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                                             Disney World Is A Great Vacation Spot
                                                             By Bill B. Carmel

   Why is Disney World such a great vacation spot? Today, there are millions of people that go here to
vacation each year. When we say millions, we mean on estimates of 12 million per year as of 2005.
But, what makes this place so magical and wonderful of a location to travel to? There are many things
that will inspire you to make this one of your family’s travel destinations year after year. Here are some
that you may not have thought about before.

• The Extras: Disney World offers plenty of extras that you will not know about until you are there. Most
of the time, the parks will have a fabulous fireworks display each night to dazzle you. Sitting in the
warm night air watching the fireworks explode is wonderful.

• The Lodging: It is highly recommended that you stay on the resort itself in one of the great themed
hotels. Not only do these hotels dazzle you with their luxury accommodations (they don’t cost much
more than a standard hotel either) they also offer many small things. You get free transportation to the
parks, world class care and a wide range of various themes to choose from. Consider staying at a
wilderness lodge for a campground feel. Or, go to a location where you will see Mickey and friends
each day.

• Characters and More: Of course you will see all the best Disney characters on your trip. But, you will
also see some of the best of the best when it comes to experiences with them. Care to have dinner
with the Princess at the Castle tonight? Perhaps you would like to have breakfast with Chip and Dale?
You can find all sorts of fun like experiences with these characters that are just fun.

• The People: It is said that everyone that works at Disney World is happy and really that is the case.
The ‘cast members’ as they are called really do go out of their way to please you. Perhaps you can
even get a special thank you in the way of a free stroller or a free ice cream, just because. Ask any of
them to help you and you will have what you need.

• Something For Everyone: It is hard to believe that you can go on a vacation that really does offer
something for everyone. That is what Disney World offers. Learn about the world, space, and science.
Enjoy world class foods from everywhere. Go on some of the best rides on the planet. Enjoy yourself
the way that you want to.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

Of course, Disney World also is continuously offering a wide range of discounts including free dining
plans, lowered prices on lodging and a wide range of other promotions that happen at various times of
the year. These things all make this one of the best places in the world to come to spend your
vacation. It takes only a few minutes to find your place at Disney World. With so much to see and do
and experience, there is little time to waste!

Bill Carmel specializes in http://www.i-disney-tickets.com and http://www.disney-tickets-i.com

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                                       Planning Your Walt Disney World Vacation
                                                            By I Henman

 While it's always thought that children are the ones who dream of Walt Disney Vacations, there are
adults that think of Walt Disney World as their ideal vacation spot as well. The greatest appeal for
families to Disney has to be the ability to find something for everyone to do. Of course we're not just
talking about group activities, but things for every individual too. This is probably one of the big reasons
that families will go back each year, yet they never seem to get bored.

If you're seriously considering taking a Walt Disney vacation you should start your research on the
Internet. Of course you can book a vacation right on Disney's website, there are other online travel
sites that also have special family destination packages that might include Walt Disney world, as well
as airfare, and hotels.

An important thing to keep in mind is that Walt Disney world vacations vary in price depending on the
time of year you want to travel. Disney is also busier at particular times of the year then others.
Choosing to go to Disney in the off season will often mean you'll get a better deal. It's a funny thing
really, Disney never has a shortage of visitors whether it's peak season or not, yet you can always find
a deal. This is likely another one of the big attractions as a vacation spot, there is always a good deal
to be found.

There are a few ways to book your trip to Walt Disney world. First off you can book it online, via a
travel agent or by phoning Disney. Each option has benefits, when calling the operator on the other
end might be able to dig a bit deeper and find you a better deal then is available online or at your
regular travel agent. If you do intend on calling to book your trip you should either call in the evening or
early morning. Calling throughout the day is the busier time, and you'll be more rushed to book and get
off the phone so that operators can serve other clients.

Another attraction to consider when planning your trip to Disney is the special events they hold. While
you likely won't find a deal during those special events it can make your vacation that much more
enjoyable. Attractions such as concerts for children under five, or special character appearances often
occur but aren't part of Disney's regular attractions. Also keep a watch for Disney anniversary specials.
Catching specials that don't happen all the time can create wonderful vacation memories, and be that
much more fun for you and your family.

For more getaway travel ideas take the time to visit our website at http://www.timeforgetaways.com

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