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                                                  Boracay Island Honeymoon Guide
                                                             By Christine Powell

   A Boracay honeymoon is a great choice for newlyweds. If you’re planning to celebrate your wedding
night on a romantic tropical beach then you’ve chosen the right place. Here’s a Boracay honeymoon
guide that will help you find the perfect love nest.

Choosing where to stay

 Now that you’ve chosen the island, it’s time to look for a resort. There are many resorts on the island
and almost all of them cater to honeymooners. It is best that you reserve a package accommodation
beforehand. It would be impractical to just walk in and try to compete with so many people when
booking a place.

 Select a package that will cover practically everything: your room, transportation, and food. Microtel
Resort and Suites offers a honeymoon package such as this. The hotel is known worldwide, but its first
resort is in Boracay. Its secluded location makes it ideal for newlyweds.

 Most reservations can be done online. Check the prices of different resorts and hotels to find the
package that best suits your budget.

Choosing the perfect time

 There are more people in the island during peak season, which is around March to May. The same is
true during Christmas and New Year. You should know that rates are higher during these times.
However, you risk having rainy days on your honeymoon if you book during the off-peak months.

 Stays usually last 3 days and 2 nights but you can add an extra night for about a third of the original
price. Accommodation rates can range from as low as Php 17,000 or USD 340 up to Php 40,000 or
USD 800. Additional services and amenities naturally come with higher rates. So if you've been
dreaming of having your own jacuzzi, be prepared to shell out some cash.

What to expect

Most hotels and resorts provide breakfast for their guests. Usually, you are given a choice between

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American and Filipino breakfast. Others give more alternatives. You might want to select a place that
offers a view of the beachfront. You and your partner should not miss your first Boracay sunset

 A Boracay honeymoon package might also include the following: welcome drinks on your arrival,
candlelit dinner with cocktail drinks on your first night, a welcome massage, daily breakfast, mini-bar
items, souvenir items, roundtrip land and sea transfer via Caticlan, scheduled shuttle service to the
main beach, and use of swimming pool and other resort facilities.

What you should remember

 Since Boracay is a popular beach resort where tourists flock almost all year round, you might think
that Boracay isn't the most romantic place for a honeymoon. What is essential is to find
accommodations that will provide the privacy you need as newlyweds. At the same time, don't discount
the possibility of enjoying the nightlife with your partner on your subsequent nights in Boracay.

 In the end, what makes your honeymoon in Boracay special is not just the place, but the fact that
you're there with the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Christine Powell is a native of Boracay Island, Philippines. Besides it's year-round warm tropical water,
the powdery white sand continues to mesmerize her. While not kitesurfing, scuba diving, or sharing her
insights about Boracay with travelers, she can be found at

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                              3 Things To Consider When Building A Home In Boracay
                                                           By Christine Powell

Owning a house in sunny Boracay can be made a reality. If you are given the opportunity to build your
home in Boracay, consider yourself lucky because not everybody gets a chance to live in paradise.
And when you have an opportunity like this, you want it to be perfect. However, reality can sometimes
tweak your dreams a little, causing minor discomforts here and there.

 Here are 3 things you should put more thought into when planning, so you could live in Boracay
hassle free.

1. Location

 Be reminded that not all of Boracay’s livable area is right at the beachfront. One of the best things
about living in Boracay is the variety the island provides. The inland offers peace and quiet while the
beachfront provides music, parties, and well, the beach. However, both options have their flip side. The
deeper into the island you settle, the farther away you are from the beach and the parties. On the other
hand, being situated on the beachfront could give you problems sleeping, especially during peak

 Before settling on a piece of land, make sure you know why you want to live in Boracay. If you seek a
balance between parties and quiet time, there are spaces between the town proper and the beachfront
that will make living in Boracay both restful and enjoyable for you.

2. Water: Good chi, bad chi

 If there’s anything Boracay has a lot of, it’s water. Water is probably one of the major reasons you’re
even considering living in Boracay. The sound of crashing waves always makes the travelling worth it.
The beachfront view reminds you that there is plenty of good in the world. The sea on your skin
inspires a song. And the selection of water sports and the numerous diving opportunities tell you that
life is just beautiful.

 However, storms do hit Boracay, although not as badly as they affect Batanes. You have to consider
that although you might not be in the island during the rainy months, your house will be there
regardless of the weather. The best thing to do is to keep rain in mind when constructing your house.
Waterproof it as much as you can. A caretaker would be very helpful when the rain comes. Make sure
balconies and terraces have drainages.

3. Power

 Boracay is a progressive island that offers electricity, water, cable providers, and Internet connection.
There are many service providers to choose from, which the city folk might not be too familiar with. The
best way to go about choosing services is through recommendations from friends who have been living
in Boracay for a while now. Although some companies offer bundled service packages, it could be
wiser to spread out your utilities among different companies.

You’re building something you’d like to go back to as often as you can. The island and its people will

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greatly appreciate your conscious efforts to keep everything nice and clean from the first day of
construction until the day you find yourself not wanting to leave. To live in Boracay comes with the
responsibility to help preserve the island.

Christine Powell is a native of Boracay Island, Philippines. While not exploring, kitesurfing, scuba
diving, or sharing her insights about Boracay with travelers, she can be found at, he Christine Powell is a native of Boracay Island, Philippines. While not
exploring, kitesurfing, scuba diving, or sharing her insights about Boracay with travelers, she can be
found at, her online Boracay home. r online Boracay home.

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