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                                                    Choosing The Right Senior Travel
                                                              By Greg K. Hansward

   When you think of summer vacations, you generally picture families with young children. However,
the older generation also likes to travel and senior holidays are quite popular. So if you are a senior
and you would love to travel this summer, why not consider taking a summer vacation? There are so
many different places that you can travel to so really it is up to you as to where you want to go.

Planning a Senior Summer Vacation

Everybody has their own idea of what the perfect summer vacation would entail. So, when it comes to
choosing the perfect senior vacation, you just have to think about what it is you would like to do. Would
you like to try something a little different? Just because you are older, it does not mean that you have
to settle with a holiday which allows you only to sit back and relax. So if you want to do something
different then doing it on a summer vacation would be a great idea. Perhaps you have always wanted
to go on a cruise? If so that option is open to you. Whatever you want to do, you can do it and you may
even find senior citizen discounts too.

The main thing that you want to avoid on your vacation, are families and younger people. The last thing
you want is to turn up to a destination where younger people are rowdy and constantly drinking. So this
means that destinations such as parts of Spain and Europe, Ibiza and other built up tourist destinations
should be avoided. Also, before you travel abroad you need to consider your health and whether you
are up to travelling long distances. Even if you have to stay within the same Country, there is usually
still plenty to do and you can still have a fantastic time.

It is always worth researching the discounts that may be available to you as a senior citizen. Many
travel companies do offer good deals for seniors and so whenever you can take up these offers it
would be a good idea. Just remember that no matter where you go, the main aim is to avoid the
younger crowd and to ensure that the destination you are travelling to has all of the necessary
attractions that you are looking for.

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                      Senior Citizen Discounts: Not Advertised, Still Worth Considering
                                                              By Sam Jose

It seems senior citizens can find discounts almost everywhere – at a travel desk, restaurant, hotels,
banks, theaters, parks, museums, etc all offer senior citizen discounts. However, in most cases, you
won't see or hear about such discounts until you ask about such discounts at the counter. Sometimes
the waitress at the restaurant may spot you as a senior citizen and give you a discount, but in most
cases, you need to ask. It pays to ask, as you will find discounts 5% to 50%. If there are discounts of
10% or more for senior citizens, they are usually advertised and widely publicized.

Apart from the senior citizen discounts available the business establishments you go to, you can also
find discounts for almost everything when part of a senior citizen organization. Generally, senior
citizens are part of one or two organizations that aim at senior welfare. Such organizations tie up with
businesses of all types to secure discounts for online purchases, gas, clothing, utilities, travel deals,
food, medicines, insurance, etc. You will also find discounts at gyms, movie theaters, and almost
everywhere you go.

The most common types of discounts are for travel deals, where senior citizens can avail themselves
discounts of up to 50%. Travel packages are always costly and by doing your bit of research, you can
minimize airline costs, hotel charges, eating costs and more. In addition to the senior citizen discounts
offered by businesses of all types, the rules of the land also allow you several tax benefits – it is also
a discount of a different kind.

Insurance companies also offer special discounts for qualified senior citizens. Auto insurance, life
insurance and health insurance all come with senior citizen discounts. However, insurance discounts
for senior citizens come mostly through senior citizen organizations like American Federation of Senior

Qualified senior citizens might also receive assistance paying utility bills through federal and local
government agencies. Age and income requirements are considered before extending support
programs for the senior citizens. They are not discounts as such, but help from the government

Advertised or not, through government agencies or senior citizen agencies, senior citizen discounts
always give additional value to the money you spend on almost anything. If you are of the age to be
considered a senior citizen, always make sure you ask it if there is a senior citizen discount available
– at the restaurant, while filling insurance or tax papers, or while booking an air ticket. You are likely
to have more money to spend.

You are invited to read more about American Federation of Senior Citizens, and get information on
variety of topics including Life After Retirement, taxes, insurance, healthcare and more.

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