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									                                Minutes of the October 15, 2003
                           Mint Valley Golf Course Advisory Meeting

Members Present: Al Smith, Betty Rush, John Philbrook, Joe Quirk and Scott Moultine

Members Absent: Andy Whiton and Paul Armstrong

Staff Present: Rich Bemm, Liz Davis, Mahlon Moe, Jim Nickerson and Scott Knapp

Chairman, Joe Quirk called the meeting to order at 4:20 pm

Representatives from Black Diamond Golf were present to demonstrate “The Club Polisher”. The
equipment would be set up near the range ball dispenser. Revenue would be shared at fifty percent with
the course.

Approval of Minutes
Following a motion from Al Smith, and a second from Betty Rush, the July 16, 2003 minutes were
unanimously approved as written.

Election of Officers
John Philbrook nominated Joe Quirk for chair; Betty seconded the nomination. Nominations were then
closed. Betty Rush nominated Al Smith for vice-chair. Joe seconded the nomination that was then
closed. By a unanimous vote, Joe Quirk will remain as chair and Al Smith as vice chair.

Constituent Comments
Don Fullerton, from Entercom Radio, asked the committee to endorse a four-day PGA tournament for
either late July or early August 2004. Entercom would co-sponsor the tournament, which would
benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and feature national sponsors and celebrity players. This
tournament would attract up to 180 golfers. Rich asked what would be the courses commitment. Mr.
Fullerton said this type of tournament has never used a municipal course.

Members were concerned that Mint Valley’s infrastructure could not handle the many spectators that
could be anticipated. They felt that the parking was inadequate and wondered about the impact of
closing the course to the public.

Joe Quirk asked Mr. Fullerton for the budgets from past events. Rich added that any background
information would be helpful for the committee. Joe Quirk was skeptical to endorse this tournament
without a clear-cut plan. Al Smith recommended the committee review a written proposal prior to any
decision being made. Mr. Fullerton said he needs a commitment by January 2004.

Maintenance – Scott highlighted his written report. Betty asked about the fungus on the greens. Scott
said it was being treated. Joe remarked how good the course looks. Scott Moultine asked if the grass
around chipping greens would thicken up. Scott assured him it would come back. A request to change
the color of flag on the chipping green was also noted.

Pro - In addition to his written report, Mahlon said promotions were very successful this year. The
“Players Pass” offered discounts for local golfers. Great Values and Oregonian coupons continued to
bring out of town golfers to Mint Valley.

Golf Advisory Meeting                        1                              October 15, 2003
Mahlon said the scorecard supply is low and he is seeking advertisers to cover the printing costs. A
two-three year supply will be ordered.

Finance Report - Rich noted that September revenues are under projections due to weather and
aeration. Pass play rounds are way up, while 18-hole rounds are down slightly. Al felt this reflected
the counter staff doing a better job of documenting pass rounds and enforcing the receipt system. Rich
noted that more passes have been sold this year.

Rich said that the projected reserves and carry over is approximately $156,000 for the two-year period.

Expenditures were under budget due to a full-time staff vacancy. Al encouraged maintaining full time
staffing to keep the course in shape and keep the turnover down. It was noted that the effort will be to
fill the position in 2004.

2004 Rates - Comparison of other course rates were reviewed. Al felt we should stop offering so many
discounts and leave the rates stable. Noting that it has been three years since a major increase, Rich
cautioned that we have been good to the community, but can no longer support stagnant rates while the
costs of doing business continues to escalate. Based on the 29,000 paid rates to date, a $1.00 increase
for every rate category would just bring the revenue to the budgeted amount.. Joe-felt that the pass
rates are too low and could be increased. He also suggested reducing the discounts rather an overall
rate increase. Rich asked the board to give some thought to what background information they want in
order to prepare for the January meeting when a recommendation to Council will be acted upon and get
back to him with their requests.

Committee Vacancies for 2004 – Positions open include; a Men’s club representative, an at-large and a
replacement for Andy Whiton. Al said he would talk to Dave Sathe, the current Men’s Club president.
Rich would like to conduct interviews at the end of November or first of December.

Rich asked for the board’s opinion of the golf club washer. Members did not recommend it for the
course deferring the decision to Mahlon. They felt that the golfers would not take advantage of it at a
cost of $2.00 to $3.00 and were not interested in increasing the green fee as recommended by the

Golf Advisory Meeting                         2                                October 15, 2003
Old Business

Tee Signs – Rich displayed a picture of a sample sign that showed the yardage from the white tee to the
hazards. The artwork was submitted to a graphic artist and a draft will be ready for the January

Carpeting - The low bid for carpeting at the clubhouse was received from Interior Resources.
Installation should be completed in December or January. Rich showed carpet samples intended for use
with soft spikes. The bid requested carpet squares so that warn or soiled areas could easily be changed
out, and there will be a surplus of squares available in inventory. The stairway will be covered with a
broadloom carpet.

New Business


At 6:30 p.m. Al Smith made a motion, seconded by Betty Rush to adjourn the meeting.

The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 21, 2004.

Secretary to the Committee

Golf Advisory Meeting                        3                               October 15, 2003
                 Golf Maintenance Report for October 15, 2003
First off I just wanted to recognize the effort from our full-time and part-time staff this
season. The course would not have been as well maintained if it weren’t for their
commitment and long hours worked.

The following are items we accomplished in the last 3 months.

       Tees reconstructed on numbers 8, 9, 15 and 18.

       Put out over 500 yards of sand on fairways.

       Added irrigation on numbers 1, 2 and drip to the trees on the left of 12.

       Drain tile added to number 4 and 6.

       Bunker drainage work on numbers 9, 17 and 18.

       Aeration of greens, tees, traffic spots and dry fairway areas

       Kept the pumps and filter working throughout the summer minimizing our use of city water.

       Started a new full-time employee Andrew Byman

       Found and cleaned out most of the catch basins throughout the course

       Installed a new quik on number 1 fairway for hand watering in the summer

       Started our greens fungicide program for the fall

       Removed one of the cottonwoods from number 7 tee area and a dead fir on number 14.

       We were able to keep most of our purchased nursery tree plantings alive during one of our
        driest summers on record.

Winter projects we’ll be working on include:

       Winter tear down of all the equipment

       Replacement of equipment on deprecation list

       Rebuilding and maintenance of pump station. This includes filter, small pump, pressure relief
        valve and new uptake for middle pump.

       Leaf pick-up

       Putting out another 500 yds. of sand

       Continue to service drain tile

       Continue to treat greens for fungus (pink snow mold)

Thank you,
Scott Knapp, Superintendent Mint Valley Golf Course

Golf Advisory Meeting                          4                               October 15, 2003
                                  Golf Pro Report
                                  October 15, 2003

      Coupon ads for the Oregonian newspaper have been extended past the end of
summers “golf pages” three weeks into October. This year they were used 1,956 times
generating $39,320 in revenue from mostly Vancouver and Portland golfers.

      Great Value direct mail coupons totaled 752 so far this year generating $9,222 in
green fee revenue. Their magazine was mailed in the spring and late summer to
households in Vancouver, Battleground, and Longview.

       Perhaps one of the best promotions used to attract our local golfers and make
them regulars was our Preferred Players Pass, which was purchased by 109 golfers.
For $25 one was given a $5 off discount for ten rounds with the 11th round FREE. We
also extended a discount of “$5 off” for a power cart rental as a bonus. It was nice to be
able to offer our locals a discount and keep them golfing at the best public golf course in
Southwest Washington. This promotion expired at the end of 2003.

      Our nine for nine promotion was also a way to increase early morning (before
7:30 am) and late nine hole play on weekend evenings (after 6:00 pm).

      Our scorecard supply is running low and we will be asking anyone interested in
advertising to contact the Pro Shop. We will be looking at new designs and changes
and welcome your input.

      The restaurant will be up and running through most of October, weather
permitting. Hot dogs, snacks, and drinks will be available at all other times. And by
the way, our “hand-pressed” burgers were a big success and indeed improved the
already “Mint Valley Burger” (if that seems possible.)

       KLOG and KUKN radio 15-second ads are nearly finished. We run 30 ads each
month promoting Mint Valley. This month they are highlighting the winter golf pass
for $210 if purchased in October.

      Our marshals have all nearly completed their required 150 hours as starters or
course marshals. They also have spent man-hours filling in divots with sand and seed
throughout the season. Their efforts have been appreciated.

Mahlon Moe
PGA Professional

Golf Advisory Meeting                   5                           October 15, 2003

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