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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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     at. Booking a cheap hotel makes it possible to slash down the accommodation expenses to a large extent.
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                                     Disney World Vacation - Top Money Saving Tips
                                                              By Tim Maguire

   Everyone knows that a Disney World vacation is not the cheapest of vacations. It’s such a magical
experience that we all want to see and do everything – and that costs money. Here are some of the top
tips on making your bucks go further in Disney World.

Plan before you go:

 Do as much research as you can before you go, particularly if it’s your first visit. The most common
mistake is making impulse decisions and purchases due to the excitement of the trip. Allow yourself
time before you book your vacation to shop around for the best deals for accommodation, travel, etc.

 Search the Internet to obtain those ever-useful money-off coupons and on-line deals. They’re
available for a variety of goods and services, not just groceries, and you can save a lot of money by
remembering those valuable vouchers.

 Draw up a framework itinerary to find out which Disney Tickets you are likely to need. Changing or
up-grading them will cost you cash which could have been extra holiday spending money.

Plan when you will go:

 Florida doesn’t have cold winters so, if you can, why not travel off-season. A Disney World vacation
off-season is not only less expensive but the parks will not be so crowded too. If you have to pull your
kids out of school, they will still get their educational fix from Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Airfares to
Orlando can be cheaper mid-January till February, and September till October.

Plan where you will stay:

 Of course the ideal place to stay on a Disney World vacation is a Disney World resort. However these
can be very expensive, especially for a large family. How about renting a vacation home outside of
Disney World? Accommodation is spacious and comfortable and means that all the family can stay
together instead of in various hotel rooms. Size and amenities offered vary from villa to villa, but are
guaranteed to provide a much-needed refuge off-park when exhaustion hits.

Plan how much to spend:

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Set yourself a budget for vacation spending money, and try to stick to it. Don’t go shopping for
souvenirs everyday – you will spend more than you plan to. Instead, save your shopping trip for later in
the vacation when you’ve seen the parks and have a good idea of where to spend your money. This
will cut out impulse buys and may even save you time.

Plan to do some FREE things:

 Yes, believe it or not, there are activities on a Disney World vacation that don’t cost a thing and you
just need to know where to look to find them. Visit some of Disney’s resort hotels, tour the grounds
where you can listen to the music, see the wonderful architecture and gardens – and if you’re really
lucky you may see some Walt Disney characters. Go to the Boardwalk, soak up the atmosphere and
just hang out, or visit Celebration.

So, armed with these money-saving tips, your Disney World vacation won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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                 Walt Disney World Vacation - Guide To Making Your Dreams Come True!
                                                      By Tavis J. Cooper

 Are you still dreaming of going on a Walt Disney World vacation? Now if your answer is yes, then it’s
about time you did! This magical wonderland is just what you and your family needs to do away with all
that stress and tiredness that comes from the unexciting routine of 9 to 5 work week. It's time to take a
break with Mickey and his friends.

When you get there you can check out Universal Studios and Epcot Center. Or even have a ball
watching wonderful shows and enjoying wonderful restaurants. That Walt Disney World vacation is
waiting for you. Can't you just taste those delicious treats and see those fireworks? What are you
waiting for – simply get on the World-Wide-Web and check what's available.

I can remember the last time I went on a Walt Disney World Vacation. Despite the fact that that was
the only time I’ve been down to the Magical Kingdom; it surely seems like yesterday. I was only eleven
years old when my folks took me and my brothers on a Walt Disney World vacation. With all the
excitement I could hardly stand it. I simply wanted to do everything, taste everything, and see
everything. I wanted to meet Pluto and take a ride on every roller coaster in the park. I knew it was
going to be incredible. Back then I am sure the entry tickets weren't quite so costly, but at least now
days we have a great advantage – the Internet. Cyberspace is the ideal route to finding the absolute
best deals and packages regarding your Walt Disney World vacation.

You can choose where to stay and how many days you wish to have access in advance. Besides once
you take advantage of the Walt Disney World vacation package deals, you save your hard-earned
cash. Sure it definitely pays to plan ahead of time. Go ahead and book your room right in the middle of
things. Today you can select from Disney World resorts. Yes, it's all at your very fingertips, folks.

Have you started planning that big Walt Disney World vacation? Summer is upon us, people. Perhaps
it's about time you prepared for those vacation days with the family. Surely that warm sun will get you
motivated. Doesn't a Walt Disney World vacation just sound perfect? If you simply pop open your
Google search engine, you can surf through a number of great deals. You can book that round trip
flight and hotel stay all at once, as this way everything is already taken care of. The last thing you need
is added stress and chaos. Make your Walt Disney World vacation both an enjoyable and relaxing one!

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