News                                                       BOARD OF
various initiatives have been                  and KTSA radio.                                                                   DIRECTORS
mentioned in the news frequently             • The Washington Post
during the last quarter:                       interviewed Joan Miller for its                                                             Officers
 • A news conference announcing the            story on the Center for Disease                                                          President:
    healthy vending initiative received        Control and Prevention’s report                                                   Alex Garcia, Southwest
    excellent media coverage in January                                                                                                General Hospital
                                               ranking San Antonio as the
    with four television stations, the San     country’s most obese city in                                                        Secretary and
    Antonio Express-News and two radio         2001. The story was distributed                                                         Treasurer:
    stations covering the event.               nationally. Locally, KABB-TV               celebrate a Fit City Fiesta. The San         Frank Blalock,
 • When The Junior League of San                                                                                                         San Antonio
                                               interviewed Miller and aired a story       Antonio Express-News interviewed               Metropolitan
    Antonio, Inc., announced its Walk San      on the ranking.                            Miller and two Heath Collaborative           Health District
    Antonio grant to The Health              • The Health Collaborative initiated a       volunteers for a major story. KTSA
    Collaborative, our organization was        story on how to help San Antonians         radio also aired a report.                      Board
                                                                                                                                        Frank Blalock,
                                                                                                                                          San Antonio
 Health Collaborative Receives                                                                                                            Metropolitan
                                                                                                                                        Health District
 National, Regional Recognition                                                                                                  Geoffrey W. Crabtree,
                                                                                                                                 Methodist Healthcare
     The programs of The Health Collaborative are receiving          The conference gave The Health Collaborative exposure
national and regional recognition.                               to members of the staffs of Congressional Hispanic Caucus           Terri De la Haya,
     The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Health Task Force         from throughout the country. The goal of the conference
                                                                                                                                         Health System
conducted a conference on obesity in San Antonio on April        was to create a working environment for these staff
24 and 25. The Health Collaborative                                    members to learn about the obesity epidemic on a                 Charles Kight
assisted in coordinating the                                                  national scale from representatives of various          Community First
session and made a                                                          groups and organizations, and to develop public              Health Plans
presentation on the success                                                       policy recommendations. The conference                William North,
of its Fit City/Fit Schools                                                           focused on such issues as obesity in       Baptist Health System
initiatives, particularly healthy                                                        the Hispanic community, health
                                                                                                                                 Pilar Oates, Methodist
vending and Walk San Antonio.                                                               effects associated with obesity,      Healthcare Ministries
     “The programs of The                                                                    childhood obesity and role of              of South Texas
Health Collaborative are a model                                                              schools and the community in
for the rest of the nation,” said                                                              preventing obesity.                      Members
Congressman Charles A. Gonzalez, co-                                                               Also on the obesity issue,            Bexar County
chair of the CHC Health Task Force. “Obesity                                                 Health Collaborative executive             Medical Society
has a disproportionate impact on our country's                                          director Joan Miller was interviewed            Executive
Hispanic population for a variety of reasons. With its           by the Washington Post for their story on the Center for                Director
emphasis on prevention through community-based                   Disease Control and Prevention ranking of San Antonio as                Joan M. Miller
initiatives, The Health Collaborative has been able to           the most obese city in the country.
educate area residents on the risks of obesity and the               On the state level, the Texas Department of Health
benefits of a healthy lifestyle.” Congressman Gonzalez was       named Miller as co-chair of the obesity and physical
instrumental in obtaining a $150,000 federal                     activity work group as part of Commissioner Eduardo
appropriation for The Health Collaborative’s Walk San            Sanchez’s Texas State Strategic Health Partnership.
Antonio campaign.
    The Health Collaborative
       invites businesses and
                                  Walk San Antonio to Encourage
    organizations to become
members and join efforts on
 improving the health status
                                  Entire City to Walk on May 14
           of the community.          Let’s walk, San Antonio! That's the message that The        available on a first-come, first-served basis for those who
             Current members      Health Collaborative is taking to area residents on                         sign up in advance.
  include public and private      Wednesday, May 14.                                                                   Walk San Antonio, one of six strategic
 health-related organizations,
                                      On that day, Walk San Antonio, a                                                  initiatives of the Fit City/Fit Schools
     such as hospitals, health
    systems, a health plan, a     program of The Health Collaborative                                                          program, is a free walking program
      health philanthropy, the    presented by The Junior League of                                                             that encourages area residents to
   health department and a
                                  San Antonio, Inc., and Fitness                                                                exercise 30 minutes a day most
       physician organization.
                                  Connection, will get San Antonians                                                            days of the week. Each participant
     Membership is also open      moving as they try to get the most                                                           receives a mileage tracking card and
  to other organizations that
   are not directly related to    people ever to exercise at the same time                                                  fitness manual, a free body
         the healthcare field.    in San Antonio. People will be encouraged                                              composition analysis each month, and
           For information on     to walk between noon and 1 p.m. that day.                                           incentive items, such as water bottles and
    membership benefits and           Participants may use their own walking                                       coin packets, for various mileage targets.
dues, please contact Joan M.      routes or participate in walks at four designated sites             More than 6,000 residents have participated in the
  Miller, executive director of
 The Health Collaborative, at     throughout the city: the Joske Pavilion at Brackenridge Park,   program since it began in 2000. For more information on
  (210) 481-2573 or e-mail        Fitness Connection at 100 Crossroads and 2828 Goliad Rd.        Walk San Antonio, visit their Web site at
            her at jmmiller@      and at the UT Health Science Center track. Free T-shirts are or phone (210) 481-1200.

                                                                                                                    San Antonio, Texas • 78258
                                                                                                                    21702 Hardy Oak Blvd. • Suite 105

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