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Dinner Cruises In Toronto


									                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                              Dinner Cruises In Toronto
                                                 By Martha Vasquez

  Whether setting out from Queens Quay West or heading towards the Toronto Islands, fantabulous
Toronto dinner cruises can be great places to hold any event. Waterfront based Toronto boat cruises
can also offer wonderful picturesque peeks of famed harbor views that are unparalleled and second to

 If you or someone you know is interested in embarking on a Toronto cruise, then you can look into the
various types of yachts and the themes available for your special event.

Types of Toronto dinner cruises

Boat cruises are generally seasonal, but you can rent a yacht of any size during this time. Some of the
main type of Toronto cruises include but are not limited to:

1. Holiday cruises

 Holiday parties and events can be held on Toronto based yachts. While public cruises are cheaper, a
private holiday cruise will cater to the needs of you and your guests. Check with the charter company
to see what date is available and what you need to secure the yacht for the holiday in question. Some
yachts require a hefty deposit before making any firm plans.

2. Themes cruises

 A water front venue is made even better when accompanied by a specified theme. Fun ideas like
Grecian Gods and Goddesses, Eighteenth Century Lords and Ladies or vintage sock hops can be
actualized on Toronto Cruises.

 Event planners will work hard to realize your theme and bring it to life. Corresponding decorations and
entertainment can be arranged and handled for you as well, making the planning aspect a virtual

3. Wedding cruises

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Weddings are romantic occasions and nothing can make it more wondrous than a aquatic setting
along the Toronto Harbor waterfront. This is perhaps why wedding themed cruises have begun to grow
in popularity. Many Toronto cruises offer special package deals for betrothed couples that can include
entertainment, food and limo rides to the docks. Wedding receptions can also be held on ceremonial
dinner cruises at special rates. Even the honeymoon can be celebrated aboard a beautiful yacht,
delighting newlyweds as it glides upon the crystalline waters of the Toronto harbor.

3. Private cruises

 Public cruises, while fun for a day or evening excursion, are not as structured or as customized as a
private cruise. Another obvious advantage of private Toronto cruises is that the boat won't be crowded.
Also, when you have the run of the ship, you and your guest will feel free to mingle. Renting a boat for
one day may not be as expensive as one would think, an some basic rental packages can start as
$3,000 (of course, the price goes up with the size of the group and things like entertainment and food
costs factored in).

4. Discount cruises

 Discount cruises are available for people who desire to experience a nice relaxing dinner cruise but
can't pay for a customized theme cruise. This usually means however, that the person has a few
limitations, which may or may not include times when they can board the ship, or duration of stay.
 Still, some discounts offer the opportunity to take in the opulence and splendor of a noteworthy
Toronto boat cruise, which can be worth any purchase price.

 Indeed, there are many different cruises available to fit any budget. The type of cruise you choose
depends on what your individual or corporate needs are at the time.

 Prices can vary depending on the size of the group, the theme and live entertainment. Extra cost may
be incurred for the use of specific caterers and gratuities will be including in the price as well.
 With the aid of a seasoned event planner, a themed dinner cruise can be just the thing to make a
lasting impression on the people you want to celebrate your special occasion with.

Klancy II, the jewel of the Toronto harbour, offers public, private and corporate Toronto cruise for all
occasions. When planning your special event, consider Toronto Harbour cruises with Klancy's

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                       Private and Corporate Boat Cruises in Toronto
                                                                   By Amy Nutt

Able to accommodate 50 to 600 people, a Toronto boat cruise is a luxurious venue that can be the
perfect backdrop for any special occasion. Fantastic Toronto Harbor views are absolutely captivating
and can set a wonderful mood that you and your guest will recall for a lifetime.

 What may come as a surprise to most is that a Toronto cruise is no more or less expensive than most
traditional venues - in some cases, it can cost much less.

 Even so, people may shy away from renting a yacht believing that only the rich and famous can afford
to do so.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Who rents Toronto Yachts?

 An individual or a business can rent a yacht any time during the boat cruise season. Toronto based
boat cruises are rented either by locals, visiting businessmen or tourists who enjoy the serene beauty
of the Toronto harbor.

 When planning a dinner cruise event, the primary organizer meets with the ship's event planners to go
over the details. During this time every minute aspect, from the food, to the entertainment, is

Party Affairs on a rented Yacht

 Nearly any special occasion can be celebrated on a dinner cruise with the most popular events being
birthdays, graduations, retirement and Holiday parties, Bar/bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions,
anniversaries, business parties and corporate events.

Some have even celebrated baby showers or product launches onboard a Toronto cruise.

Toronto yacht Entertainment and amenities

 Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands are just few of the glorious natural amenities that can be
enjoyed by guests of a boat cruise. Others include a wonderful dining hall, dance floors and amazing
dinners that are sure to please any palette.

 Live entertainment like karaoke, casinos and game rooms can be offered aboard boat cruises as well.
Comedians, caricaturists, fortune tellers, or even party bands can liven up the room and make the
event even more stimulating. There is no limit to what you may find during a fantastic Toronto cruise.

Themed Toronto cruises

Private yacht events can be customized to the wants and needs of party-goers.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Of course, Holiday events have a set theme, but aside from those, one can let their imaginations run

Some popular theme idea's could include:

- Hawaiian Cruises
- Mexican Cruises
- Era and decade themes ( i.e. 60, 70. 80)
- Pirates
- Disco
- Circus
- Parisian
- Mystery

 Of course, you can come up with something that is all new and all you - just be sure you discuss the
details with the boats event planner so that you get precisely what you want.

Costs of Toronto cruises

 The costs can depend on whether you are renting the entire yacht or sharing the yacht with the public.
 Fares for Public cruises can cost anywhere from $20-80 dollars per head depending on the boat and
time of day. Children may cost around 15-40 dollars with kids under 4 riding along for free on most

 As for private rentals - the costs can depend on the size of the boat, the number of attendees and the
charter company used.

 Just keep in mind that any nice event venue will cost you. In many cases, a Toronto cruise service will
provide many things, like caterers and entertainment for you. These package deals may end up saving
you money in the long run.

 Now, most Toronto boat cruises are seasonal, usually starting from April to October. It's always best to
book they ate months in advance as certain times may be taken if you delay.

Private, corporate and holiday affairs can be celebrated a number of ways, but none can be as
memorable as an elegant dinner cruise aboard a luxurious Toronto yacht.

NYE Cruises Toronto company offers private cruises, public cruises and corporate cruises for any
occasion. When considering a dinner cruise for Christmas, try Merry Cruises.

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