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British Clouds Brighten Menorca


									                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                          British Clouds Brighten Menorca
                                                   By Roger Munns

  A number of world events have conspired to make this year not a particularly good one for the
Mediterranean holiday island of Menorca, a favourite holidays destination for many European families.

 The top reason for a drop in visitors is currencies - Menorca like the rest of Spain is part of the
Eurozone, while the UK where most of Menorca's visitors are based has maintained her own currency
- sterling - and the Euro has gained strength in the last 12 months, making Menorca holidays some ten
per cent more expensive this year than last.

 But some areas outside the Eurozone - notably Turkey - have gained popularity, with holiday spending
money going further there during the week or two away, and allowing a full holiday instead of having to
economise on luxuries such as dining out virtually every evening, excursions - and importantly for
many Brits, time spent in the bars and clubs night-time.

 And Britain's top tour operators shifted part of their holidays campaign away from traditional popular
areas like Menorca to the cheaper destinations such as Turkey in a bid to maintain market share,
adding to the drop in tourists who booked their flights and accommodation independently of the
package holiday companies.

 Many in the travel industry, notably in Menorca itself, were widely predicting a drop in the number of
people taking Menorca holidays of up to ten per cent, and with the Spanish economy in recession and
Menorca's two main markets - Germany and Britain - also in trouble, the outlook has looked bleak.

 But the travel industry analysts and tourism experts predicting the drop in Menorca holidays for 2008
had forgotten one chilling factor that has cut that anticipated ten per cent drop to nearly half that figure
- the appalling weather and summer in Britain.

                         Map of Menorca

 The clouds of economic woe had been gathering before the summer in Britain, with warnings of a
recession and higher unemployment, but to add to the gloom there were real life clouds over Britain -
for nearly six weeks the country hardly saw any sunshine at all, to the extent that doctors in Scotland
reported a marked increase in the number of patients they were seeing with depression and illness.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Prescription drugs were being handed out to alleviate the depression many people felt after weeks of
poor weather - but others took the iniative and realised why they were feeling down - the lack of
sunshine - and suddenly holiday bookings started to go up noticeably, with tour operators and holiday
companies reporting increased bookings.

 One leading Menorca holidays internet site noted a sudden surge in bookings for holidays and flights
to Menorca in early September that lasted three weeks - not very long but enough to give the island's
tourism a late boost, and considering the season ends in early October it was both unexpected and

 'The weather in the UK certainly impacted the number of people booking a Menorca holiday for
September', say the travel site, 'There's normally quite a good number of people who take a week or
two on the island once the schools are back - Menorca is quieter but still has all the benefits of an
August holiday as everything is still open but the weather is still really good - and the cost of Menorca
villa holidays and hotels in Menorca are less - but this was beyond the norm - there was a definite late
surge in bookings directly due to the British weather being so poor in August.'

 Overall, they believe the number of bookings in late August and through September could see the
predicted ten per cent drop in tourism this year be cut. 'Our estimate is that instead of a ten per cent
fall this will be revised to six or seven per cent when it comes to announcing the official figures. It's
enough to turn it from a disastrous year to a poor year for tourism. Not a lot to celebrate and Menorca
needs to do more to draw holidaymakers for the 2009 holiday season.'

 As well as the number of tourists for Menorca being affected this year by the strength of the Euro, the
Menorca property market has been hit too by potential British buyers of Menorca property waiting for
their currency to improve from the lows they are currently experiencing.

Menorca property agents as well as the travel industry will be hoping for more poor British weather!

For Menorca holidays and a Menorca map visit

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                Five Interesting Facts on Menorca
                                                            By Brenda Jaaback

You may think you know all there is to know about Menorca. With its sandy beaches and warm climate
it has established itself as a competitive destination in the holiday market. However, Menorca isn’t all
sandy beaches and bucket and spades. Here are five things that you probably didn’t know about
second largest Balearic Island.

Mayonnaise was invented in Menorca

 Although widely disputed by the French, mayonnaise was first created on the island of Menorca,
where it was originally known as Salsa Mahonesa. The sauce was brought over to France by
Louis-Francois-Armand Du Plessis du Richard after he defeated the British at the port of Mahon.
Although the French may not have invented mayonnaise, they can at least claim credit for perfecting
the recipe, with the addition of vegetable oil.

Menorcan Soldiers Were Once Paid in Women and Wine

 The Balearic Slingers of Menorca were a formidable bunch and during the Punic wars between Rome
and Carthage, the Carthaginians employed the services of the slingers to fight for them. The slingers
agreed but asked to paid for their services in wine and women. It was really no wonder then that Rome
went on to win the wars and emerge as the dominant power in the Mediterranean. Whilst on your
holiday in Menorca you’ll find that the locals now accept payment for their services in the form of

The King of Spain Regularly Visits Menorca Just For Dinner

 Spiny lobster is the island’s speciality and the famous Calderata de Langosta simply must be sampled
on your Menorcan Holiday. The dish even gets the Royal thumbs up and it’s a well known fact that the
King sometimes travel to the island of Menorca just for dinner. The crustacean is mainly found on the
north shore of Menorca and is most popular on the resort of Fornells. King Carlos Juan favours the
traditional restaurant Es Plas with its breathtaking harbour views and if you fancy the Royal treatment
on your holiday to Menorca then the restaurant is well worth a visit.

Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza Put Together

 Menorca has 120 beaches in total and the largest of these is Son Bou stretching 3km. With over
220km of beaches it’s no wonder that holidays in Menorca are so popular with the family market. In
comparison, Mallorca has 70 beaches and Ibiza has 60. Not all of Menorca’s beaches are accessible
by car and destinations like Cala Pregonda, which is a 20 minute walk from Binimella, are well worth
the extra effort.

The British Introduced Gin to the Island

 If you’re a fan of gin then the Xouriger distillery is a must visit on your Menorcan holiday. The gin is
distilled the traditional British way; a remnant from the 18th century when the British Navy introduced
gin to the island.

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 However, due to the differing climates the gin is unlike British gin and is closely related to the Dutch
version, with a very earthy herb flavour. The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret known only by the
heirs of the Xouriger family. Try it the Mediterranean way on your holiday in Menorca served with
sugary sweet lemonade, in a cocktail known as a pomada.

Brenda Jaaback is the Managing Director of Bartle Holidays ( They
can provide you a choice of hand picked Menorca villas, resorts and retreats in prime locations for all
your family holiday needs.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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