Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses by liwenting


									                               Terms and Conditions
                         Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses

Application requirements

   Incomplete applications will not be considered.
   Supervisors letter of support must be received.
   Applications (including Supervisors letter of support) cannot be accepted after the
    closing date.

Residential conditions

   All courses are very intensive, with a great emphasis placed upon interaction
    between the participants, Instructors and Speakers. All participants benefit from the
    Campus environment, with few distractions, and many use the opportunity to learn
    more than the course material, by discussion with the tutors and the fellow
    participants, in some cases leading to new collaborations.
   All courses are fully residential and the participants are expected to reside at the
    Wellcome Trust Conference Centre during the course, even if the participant lives
   Participants must aim to arrive for the start of the course, and not plan to depart
    before the scheduled finish time. It is very disruptive to the instructors if part icipants
    arrive late or depart early.
   The course will include evening sessions and attendance is required.
   Non-attendance during the course may be reported to the Supervisor or Sponsor.
   Partners and/or children are not allowed on Campus. The course is very intensive
    and there is little free time.
   Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses are not able to arrange additional nights’
    accommodation for participants. These may be booked at the expense of the
    participant, and arrangements must be made directly with the W ellcome Trust
    Conference Centre (reception@wtconference.org.uk)
   Participants must have travel insurance (if not local) and non-UK residents must have
    medical insurance for the duration of their stay. The Wellcome Trust will not be
    responsible for any travel costs incurred, nor medical costs.

Payment and Cancellation charges

   The £50 deposit is non-refundable.
   Full payment for courses must be received by the due date specified on the
    Acceptance Form.
   WTAC reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place should full payment not be
    received by the due date.
   Registration for the course will only be confirmed following receipt of the full payment.
   Cancellation prior to the course will incur cancellation charges, as follows;
            Less than 14 days               100%
            14 days- 3 months               50%
            3 months – 6 months             25% *

    * only applicable if Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses are unable to find a suitable
    alternative candidate to fill the vacancy.

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