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                                              Choosing A Honeymoon Destination
                                                         By James Gunaseelan

     So you've picked the dress of your dreams, placed the order for the exquisite cake and the stunning
flowers and now can't put your finger on what to choose as your honeymoon destination? Well, fret no
more; read these tips and hopefully you'll be booking tickets to the honeymoon destination of your
dreams pretty soon. Don't let the plethora of information on honeymoon destinations overwhelm you.
Approach this the other way around. Instead of looking at bridal magazines and websites about the
various honeymoon destinations, talk to your spouse-to-be about where you would like to go and take
it from there.

What do the two of you do when you have time together? Water sports? Hiking? Antiquing? Beaches?
Casinos? Look back and see where you were the last time you had a great vacation together? Was it a
Vegas-like nightlife setting or something more tranquil such as Tahiti?

Once you've decided whether you want to hit the beach or the discotheque, then figure out how much
of your wedding budget are you going to devote to the honeymoon. Set a dollar amount and skip the
bridal registry in favor of a honeymoon registry if you would rather have friends and family contribute to
your honeymoon destination instead of more sandwich makers and microwave ovens.

If you want to save some money, try a local place; preferably a drivable distance from where you live.
However, if you can splurge, then experience some place new. If you do have the budget to go
international, enquire about visas and passport information before hand so that you are not
disappointed later on.

If crossing borders is part of your plan, Canada and Mexico are great options but if a longer flight is
what you fancy, Europe must top your list. Whether its breathtaking Austria, romantic France or some
other European nation, such a honeymoon destination will surely be different from the usual and
something you will cherish for a long time.

Figure out whether you want to leave for the honeymoon immediately following the reception or wait a
few days? Either way, have your dates firm and book accordingly. The earlier you do so, the better
changes you have of scoring a great deal. If you are going for the sun and sand, try some less popular
beaches to save some money. The water will be the same; just some of the amenities will be different
and if you're not into parasailing or water sports and just want time alone, a less crowded, less touristy

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place would be the better choice anyways.

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                               Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination
                                               By TM Lung

The honeymoon is very important for a couple since it is the first time for the couple to travel together
after they have married. As a result, the honeymoon is just as important as the actual wedding. You
should try to plan your honeymoon when you start planning for your wedding.

 You may know how important the honeymoon is. However, it is not easy to make decision on the
destination for your honeymoon. You can consider various factors when you are thinking about your
honeymoon destination.

 The first thing you have to consider is the budget. When you are planning for your wedding, you will try
your best to work within your budget. This is also true when you are planning for your honeymoon.
There is no point to make your honeymoon out of your budget. You will not choose to have a luxurious
trip if you are on a tight budget. It is true that the budget will affect your choice of destination. You may
not be able to go overseas if you are on a tight budget. Of course you may also want to save some
money for your actual wedding so that you can have more money for your honeymoon.

 You can try to create a list of honeymoon destinations when you have made your decision on your
budget. Then you will try to consider other issues in order to make your final decision on the
honeymoon destination.

 The activities you are planning to have will also affect your destination. You have to know what you
want to do in the destination. If you would like to see and learn more about some ancient cultures, you
may probably consider go to Mexico so that you can learn more about the Maya culture. Of course
Peru can also be a good choice to this end. If you would like to learn more about the culture in Asia,
you may also consider visiting countries such as Japan, Korea and India.

 If you would like to be relaxed during your honeymoon, you may go to places such as Bali and Dubai.
You can enjoy the sunshine there. You can also enjoy the time to stay in the beautiful resorts with your
husband or wife during the honeymoon.

 You should also think about the season and climate of the destination. Of course you may not need to
think about it if you are going to places such as Bali since such places are near the equator. However,
you will certainly need to consider the season if you are going to other places. It is not recommended
to visit Nepal in summer since it can rain heavily. On the other hand, if you would like to go skiing, you
will need to go in winter. If you are planning to visit the North Pole, you have to go in summer in the
north hemisphere. On the contrary, you may need to go during the Christmas time if you would like to
visit Antarctica.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
He runs a blog on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips

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