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                                                        Beach Vacation Rentals
                                                            By Ronald Trainer

    There is no better feeling then going on vacation. Escaping from your home and from reality. One of
the major problems with taking a vacation is finding a place near or on water. I personally dislike
having to pack up everything into the car and traveling to the nearest beach. You know what I mean
right? Driving home with sand in your bathing suit and sunburn on your shoulders. One idea you may
consider is finding yourself a beach vacation rental. Lets go into detail about this now.

There is nothing quite like being on a sunny beach soaking up the sun. For many people this is their
idea of a dream vacation. However the cost of staying in a beach front hotel can ensure that dream
never becomes a reality.

One of the most appealing things about beach vacation rentals is that instead of staying in a single
room in a hotel, you are afforded all of the comforts of living in a home. Here is a great travel site This includes several bedrooms as well as kitchen facilities. This can
save a family a substantial amount of money.

There is a great and reasonably priced alternative to staying at a hotel when you visit a warm
destination. If you want to save money and not give up the beach front location, consider beach
vacation rentals.

Soaking up the sunshine rays from your beach vacation rental property is your main goal. Nothing
better then having your own kitchenette and living room area during your vacation period. The plus
side of this is when you wake up in the morning you do not have to travel to work and you walk a short
distance to waves crashing on the beach. You basically wake up and eat breakfast like you’re at home
and then pull a lounge chair and relax

Finding available beach vacation rentals is actually fairly simple. One technique is to contact a real
estate agency in the city you are planning on visiting. Quite often they will have a list of all the beach
vacation rentals that are available for the period you’ll be traveling. They will also have access to
pictures and details concerning deposits and the rental charges.

You can typically find the listing for the real estate agencies when you investigate online. One more
alternative is to visit the website of the city you are planning on traveling to. Most likely they will have a

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

section devoted to the business directory which includes detailed listings of real estate agents. In some
cases they may even have a direct link to the agents’ sites which might include some beach vacation

There are companies that handle beach vacation rentals for different parts of the world. They make a
database available that includes a description of the rental, the price, when it is available and the steps
necessary to inquire about renting it. If you are traveling to a particularly popular location this can be an
excellent choice as it affords you the chance to compare properties and conduct preliminary research
well before your departure date.

Even though most beach vacation rentals are short-term, if you are looking for something beyond a
week or two there are choices available for that as well. Some beach vacation rentals will offer you a
discounted rate if you rent for a prolonged period of time. This saves them the trouble of having to look
for additional customers and it saves you money.

If you have an unlimited budget you might want to consider a beach vacation rental complete with staff.
Many properties come with a staff that will cater to your every need. If you want to unwind in the lap of
luxury this is the way to go.

So when you finally decide to book your vacation plans remember that beach vacation rentals are a
very good option. You can search online for this vacation package and find the cheapest deal. You
may also consider contacting a local real estate agent or rental property management person to assist
you in finding the right price and location. If you can set aside a few extra bucks each week you
certainly will not regret a beach vacation rental. The most important fact that we left out was to make
sure you relax and enjoy the day.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                 With Vacation Rentals You Can Stay For a Long Time
                                                               By Mike Yeager

With Vacation Rentals You Can Stay For a Long Time
 by: Mike Yeager

Vacation rentals are an option when you plan to go on a vacation and stay for any length of time. For
example, Florida has the basic strategy of finding what the vacationer needs, what they are looking for
and with what budget and then fulfilling that need. In the process, as a visitor to this beautiful state, you
will have a wonderful and interesting vacation at a price you can afford. Stay as long as you like. A
vacation rental makes that possible. It has both moderate and luxury accommodations in all areas of
the state can be found very easily.

Vacation rentals can also be found with the owners. The owners are a pleasure to deal with, and most
prompt with responding to the people. When you plan on taking a vacation, renting directly with the
owner is less expensive; and you can receive very helpful, detailed information about the villa itself.

Vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, the city thrives on millions of visitors to the beach every year has
beachfront condominium complexes - these oceanfront condos range from inexpensive studios to
luxury 4 Br suites. So is San Diego with the largest selection of Mission Bay and Mission Beach
vacation rentals with daily, weekly and monthly rates. On the other hand, Kauai vacation rentals have
an exclusive selection of accommodations with its breathtaking view and tropical surroundings making
it truly one of the world's most beautiful islands.

Mike Yeager

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                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

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