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					                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                             Exiting Canal Cruises In Amsterdam
                                                            By Bernie Jong

   A city steeped in cultural traditions that date back to its early beginnings as a fishing village,
Amsterdam offers wonderful canal cruises. Quite possibly Amsterdam's most compelling attraction, the
canals provide an easy way to see most of the city in a couple of hours.

Several different boat companies provide tours that often come with a multi-lingual guide. Most boats
are equipped to seat approximately 40 passengers. Amsterdam City Tours features several themed
canal cruises that are explored here.

What an enchanted, romantic evening you can have on the 2 hour-long Candlelight Cruise that gently
glides you through the illuminated canals of Amsterdam. As you enjoy the sights of the city from your
glass-enclosed seating arrangement, indulge in a bit of red or white wine and a savory taste of cheese.
As your multi-lingual host points out many of the city's finer points, your memories of this journey will
be forged forever in your mind. This canal cruise is offered daily starting at the Central Station directly
across from the Victoria Hotel.

What could be better than a delicious meal set with the background of scenery that just seems to float
away? The Traditional Dinner Cruise is one of the most popular cruises, offering 2.5 hours of
enjoyment as you glide along Amsterdam's delightful waterways. If you can pull your eyes away from
the gorgeous scenery, a 4-course gourmet dinner is served right in the comfort of your glass-enclosed
seating arrangement aboard the motor launch. Included with the meal is a fine selection of red or white
wine, beer, coffee, soft drinks, and an after-dinner liqueur. This canal cruise is offered daily starting at
the Central Station directly across from the Victoria Hotel.

Offered only on Saturdays, the Canal Pizza Cruise takes you on a 1.5-hour journey that includes
freshly baked Domino's pizza and assorted beverages. Order your pizza as you board the boat. This
nighttime canal cruise starts at the landing stage for canal buses across from the Rijksmuseum.

The Blue Boat brunch cruise, where a luxurious party vessel is ready to take you on a 2-hour cruise
through beautiful Amsterdam while you enjoy a tasty brunch menu is also a very nice way to spend
your Sunday afternoon.

If you are looking for something that provides an opportunity for you to explore more of Amsterdam

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

than the canals, you should consider the 2-Day Canal Bus Hop On Hop Off Service. It includes 14
exciting stops with 3 different routes: green line, red line, and blue line. Plus, this bargain is offered
daily. What better way to get to major attractions, museums, and shopping areas than from the comfort
of a canal bus?

Recently added canal travelers of the canals of Amsterdam are the Canal Hoppers. Friendly to the
environment, the electric boats can be hired for private outings. Unfortunately, these boats can only
accommodate a maximum of 12 persons.

Luxurious saloon steamers also offer an opportunity for a delightful getaway. In fact, their lavish style
makes them the perfect spot to give a marriage proposal, have an intimate wedding ceremony, or
conduct business. Lunches are available most days and dinners are served on warm, summer

This is just a mere sampling of what the canals of Amsterdam have to offer its guests. As you can see,
the variety is sufficient enough to merit more than one journey along the fascinating Amsterdam

Bernie Jong is an experienced guide and writer for a tour operator in
Amsterdam that offers a wide variety of canal cruises in Amsterdam.Visit for all your canal cruises.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                 Experience Amsterdam History With an Amsterdam Canal Cruise
                                             By Edward Grey

The city of Amsterdam has lost half of its waterways to build more streets, buildings, and parking
spaces. However, it is still known as the most watery city as canals and harbours are all over the city.
You can get an Amsterdam Canal Cruise and get a taste of history.

The Canal Cruise

 The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is an attraction that is well known all over the world. It is a good idea to
get on this cruise if you’re with your loved one as there are special candlelight dinners with the locals
giving you extraordinary service.

 It is also a great way to spend time with friends. There are a lot of party ships that have International
Deejays so you and your friends can spend the whole night dancing and partying. The Amsterdam
Canal Cruise offers almost any type of entertainment for any nationality and age. You’d be missing a
lot if you don’t try this cruise when you’re in Amsterdam.

 If you don't want a crowd, you still have the option to explore the canal on your own. There are pedal
boats available which you can use so you can have some time for yourself in the canals.

The Pleasure of Boating

 Most of the time you will see the canals full of tour boats. On some occasions, there will be private
yachts that come from Germany and France as this city is a very good destination for pleasure
cruising. You may get lucky if you witness the Queen’s Day or the Gay Parade. These are big events in
Amsterdam. However you may experience heavy traffic in the canals during these events as there will
be a lot of people wanting to take part in the celebration.

Amsterdam Houseboats

 Houseboats are a common sight while you’re on Amsterdam Canal Cruise. Houseboats were used to
transport merchandise before, but today, houseboats are floating private residential properties.

Cruising on Clean Water

 One good thing about Amsterdam Canal Cruise is that the water itself is clean. Since a good
percentage of Amsterdam’s area is covered by water, water cleanliness is a major concern of
everyone. And so far, the people of Amsterdam have done a good job taking care of their water. It is
also important for citizens to be conscious of water quality for sanitary reasons.

How Amsterdam Keeps its Waterways Clean

 Today, water in the canals of Amsterdam is as clean as ever. Here's how they do it: They close up the
water locks that are found around the city. Once they are closed, they regularly pump in clean water
from the nearby lake. The fresh water replaces the stagnant water all the way through the other side of
city through some selected and open water locks.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 There are also cleaning boats that patrol the area to remove visible dirt on the surface. Because of the
clean water, there are actually fishes and crabs living and thriving on the city waters of Amsterdam.
Truly, an Amsterdam canal cruise is a perfect getaway vacation.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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