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Services Provided By BPO Firms


BPO firms provide an extensive range of back office and front office services to various industries like Retail or e-Retail, Insurance, Mortgage, Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Technology, Travel and Hospitality.

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									Services Provided By BPO
       It has become essential for companies to provide
uninterrupted high-end services to their customers to survive
in the highly competitive business world, and because of this
growing need for customer support services, call centers have
 made a significant place for themselves. BPO services have
become an integral part of various industries as they provide
    cost-effective solutions for optimizing various business
Today, BPO firms provide an extensive range of back office and
front office services to various industries like Retail or e-Retail,
           Insurance, Mortgage, Banking, Healthcare,
   Telecommunications, Technology, Travel and Hospitality.
 Some of the BPO firms also provide customized business data
    processing services to their clients to meet their specific
requirements. Some of the major BPO services provided by the
              BPO companies are discussed below:
                Customer Support Services

 Customer support services provided by BPO firms allow the
     companies to handle various customer related issues
 effectively and resolve their queries promptly. The customer
support services are utilized by the companies to increase the
     rate of customer satisfaction and promote goodwill.
                  Tele-Marketing Services

 Industries have telemarketing services in order to boost sales
      and promote product awareness. BPOs have skilled
 professionals who deliver quality results and who are focused
towards their targets. Telemarketing includes services like lead
 generation, appointment scheduling, debt collection services,
    product promotion, cross selling, and hardcore selling.
                     Technical Support

    Technical support services help users solve their specific
   problems related to computer hardware, software, or any
 electronic product. These services mainly increase the utility
      of the clients’ products and increase their customer
satisfaction. Technical support services can be provided via an
  e-mail, telephone, instant messaging, fax, and even on-site.
                  Accounts Management

The industries are employing BPO financial and e-accounting
   services for having cost advantage and for better customer
     management. Accounts management services, such as
 customer acquisition and retention, sales lead management,
lead qualification processing and demand generation help to
  increase the productivity and marketing ROI of the clients’
                   Order Management

 The order management services drive the order fulfillment
 process of any business and are used for order management
  and order processing. Various order management services
offered by BPOs are order quoting, order processing, quality
 review, review of orders, adding missing information, mail
order management, fax order management, sorting, clearing,
   batching, transmission, billing, order entry, issuing, and
                 handling payments services.
                  Document Management

   BPO document management solutions are very useful for
quality control, indexing, retrieval of data, storage, validation,
 and integrating activities. Document management is mainly
 the provision of scanning, creating, managing documents in
electronic format and supporting imaging process for proof of
   delivery, managing employee files, purchase invoices, etc.
           Transaction and Payment Processing

      The industries in the domain of finance, insurance, or
 mortgage use transaction processing services offered by BPOs
     to achieve cost competency, productivity, and increase
   efficiency. Various transaction processing services, such as
 information capture, verification, eligibility and authorization
for claim, loan/ mortgage and order processing services, check
     processing and remittance processing, email, feedback,
      response management, financial reconciliation, loan
 origination and servicing, and GL closing services are handled
                        by BPO companies.
   Sutherland offers the customer care, technical support,
 accounts management, order and document management,
transaction and payment processing and many other services
  to its clients worldwide to help them achieve their desired
goals of customer management, cost reduction and increased
productivity. For details about services offered by Sutherland
    Global services, browse through http://www.suth.com

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