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      Car hire is a convenient and practical way to travel granting freedom of movement and relaxation. Some car
    hire services can be expensive however, subsequently it is important to undertake research in order to find the
                                                  most affordable price.
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                                 Car Hire Murcia – Great Online Car Hire Rates in Murcia
                                                                By Michael J Lee

   When visiting the Costa Calida or southern Costa Blanca regions Murcia airport offers travelers fast,
simple and direct links straight to the area. For the more adventurous a hire car is the best way to take
in the stunning scenery and authentic Spanish culture of the Murcia Region.

 A hire car from Murcia allows you the most convenient way to see it all, from the eclectic architecture
of Murcia, the Roman history of Cartagena and the excitement of all the local festivals, to the soaring
mountains, white sandy beaches and sparkling tranquil waters of the Mediterranean.

 Hiring a car from Murcia also makes financial sense; the cost of taxi transfers from the Airport to La
Manga club can equal the price of a hire car for a week. Then factor in all of the occasions when you
might need to use a Taxi during your stay, and it becomes the obvious choice. Although a car is not
essential at the La Manga resort its self a hire car to explore the local region will show you what this
area of Spain is really renowned for.

 Murcia Airport offers a wealth of car hire companies, at the time of publishing anything up to twenty
were operating; our search engine will compare all of these companies and find you the most
competitive prices. Let our search engine do the work for you, saving you not only money but time as
well. There’s only one form for you to fill in instead of trawling through all of the individual sites and
entering your details over and over again. Our search engine will give you the results in seconds.

 Every size group is catered for from the smallest basic cars to large nine seat mini busses. With a
large group that would other wise require several taxis you can often make a great saving by hiring a
car. However if you feel like treating yourself why not hire a luxury convertible and take in the sights in

 The Costa Calida is best explored by car and can be traveled extensively in just a day. The World
Health Organisation recently published a paper declaring the Murcia Region the cleanest in Spain, and
when it comes to urban development the Costa Calida is far less built up than the neighboring areas of
the Costa Blanca and Costa Almeria.

Greater consideration has been put into the building of new holiday homes, and businesses. Natural
woodland, beaches and areas of outstanding beauty have been preserved, and any new building has

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

been designed to complement the existing setting. This special quality is unique to the La Manga Club,
however it also manages to retain all of the amenities and facilities that you could possibly imagine on
a modern exclusive resort. La Manga Resort also benefits from the beauty and tranquility of the
Calblanque nation al park, and the Mar Menor lagoon right on your doorstep.

 Car Hire in Spain could not be easier the Costa Calida has well maintained modern roads which equal
those we are used to in the UK. With the only real difference being driving on the right hand side of the
road you shouldn’t find exploring in the Costa Calida too daunting. For the seasoned traveler a holiday
hire car can open up a whole new element to a vacation in Spain that you might otherwise have been

A car hire in Murcia is the perfect way to explore the region for full details please see

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                               Car Hire Services In Murcia, Spain
                                                           By Clinton Maxwell

 If you are traveling to Murcia, Spain, you can find a rental car in Murcia or at the airport. San Javier
airport near Murcia has experienced much growth in the past ten years due to the increasing number
of tourists to the area. As a result of such growth, there are now more Murcia car hire companies
operating at or near the airport. A car hire is the best and most convenient transportation, especially if
you plan to visit some of the other popular tourist hotspots such as Alicante and Torrevieja. However,
there are a few things you should consider when making your car hire arrangements.

Consider the size of the vehicle you will need. For example, if you are traveling as a couple, an
economy size car should be sufficient allowing you to save money on the rental rate and the fuel. If you
are traveling with a larger group, you may want to look at the larger vehicles available. But, if you are
trying to save money, a compact or economy size car would be a good choice if the comfort level for
those traveling permits.

You should also check on your insurance needs. You may already have coverage with you insurance,
a credit card or other service. Do not assume this is the case, but it is something to check on before
adding the additional cost of insurance to your rental cost. It could save you between five and ten
dollars per day, which can quickly add up.

When comparing the package rates, you will find that the rates for an identical vehicle vary among
companies. It is important to look at the basic rates and the additional fees. Some proposed rates are
inclusive while others charge for extra charges such as insurance, airport taxes, mileage and additional
drivers. Be sure to identify what exactly is included with the rate. If you are not sure, you can call the
car hire company and ask the clerk to calculate a final estimate including the additional charges.

Making the car hire reservation in advance will help you get a better deal as well as the car you want.
Waiting until the last minute, or especially upon your arrival to the airport, will result in a higher rate and
fewer vehicle choices. During the busier seasons, you may not have to worry about the cost because
there may be no cars available. Once you find a car hire package and make the reservation, be sure
you get the quote in writing and get a confirmation number. This will help you avoid paying a higher
rate when you pick up the car and, generally, avoid headaches and just enjoy your trip.

To rent a car, you will need proper documentation including your driver’s license, proof of insurance
and a credit card. You should determine in advance which credit cards are accepted as well as any
minimum age requirements. Many companies have age restrictions for drivers of the vehicle, which
could include not only the primary driver but also any additional drivers. Always inspect the vehicle
before leaving and note any minor damage, such as scratches or dents. All noted damages should be
included on the rental agreement to avoid you being charged later. If possible, you may even want to
consider taking pictures of the damaged surface.

Clinton Maxwell routinely edits web pages on issues related to Spain and Torrevieja. You might come
across his articles over at and other sources for car
hire Murcia knowledge.

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