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Danielle - PDF


I feel, Danielle,
I know your heart so well.
I only wish that somehow you knew mine,
Then magically
you'd surely see
my deep affection for you.
My words are my own true feelings,
Not just another line.

You've said, Danielle,
love's where you tripped and fell.
While you were down it laughed and flew a-way.
Your smiles disguise
what's in your eyes
and what your heart seems to say.
Though joy remains but a moment,
The pain is here to stay.

Love at its best is just a game of chance.
We roll the dice and watch them fall.
Though we can't lose much more than the bets we place,
I'm ready like a dream-er or a fool to risk it all.

Say yes, Danielle
And hear the music swell.
The lights come up amidst bravoes and cheers.
Our adoring public will rave,
from the critics nothing but praise.
When the world looks back on this moment,
I'm sure it will believe
This monumental tale
That everyone will tell
of his legendary love for his Danielle,
of his legendary love for his Danielle.

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