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					                         Neighbourhood Watch Police Steering Group for Watch Issues
                                  Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters
                                             11 December 2008

                                                   Part 1 - Open
                    Attendee                         Force                       Region
               Frank Whiteley            Chief Constable, Hertfordshire    Chair
               Mark Custerson            Project Manager to Chair
               Bob Scott                 Leicestershire                    East Midlands
               Andrew Bayes              MPS                               MPS
               Chris Joyce               West Yorks                        Yorks & Humber
               Alex Chadd                South Wales                       Wales
               Shirley Simpson           Cambridgeshire                    Eastern
               Andy Baines               Cumbria                           North West
               Steve Brown               Lancashire                        North West
               Tim Blades                Cleveland                         North East
               David Bragg               Gloucestershire                   South West
               Elaine Ryan               Dorset                            South West
               Ben Cook                  Suffolk                           Eastern
               Mark Rendall              Sussex                            South East
               Donna Lavender                                              ACPO Citizen Focus
                                                                           Business Area
               George Baxter                                               Home Office
               Lorna Todd                Hertfordshire                     Minutes
               Stephanie Harrison        Hertfordshire                     Minutes

              Gary Hall                  West Midlands                     West Midlands
              Mick Wright                Kent                              South East

1.          Minutes
            The previous minutes of the 18 June 2008 were agreed as an accurate record of the

2.          Matters Arising

                              Outstanding Actions from Meeting on 13 December 2007
                                                 Owner                       Current Position
       (Reference from previous minutes)
     Public Liability Insurance (PLI)                      Comments were fed back. To be considered
     Regional members to feedback on the                   again in autumn 2008 ahead of the policy’s
     current PLI insurance policy to be passed             renewal in early 2009.
     to the Home Office.                                   Main Agenda item – Discharged.
     National Steer on Street Patrols                      A consultation around street patrols has been
     Frank Whiteley to check with ACPO lead                postponed to autumn 2008 while the White Paper
     on whether there is a national policy         FW      and Casey Review are considered.
     regarding street patrols.                             11.12.08 CC Spence will be taking a paper to
                                                           ACPO cabinet. Some movement at the end of
                                                           January 09 is expected. – Carry Forward.

     10.                                                   FW made contact with HMIC. Some information
     Linking Neighbourhood Watch into the                  is expected. The HMIC report is due out shortly.
     Neighbourhood Policing Programme              FW      11.12.08 The report was published on 28/11/08.
     Frank Whiteley to discuss with Clare                  It is being viewed for areas around NHW. It will
     Simon, HMIC to seek inclusion in the                  be sent out with the minutes displaying any cross
     HMIC Inspection.                                      references to NHW. – Discharged.
     3.7                                                   Information received and held, pending a Home
     Bob Scott to provide information to Mark              Office conference on the subject in Feb 2008.
     Custerson on the region’s set up Flood        BS      Mark Custerson to attend.
     Wardens in their emergency planning                   Discharged.
     3.8                                                   11.12.08 Tim Blades to chase up.
     George Osborne to forward the guidance        TB      Carry Forward.
     (when produced) on counter terrorism to
     Mark Custerson for further dissemination.
     3.8                                                   11.12.08 Ann Howard is the volunteer lead for
     George Osborne to identify a volunteer                Northumbria. Discharged.
     lead for Northumbria.
     5.1                                           LT      Awaiting approval from the Association of Police
     Lorna to circulate the final revised                  Authorities (APA).
     Purpose Statement to Force Leads and                  Carry Forward
     Chief Constables once completed

3.          Situational Reports from Regions
            Each Region was given the opportunity to provide a brief update on their situation
            and to share good practice and any issues of concern.

3.1         Eastern
                Community Watch Clarks have been introduced in Suffolk and will be in place
                  by 15.12.08.
                Geoff Ireland is the new Chair of the volunteers regional group.
                The region have in previous years received funding from Government Office
                  which is no longer being provided. This causes a slight concern over the lack
                  of support.
                Cambridgeshire have produced an Operational Order from Not in my
                  Neighbourhood Week. Shirley Simpson to forward on for good practice.
                Suffolk have three search teams which involve 140 volunteers who aid the
                  police teams searching for missing persons. This was seen as good practice
                  and Shirley Simpson to forward details for wider circulation.

            ACTION                         ACTION OWNER:
            Ben Cook (Suffolk)             To forward information to Mark Custerson around
                                           volunteers working with Search Teams.
            Shirley Simpson (Eastern)      To forward a copy of the Operational Order covering Not
                                           in my Neighbourhood Week to Mark Custerson.

3.2         MPS
                   Only two Boroughs remain without a SPOC for Watch Issues.
                   Boroughs are monitoring levels of Neighbourhood Watch. However, there is a
                    concern around the value of the data as it only shows new schemes being set
                    up and does not show how and if the current schemes in place are being

3.3   Yorks and Humber
          The Regional Neighbourhood Watch awards were held in November 2008.
          North Yorks recently completed face to face surveys, which included the
            amount of Neighbourhood Watch activities, priorities of Neighbourhood
            Watch, logos and branding etc. This was carried out by an electronic voting
          Cumbria have been conducting some research around Performance
            Indicators for Neighbourhood Watch and Andy Baines will forward relevant
            information to Mark Custerson as part of the wider research being carried out
            (See item 13.1).

      ACTION OWNER                ACTION
      Andy Baines (North West)    To forward any relevant information to Mark Custerson
                                  from the work Cumbria have conducted around
                                  Performance Indicators.
      Chris Joyce (Yorks and      To forward details of the face to face survey
      Humber)                     methodology and results to Mark Custerson.

3.4   North East
          Tim Blades now chairs the Regional Meeting.
          Terms of Reference have now been established.
          Support for Not in my Neighbourhood week was improved this year through
            collaboration with the Local Authorities and was delivered across harder to
            reach areas.
          One issue raised was around a possible recruiting campaign for volunteers. It
            was confirmed that nothing is planned and that recruitment is best undertaken
            at the very local level.

3.5   South West
          The regional group is working well and communicates regularly with more
            volunteers attending the regional meetings.
          Dorset are carrying out an audit of Watch Schemes in the New Year.
          There is a current push to integrate Neighbourhood Watch to Neighbourhood
          One force have set up a Ride Along scheme and this was agreed as good
            practice. It was agreed to circulate the Hertfordshire Ride Along Scheme
            policy with the minutes.
          In Avon and Somerset, PCSOs are set a Neighbourhood Watch objective as
            part of their PDR, this was seen as good practice and will be circulated more

      ACTION OWNER                ACTION
      Lorna Todd                  To send out the Hertfordshire policy on Ride-along
                                  Schemes with the minutes.
      Elaine Ryan (South West)    To obtain the relevant Neighbourhood Watch PDR
                                  objective set for PCSOs by Avon and Somerset and
                                  forward to Mark Custerson for circulation.

3.6   North West
          Cumbria have lost funding for dedicated support so new structures are being

             A presentation was given at the last regional meeting from Trading Standards
              regarding lone sharks to inform those who are more vulnerable. This was
              seen as good practice.
             The region are working alongside the Health Service to assist in a range of
              Neighbourhood Watch issues.

3.7    Wales
          The three template documents (Model Policy, Statement of Intent and Service
             Level Agreement) are being developed locally.
          Gary Fenton carried out a presentation on OWL at the regional meeting which
             was well received. If the region adopt OWL, they will look to the Welsh
             Assembly Government for funding.

3.8    East Midlands
           Leicester are investing £80,000 for a new messaging system which will
             incorporate all messaging services for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams.
           Leicestershire have run a successful pilot for introducing junior members to
             Neighbourhood Watch schemes. This has been integrated with Beat Teams
             into schools. As a result, it was found that there was an increase in members
             of Neighbourhood Watch as students fed back to parents.
           There are now six co-ordinators in Parish Councils supporting Neighbourhood

       ACTION OWNER                  ACTION
       Bob Scott                     Bob to forward a copy of the recent PowerPoint
       East Midlands                 presentation on pilot scheme on for recruiting junior
                                     NHW members to Mark Custerson.

3.9    West Midlands
       As no representative attended the meeting, no update was provided.

3.10   South East
           It was noted that there has been a 5% increase in Neighbourhood Watch in
             the South East.
           Kent have had an increase of 71% of Neighbourhood Watch members since
           Hampshire have set up a Skywatch scheme which involves using private
             planes for assistance in searches. Details of the scheme to be forwarded to
             Mark Custerson for wider circulation. (It has been noted that details regarding
             the Skywatch Scheme are subsequently not available).
           Sussex have developed a PCSO Neighbourhood Watch Handbook outlining
             issues such as setting up schemes, contacting coordinators, messaging
             members. To be forwarded to Mark Custerson for wider circulation.
           An enquiry was made around producing the promotional leaflet or e-bulletin
             which could be sent to all members. It was agreed Mark Custerson would
             liaise with Marion Lewis around this issue.

       ACTION OWNER                  ACTION
       Mark Rendall (South East)     To forward the PCSO handbook that Sussex have
                                     produced to Mark Custerson, to be circulated with the
       Mark Custerson                To liaise with Marion Lewis around producing a
                                     promotional information leaflet (perhaps electronic)
                                     that can be sent to all NHW members.
                                     22.12.08 Mark Custerson has sen the suggestions to

                                       Marion Lewis, NHWN.

3.11   ACPO Citizen Focus Business Area
          Neighbourhood Watch is now a recognised Portfolio under the Citizen Focus
            Business Area.
          Donna Lavender will liaise with Mark Custerson to make sure views of the
            Neighbourhood Watch Police Steering Group are represented at the CFBA
            quarterly meetings.
          The Policing Pledge and guidance measurements have been circulated.

       ACTION OWNER                    ACTION
       Lorna Todd                      Lorna Todd to circulate a copy of the Policing Pledge
                                       and guidance with the minutes.

4.     Information Sharing
       The Information Sharing Guidance has been approved and circulated. The revised
       version includes guidance around CCTV and sharing personalised data. The
       document is available to use locally and forces are advised to work with their
       Information Compliance units.

       ACTION OWNER                      ACTION
       All Regional Reps                 To ensure the Information Security Guidance has
                                         been received by all force Data Protection
                                         Departments and to ensure they are aware that the
                                         Information Compliance Office has agreed with it.

5.     Community Crime Fighters (CFF)
       The CCF is included in part of the Green Paper, which states that by the end of 2009
       there will be 3,600 volunteer Community Crime Fighters. Some funding for this
       scheme has been made available by the Home Office. It was noted that the
       Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators could be encouraged to join the scheme as a

       Each Local Authority will be appointing a ‘Crime and Justice Co-ordinator’ in each
       CDRP who would be responsible for submitting individuals to become CCF’s.
       Various methods of training would be provided.

       It was noted that little further information is currently known by forces. It was
       recommended for force leads to link in with their local Crime and Justice Co-

       ACTION OWNER                      ACTION
       All Regional Reps                 To ensure force leads link in with the Crime and
                                         Justice Co-ordinator for this scheme to take forward.
       Donna Lavender                    To make contact with Louise Casey’s unit requesting
                                         forces be kept informed of the situation.
       Lorna Todd                        To circulate the Press Release on CCF along with
                                         the list of 60 pilot areas with the minutes.

6.     Templates (Model Policy, Statement of Intent, Service Level Agreement and the
       National Purpose Statement)
       The national Purpose Statement is still awaiting APA approval. It is anticipated this
       will be given by mid January and will be circulated as soon as approved. The three
       template documents are almost finalised, once complete to be circulated for forces to
       adopt locally.

      ACTION OWNER                     ACTION:
      Lorna Todd                       To circulate latest draft version of the three
                                       templates with the minutes.

7.    Reinvigorating Neighbourhood Watch
      This item relates to a method for how forces could work better with Neighbourhood
      Watch schemes. It is intended that a short questionnaire will be circulated in due
      course requesting forces to audit what their current practice is in relation to
      Neighbourhood Watch. This is seen as an opportunity to raise the focus of
      Neighbourhood Watch. It is anticipated this will be circulated with a covering
      ministerial letter supporting Neighbourhood Watch (still awaited) and planned for
      March 2009.

8.    PLI
      All issues raised regarding PLI have been passed to the Home Office. The Insurance
      renewal will be looked at in January to ascertain what can be afforded. An update
      should be known and circulated to forces at the end of January 2009.

9.    Training Toolkit
      The training Toolkit and Skills Profile have now been published for a number of
      months. Regional reps were asked to report any improvements on feedback to Mark
      Custerson by the end of January.

      ACTION OWNER                     ACTION
      All Regional Reps                To feedback on both the training Toolkit and the
                                       Skills Profile with any relevant improvements/
                                       feedback to Mark Custerson by the end of January
      Mark Custerson                   To ask Marion Lewis for volunteers feedback re
                                       above action.
                                       22.12.08 email sent.
      Frank Whiteley and Marion        To take any relevant feedback to NSGWI at the
      Lewis                            April/May meeting.

10.   Regional Visits
      Mark Custerson and Marion Lewis have attended five regional meetings. It was
      established that communication is one of the main issues, with information
      sometimes bypassing volunteers. Mark Custerson reminded members to pass on
      information to force leads, Marion Lewis circulates information to the force volunteer
      leads there is a need for forces to look at their communication processes to ensure
      that information is cascaded appropriately.

11.   Feedback from NHWN Regional Meeting (Volunteers)
      Marion Lewis is encouraging regional volunteers to draft a quarterly report to
      feedback relevant information. Mark Custerson formally requested that regional
      representatives assist with any information gathering volunteers may request.

      Discussion took place over the possibility of moving ‘Not in my Neighbourhood Week’
      to the last week in October to incorporate Halloween.

      ACTION OWNER                     ACTION
      Frank Whiteley                   To feedback to NSGWI the possibility of moving ‘Not
                                       in my Neighbourhood Week’ to the last week in
                                       October to include Halloween and confirm the date
                                       for 2009 with representatives when set.

       Elaine Ryan (South West)         To send paper to on the above proposal to Mark.
                                        22.12.08 This has been received by Mark
                                        Custerson. Complete and Discharged.

12.    Feedback from NSGWI meeting
       Three presentations were given at the meeting on:
           Community Crime Fighters
           Role of CDRPs and engagement with Neighbourhood Watch
           Not in my Neighbourhood Week

       The minutes from the October meeting have not yet been circulated, once received
       to be forwarded to regional reps.

13.    AOB

13.1   Performance Indicators
       It is anticipated that a number of Performance Indicators (PIs) will be produced for
       forces to use as a target for working effectively with Neighbourhood Watch. Mark
       Custerson is currently taking this work forward and when finalised it will be circulated
       to forces.

       ACTION OWNER                  ACTION
       CC Whiteley and               To review relevant Performance Indicators for
       Mark Custerson                Neighbourhood Watch from the Safer and Stronger
                                     Community section of the Government targets.

13.2   Crime Prevention (MPS)
       The MPS have removed their Crime Prevention Officers and there is a concern
       around where Neighbourhood Watch now fits.

       ACTION OWNER                  ACTION
       Andy Bayes (MPS)              To forward the work MPS have carried out around the
                                     removal of CP officers.
       Frank Whiteley                To contact ACC Steve Mortimer (Neighbourhood
                                     Policing Lead) requesting to look at the wider context of
                                     Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Prevention and how
                                     these two fit into the Neighbourhood Policing

13.3   Teletext/Ceefax
       Mark Rendall (Sussex) informed the meeting that they may be introducing the
       sharing of information and actually contacting members via Ceefax and Teletext for
       those who are not email accessible.

13.4   Business Crime
       East Midlands informed the meeting of a regional bid being submitted by
       Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire on a collaborative project being conducted on Business

       ACTION OWNER                     ACTION
       Bob Scott (East Midlands)        To forward paper around the work Nottinghamshire
                                        and Derbyshire are doing concerning a regional bid
                                        for research on Business Crime to Mark.

13.5   Awards
       Each region provided an update on the situation of Neighbourhood Watch members
       receiving awards. It was agreed that some examples be sent to Mark Custerson to
       circulate to forces as good practice. Mark Custerson to circulate to forces in due

       ACTION OWNER                    ACTION
       Shirley Simpson (Eastern)       To obtain a good example of receiving an award at
                                       force level to Mark Custerson.
       Chris Joyce (Yorks &            To obtain a good example of receiving an award at
       Humber)                         regional level to Mark Custerson.

13.6   Website
       It was noted that some forces do not display links to the official Neighbourhood
       Watch Website ( Regional reps were
       asked to ensure that all forces have the correct link on their force websites.

       ACTION OWNER                    ACTION
       All Regional Reps               To ensure force leads have the correct link to
                                       the official NHW website on forces websites.

14.    Date of Future Meetings
           Tuesday 23 June, 11:00 – 14:30 Hertfordshire Constabulary Headquarters.
           Thursday 3 December 11:00 – 14:30, Hertfordshire Constabulary