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					                               Valentine’s Day Menu
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      Chef’s Soup of the Day - A choice of a hot meat soup or a chilled vegetarian soup.
             Phyllo Prawns – Crispy phyllo prawns served with a spicy chilli soya sauce.

       Ostrich Carpaccio - Lightly smoked ostrich Carpaccio vol-au-vent topped with a fig,
                               daikon radish and peanut salsa.

      Chef’s Salad (v) - A selection of asparagus, fresh strawberry, baby leaves and rocket
                served with parmesan shavings and a balsamic glaze dressing.

                                                      MAIN COURSE

                        Springbok Shank – Springbok served with beetroot barley.

        Escalope of Salmon – Salmon served with a cucumber salad and finished with a
                    chive crème fraîche and served with herbed potatoes.

      Veal Cordon-bleu – Veal cordon-bleu, topped with mozzarella, parma-ham and sage
                                finished with tomato sorbet.

     Potato Strudel (v) – Mediterranean vegetable and sweet potato strudel served with a
                                   ginger and soy glaze.

                                                      DESSERT BUFFET

        Chocolate Roulade – Filled with chocolate mousse and decorated with chocolate
                                    ivy leaves and truffles.

          Pavlova (meringue) - filled with vanilla mascarpone cream and fresh seasonal

         Lindt Chocolate Cheesecake - Lindt chocolate baked cheesecake drizzled with
                            white Belgium chocolate Ganache.

              White Chocolate Panna Cotta – topped with Chantilly cream and white
                                      chocolate curls.

                Chocolate Ganache Torte - Crushed hazelnut base and drizzled with
                                       hazelnut syrup.

                           Selection of petit fours and assorted mini sweet delights.

                 Coffee served with Belgian chocolate truffles and Scottish shortbread.

Shop 8
Rivonia Village Shopping Centre, Rivonia Boulevard,
off 9th Avenue.
079 507 9469 Donnae