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									                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                   Eiffel Tower
                                                    By E Cho

    The Eiffel Tower was built in 1887 as the entrance arch to the Exposition Universelle, the World's
Fair. The engineer, Gustave Eiffel, prepared its unique design to enable it to take the high wind velocity
at the height of 324 meters even if it allows for a sway of 2-3 inches in high wind. The `eyesore' for the
Parisians at the time of its construction is now a monument linked to many historical events and
structure that represents France, and more particularly Paris, all over the world.

With well over 67 hundred thousand tourists in the year 2006, Eiffel Tower is a must visit for anyone
going to Paris. The tower has three stories, with the first two accessible by stairs and lifts while the top
floor is only accessible by lifts. With the popularity of the monument, you can expect to face queues but
the end view from the top of the tower is a worthwhile experience.

The view is not all the Eiffel Tower offers though, there is a skating rink on the first floor during winters
and the facility is free to use. Apart from the rink, there is the Altitude 95 on the first floor, a restaurant
able to cater to up to 200 people. The second floor has a reservations only restaurant, with a private
lift, for people looking for the perfect candle lit dinner. In addition, a post office, a photo studio and
souvenir shops are all scattered over the first two floors of the tower. The view from the top, as
expected, is phenomenal but the one from the grounds around the tower is no less intimidating, yet
splendid. The highlights of the display are the lights that sparkle to mark the Eiffel Tower in the skyline
for a few minutes every hour during the night.

For those planning a tour of the Eiffel Tower, Le Marquis Hotel Paris is a very convenient and luxurious
option to stay at. The hotel is walking distance from the Tower and Champs De Mars, with access to
other tourist attractions in the city through the metro. For restaurant dining, the guests have the option
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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                        Using Tower Vases to Create Stunning Centerpieces
                                             By Kim Hawkins

There are many different ways to use vases to decorate for a wedding or party. By using different types
of vases such as eiffel tower vases, trumpet vases or any kind of tower vase you get a different look for
your centerpieces.

 Eiffel tower vases are great vases to use with ostrich feathers. Eiffel tower vases come in many
different heights. They can be as tall as 32”, or as short as 8”. The tall eiffel tower vase is great to use
with flowers or even feathers as elegant centerpieces for a wedding or special event. You can get a
great palm tree effect by using an eiffel tower vase with the fluffy ostrich feather. This centerpiece
makes a stunning presentation!

 Trumpet vases are another good choice when choosing a vase. The trumpet vase is wider at the top,
and sometimes has a lip that curves around the top and will add flare to any flower you put in it. The
eiffel tower is very slender with no lip at the top and the trumpet is a bit wider vase. Trumpet vases are
good if you want to fill them with petals or colored stones and then you could put a decorative plate on
the very top and place your flower arrangement on the top. This gives the tall effect like the eiffel tower
with just a little bit different look to it.

 Putting lights in the bottom of the eiffel tower vase or the trumpet vase makes a bold and beautiful
display. It highlights the beauty of the vases and the flowers and also gives you a romantic backlight to
your wedding reception. You can have all the lights in the room off and just let your vase centerpieces
light the way. You can use floralytes or LED vase illuminator lights. Both will fit down in either a trumpet
or eiffel tower vase without any problems.

 No matter what kind of vase you choose, do some research to see which one you like best. Going to a
flower shop is a great place to start. The florist can tell you what kind of flowers would look best in
either the eiffel tower vase or the trumpet vase. Tower vases are very popular piece that many people
use to decorate for weddings and receptions. The tall body of these vases offers a very elegant and
eye catching display.

 After you decide on a vase, or you decide to mix and match and use both the trumpet and the eiffel
tower vase, you can find many places that sell these vases wholesale so you can save some money if
you are on a tight budget.

 Whichever vase you choose, whether it be a eiffel tower vase, trumpet vase or another kind of tower
vase, your reception will look elegant, beautiful and very romantic. Simple is elegant and choosing the
right flowers or feathers to go in your tower vases. Your vase centerpieces should leave your guests
talking about what wonderful taste the bride has!

Kim Hawkins is the owner of Wholesale Event Solutions, an online event supply company serving
wedding planners and also open to the public. At you will find a large
selection of elegant wedding centerpieces and supplies at discount prices, including wholesale vases.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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