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									                       Scott, Jefferson, Clark
                          District Council

                                January 8, 2009

The regular meeting of the Scott, Jefferson, Clark District Council was held on
Thursday, January 8, 2009, at the UniServ office. Members present were:
Anne Bird, Clarksville EA; Frank Denton, Hilda Kendrick, and Ron Calabro,
Greater Clark EA; Connie Dietrich and David Knies, West Clark TA; LuCinda
Dunagan and Joe Elliott, Madison TA; No one present, Southwestern
Jefferson CTA; No one present, Jennings Township CTA; Brenda Kendall,
Scott #2 CTA; Pamela Haviland, Greater Clark Para-Educators Association;
No one present, Greater Clark Service Association; No one present, Greater
Clark Cafeteria Employees Association; Roz Fishman, ISTA-R, and Janet
Abrams, UniServ Director.

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. by David Knies, Chairperson.

I.        Membership Report – JANET ABRAMS
           Check your actual membership numbers and potential numbers to
            make sure they are reported accurately.

II.       Chairperson’s Report – DavID KNIEs
           Beth sent a thank you card for her Christmas gift. Janet also
            thanks us for her gift.
           If going to the Bargaining Conference, sign up by January 16 for
            early bird discount. The conference is February 27-28.

III.      Secretary’s Report – Connie Dietrich
           Minutes of the November meeting were approved as written.

IV.       Treasurer’s Report – Brenda Kendall
           Balance on hand as of January 8 is $16,751.38. Report was filed
            for audit.

V.        Board of Director’s Report –Jennie SWIFT
           No report at this time.

       Governance: DAVID KNIES
        1. Will meet again February 14. Dave will be attending the Board
           Meeting January 23-24 to hear Nate present his plan for one
           RA. Then it will be presented to the Governance committee in
           February. It will then be presented at the Spring RA.
       Issues & Concerns: RON CALABRO
        1. Community Service awards deadline is February 28, 2009.
        2. School Bell awards deadline is April 15, 2009.
        3. Opportunity Grant in Support of Public Education is due no later
           than January 13, 2009. Better hurry!
        4. The legislative subcommittee would like to remind everyone that
           a new legislative session started January 7 and your help is
           needed to contact legislators. Most importantly is to speak out
           against the Governor’s proposed freeze on school funding.
           Freezing of funds means a decrease for a majority of school
           corporations throughout the state.
        5. I have a copy of the ISTA legislative program for 2009 for
           anyone interested.
        6. Read through your ISTA resolutions and let me know what
           needs to be amended and what current legislative issues need
           to be discussed. I’ll take those to our next meeting.
        7. Next meeting of the Issues and Concerns Committee is April 18,
       PROFESSIONAl Practices & Standards:
        The committee met on November 22 at 10:00 a.m. The following
        topics were discussed:
        1. Response To Intervention – Pat Kennedy, Chair of the Special
           Ed. Committee, gave the following information: the Special Ed.
           Committee is developing proto-type bargaining language for
           RTI. Due to the frustrations of trying to understand and comply
           with RTI, they may develop a side by side comparison chart of
           the past Article 7 with the new regulations.
        2. National Board Certification - There will be a new brochure
           available at the March PPS meeting. “Take One” is still
           available for pre-candidates to try one focus area at a reduced
           price. Indiana had 24 candidates this year. Candidates have 3
           years to finish the process. Go to or call 1-
           800-22-TEACH for more information.
        3. Steve Tafflinger, ISTA Board of Directors, reminded members
           that constitutions need to be reviewed every 5 years for re-
        4. Professional Disbursement Grants – Districts 3-F and 3-G had
           their application approved, but a notation was made to focus on
           professional development rather than association matters.

           5. Deadlines for Award Applications – Hoosier Educator of the
              Year Award is due March 1, 2009 and Multimedia/Technology
              Award is due February 1, 2009.
           6. Summer Leadership Workshop Ideas are: Mentor Program
              Model, RTI in Article 7, InSAI as an accreditation model,
              National Board Certification, Retirement Planning, Grant Writing
              Workshops, and Read Across America ideas. If you have input
              on these ideas or want to suggest others, let me know before
              our next meeting on March 14.
           7. Early Childhood Education – Karen Warble, Chair of the Early
              Childhood Committee presented the following information:
              Reading First conference used resources from,
              Southern Indiana Network of Educators (
              is a resource for professional development, lobbying efforts
              need to push for full day, fully funded Kindergarten.
           8. Marilynn Edwards presented information on the following –
              Interim Study Committee on Education Matters report from the
              Indiana General Assembly is available at
               Center for Evaluation & Education Policy (CEEP) is a good
              website to visit for a variety of education issues
              ( Dept. of Ed. Website is now
     ISEA (Student Association) is piloting online
              elections for delegates to the ISTA and NEA RAs. They are
              hoping to increase voter turnout by voting online.
           9. Next meeting is March 14.
          MAC: Hilda Kendrick
           1. The next Minority Affairs Committee meeting is February 21.
          SJC-PAC: GLenda Kovert
           1. Please sign up your local for lobbying. January 28 is the
              legislative kick-off. February 11: Greater Clark; February 24:
              West Clark; March 10: Madison and Scott 2. No one is signed
              up for March 25 (spring break); April 15 is open.
          ISTA-R: Roz Fishman
           1. Lobbying date for ISTA-R is February 11. Will be doing Read
              Across America in March. In April will be helping ISEA clean up
              a school in Jasper as part of the Outreach to Teach project.

VII.   UniServ Director / COLLECTIVE
        Bargaining: Madison is still open.
        Open for 2009 are: Clarksville, Greater Clark, West Clark, Scott 1,
         and Scott 2. Contact Janet for start up dates
        Political action is an important topic. Lobby teams are needed
         because of funding and many other major concerns. Lobbying
         dates are: Wednesday, January 28 (kick-off), Wednesday,
         February 11, Tuesday, February 24, Tuesday, March 10, and
         Wednesday, March 25 (this date is during spring break).

              Wednesday, April 15, is Support Public Education Action Day.
              Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. for all dates. RSVP to Beth or Ann
              by the Thursday prior to the lobbying date.
             2009 3-F and 3-G Leadership Academy is scheduled for May 8-9 at
              Wooded Glen. A flyer will be sent out next month.
             The Collective Bargaining Conference is February 27-28. The
              registration deadline is January 28.

VIII.     Old Business
           None at this time.

IX.       New Business
           None at this time.

           Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Dietrich, Secretary


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