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Enjoy The Weather In Spain - PDF


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									                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                   Enjoy The Weather In Spain
                                                            By Peter Wilson

   To most people traveling for pleasure, enjoying warm, sunny weather is a top priority. Before
setting out on any vacation, it’s a good idea to check the forecast. If you’re traveling to Spain and
check the Malaga weather forecast, you’ll be happy to discover that this area has fabulous weather,
with little rain. The sun shines approximately 300 days a year here.

Generally, the climate in the Mediterranean is pleasant all year. Malaga, situated on the Costa del Sol,
is one of the hottest areas in the region. The topography of the land helps keep the temperature
relatively stable. The surrounding mountains block strong winds, while the gentle breeze off of the
Mediterranean provides a welcome respite from the heat. This is one reason that this area is popular
with tourists year-round.

Due to the wonderful weather, Malaga is a great place to appreciate the outdoors. Whether you’re
fishing, golfing, hiking, boating or horseback riding, chances are, you’re enjoying the weather at the
same time. Also, the climate lends itself to the growth of tropical vegetation such as palm trees,
cypress and hibiscus.

Weather by the Season

During the spring, temperatures can get up to 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. At night, they can reach lows
of 11 to 15 degrees. In Costa del Sol, the average rainfall is 40 mm for the month of April, and 20 to 30
mm for the month of May.

Summer is the high season for travel to Spain. Temperatures during this time range between 18 and
29 degrees Celsius. Very little rain falls during this time, and most days are warm and sunny, making
this a perfect vacation destination.

Fall weather is similar to summer’s weather. Fall is a popular time to travel, since the weather is still
warm, and there are not as many tourists as in the summer. The temperature reaches a high of
between 19 and 27 degrees Celsius, and reaches a low of between 12 and 20 degrees. It doesn’t rain
as much as in the spring, with an average rainfall of between 20 and 30 mm.

Even in winter, when temperatures drop, the weather is still mild. The average temperature ranges

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                                      Presented by Daniel Toriola

between 8 and 17 degrees Celsius. The same mountains that protect the city from winds in the
summer also do the same in winter, helping to maintain the temperate climate.

The weather forecast can be found on television, online or in local papers. During your travel planning,
you can track the weather in advance to plan and pack accordingly.

Peter J. Wilson publishes primarily for http://www.alicante-spain.com , an online site on Spain and
Costa del Sol. You can come across his articles over at
http://www.alicante-spain.com/costa-del-sol/malaga.html and various other sources for Malaga
Weather news.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                              Why You Should Play Golf in Spain
                                                            By Mark Scriven

Spain is one of the best destinations to go to for your golf holiday so if you are looking for the best
climate along with great golf courses, there is no better location for your next holiday. Planning this
kind of trip will require you to do a good deal of research. There are a number of resources available to
you when you are planning your next trip.

 Choosing to play golf in Spain is the ideal choice for taking your golfing holiday at any time of year
because the climate is just right for enjoying your favourite sport all year round. The world class
courses and the stunning beauty of the area make this one of the most popular destinations for golfing

 There are many resources available to you online that will help you plan your holiday to play golf in
Spain. There are sites that will provide you with all of the information that you need about Spain as well
as specific courses, tee times, etc. Spain is a wonderful country to visit and you will be able to find
something to do for every member of your travelling party.

 You will be able to book your tee times online with many of the sites and also find accommodations for
everyone in your party. Why not try a spa and golf holiday for you and that special someone in your
life? While you are enjoying your golf in Spain, your partner can enjoy the pampering and relaxation of
a day at the spa. Including everyone in your family is the best way to enjoy your holiday.

 Getting a group together for golf in Spain is another way that you can enjoy your holiday. Imagine
spending a holiday in Spain with all your pals playing as much golf as you want. Booking a trip like this
is simple with the use of many of the online resources that are available out there. In most cases, you
can book your tee times well before you ever head off on your holiday. There is no need to wait until
you get there to find out about playing golf in Spain. Just take a look at the number of resources that
are waiting for you online.

 However you plan to spend your holiday, there is plenty of opportunity for you to play golf in Spain. But
you should also be sure to take some time away from the course and visit some of the great Spanish
attractions. There are clubs to dance the night away and some quaint old world areas where you can
relax and enjoy the sightseeing.

 Start planning your holiday in Spain now to be sure that you include everything you want to do on the
trip. Make sure that you get a good listing of the courses in the area and the tee times. Spain is a
fabulous place and you will also want to plan a few days to just explore the area and enjoy the beauty
of the country.

Mark Scriven is a marketing professional and has written many articles on business, travel and the
internet. To book your golf in Spain visit http://www.teetimesanywhere.com. Tee Times Anywhere offer
discount tee times and green fees for courses worldwide.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

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