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                                              Cheap Holiday Apartments in Florence
                                                                 By Elena Angelillo

   Finding the right accommodation for your Italian vacation has a big impact on how much you will
enjoy your trip. Just about everyone has either had a personal experience or a friend has had an
experience where accommodations not being as expected or being misrepresented entirely have
turned what could have been an idyllic trip into a nightmare. Stories of inadequate sleeping
accommodations, maybe it could sleep four, but four children under the age of four, not four actual
adults. Or locations where the nearest thing to your convenient, centrally-located lodging is recycling
center. All of these situations can be avoided. You can have idyllic vacations where you do not need a
chiropractic adjustment when you return to recover from your trip. Cities like Florence that cater to
tourists year-round are havens from these types of problems.

 The age of the city, the way everything was constructed within the enormous wall, which remains
standing in many parts of the city and the focus on tourism all allow you to find accommodations that
will make your vacation unforgettable. In Florence, apartments are everywhere, and highly
concentrated in the historical center where most travelers want to be. As long as the apartment you
find is within the confines of the wall, you are within walking distance to virtually everything you could
want or need. The number of apartments for rent in Florence fluctuates throughout the year because of
the high number of students in the city, with availability increasing after the end of May. Florence
apartment booking increases significantly as you enter the later part of the spring season, so booking
ahead is important for ensuring an apartment that meets all of your needs.

 A few things you will want to consider when you are looking at the apartments are the actual location,
number of people that can comfortably sleep in the apartment, presence of a kitchen and presence of
an elevator. For most agencies in Florence, apartment booking is as common as drinking a cup of
coffee and they are able to answer all of your questions in a matter of minutes. The variety of Florence
apartments that are available will meet the needs of just about any group imaginable. Whether you are
using the city as a travel base to explore all the beauty of Tuscany and want to be within a few minutes
walk of the train station or you want to see every sculpture and painting the city offers and have an
evening view of the river; you can find a cheap apartment in Florence that will give you what you need.

 Making sure that all of your questions are answered, and hopefully being asked questions by an agent
trying to accommodate you in the best manner will send you home with a smile on your face and a

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desire to return. Arranging to be on the lower floors if five flights of stairs at the end of the day are not
something you look forward to or having a well-stocked kitchen at your disposal if you would like to
experiment with some of the local cuisine and being surrounded by great restaurants, art and scenery
will ensure the type of vacation you will not be able to stop talking about.

Elena Angelillo works as a travel agent and she writes articles for , the
complete resource to find holiday apartments in Florence and other kind of apartments for rent in
Florence, Italy.

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                                  Dream Holiday in a Short-term Apartment in Florence
                                                               By Leone Cardelli

An increasing number of visitors to Florence are investing in short-term holiday apartments that give
them the feeling of staying in a home away from home. After all, where else will you find the kind of
luxury that an apartment will give you? Certainly not in a hotel, and besides, short-term luxury
apartments in Florence also offer you better value for money and more privacy than even the best

 There are numerous agencies that offer short-term flat rentals in the heart of Florence, if you want to
spend a relaxing vacation in the cradle of the Renaissance. Either you're leaving for a couple of weeks
or just for a week end, choose to live your holiday in ‘heart of Florence’, that is to find the best
accommodation in the city centre. You will be able to reach the most important Museums and
Monuments with a little walk.

 Anyone who has visited Florence at least once will know what it means: all you have to do is step out
of your apartment and it will take you just a few minutes to reach the historic city centre, which has
been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, so some of the world’s most magnificent
palaces and museums are a mere stone’s throw away from you.

 If you really want to enjoy your vacation, you can find a wide range of holiday apartments in the centre
of Florence, in the most beautiful areas of this gorgeous city. All you have to do is to get your PC and
start a Google search for the Florence holiday home of your dreams. There is a very big reason why
the luxury apartments that you can book in Florence are extremely popular among both corporate
travellers and private visitors.

 A large number of luxury apartments for rent in Florence have been painstakingly revamped and
provided with every modern comfort while keeping the original charm intact. Wooden beam ceilings,
terracotta pavements, marble tiled bathrooms, wrought iron finishes and other such amenities create
the perfect atmosphere for a luxurious stay in Florence.

 Finally, we talk money. Lodging in Florence could be very expensive, but the rates of the holiday
homes and apartments are pretty reasonable, particularly if you compare the prices that you could pay
for a luxury hotel room to those that you pay for a short-term luxury apartment in the heart of Florence.
Besides, if you stay at a hotel, you are always going to be confined by the hotel rooms and regulations,
but if you book a short-term apartment in Florence, you can customise your stay with all the comforts of
home and more.

 If you decided to travel to Tuscany and want to spend some time in Florence, you must know that
Florence apartment booking is simple and safe: there are many websites where you can find the right
accommodation depending on your needs and make your online reservation. Just few clicks and you
can start packing up to leave for your dream vacation in Florence.

You will not regret the experience.

Leone Cardelli is a tourist guide in Florence and he writes articles for, a
useful resource to find short term apartments in Florence and many other holiday accommodation.

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