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                                                  Are You Ready To Retire In Pattaya?
                                                                       By KengIsm

    Here are some factors that will "Pre-qualify" you and help you decide whether or not you are a
retiree candidate for Pattaya Thailand

1. You have to be open to new adventurers; Pattaya is a fantastic beach for visitors. There will be
many new things for your experience. It's a unique country in Southeast Asia, with its own culture quite
difference from other countries in Asia.

2. You love to travel. There are countless things for you to see and do in Pattaya, Thailand.

3. You have to be able to adapt to a new lifestyle and be tolerant of others. Your life and the people
around you will be very different from you as at your country.

4. You have to be enthusiastic about new things in a different culture. Thais people have their own way
and their own culture. You will have to learn to adjust. Many foreigners are shocked when they
discover that things are done in a certain way in Thailand. You have to be open-minded.

5. You should be able to make and enjoy with your new friends. This is important point for you. You will
need new comrade so you won't feel bored.

6. You should have to learn the basics of the Thai language. Try to be fluent, or at least competent, in
the types of phrases you`ll need it in you new life.

7. You have to be healthy enough mentally and physically. Living in Pattaya is hard for foreigners at
first. You will need to be strong in both body and mind to make the most of your time.

8. You have to accept your status of being a foreigner in Pattaya, Thailand. You won't be able to vote,
and the Thais are not usually interested in listening to your point of view on the country's politics or

9. You should appreciate a slower pace of life if you choose to retire in one of the smaller towns.
Boredom is not something you often find in the Land of Smiles, but when you are away from the cities,
you will find life moves more slowly. Make sure you are involved in enough leisure activities to avoid

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                                           Presented by Daniel Toriola


10. You have to be optimistic minded. Foreigners who don't know Thailand may try to talk you out of
moving there. Studying as much as possible before you go. Don't let negative opinion like prostitution,
the insufferably hot weather, or dirt and disease turn you off. Pattaya is rich in beauty and culture and
famous for its friendly people.

11. You will have to deal with a different type of bureaucracy. It takes longer to get simple things done
in Thailand. You'll have to get used to its ways.

12. You must be financially stable without needing to work. If you want to work part-time in Pattaya,
make sure you are up to date on the continually changing laws regarding work permits or business
ownership, and have a good fall-back plan for your future life in Pattaya, Thailand.

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                                        The Amazing Songkran Festival in Pattaya
                                                             By Khanit Jung

Pattaya is one of the best places in Thailand. Most tourists looking for a great vacation spends their
free days in Pattaya. The best time of the year to be there is the Songkran. So if you ever plan to
spend your holiday at Pattaya you'd better schedule it during the festivals. The city is known to be alive
all year long, but especially during the special festivals. That's when all the fun takes place.

 The Songkran Festival in Pattaya is also known as the Thai New Year. The way people celebrate this
special time of the year is with water. People get out in the streets and throw water at each other
getting all wet. Besides the tradition and the good luck meaning this is custom has its functionality.
During the Songkran it's very hot in Pattaya. This is why chilling with some water is very good.

 What is special about the Songkran Festival in Pattaya is that in Pattaya it's celebrated later than in
the rest of Thailand. Usually the festival takes place in 18th - 19th of April. That is the best season to
be there. It is hard to find available rooms in Pattaya in this period if you haven't booked any before.
This is why you have to plan everything in time.

 If you want to celebrate the Songkran Festival in Pattaya, book a room in advance and also book a
flight. Everyone wants to be there in this time of year. So, you really don't want to miss it by not
planning everything ahead. It all requires a bit of effort but it's worthy after all.

 The festival lasts all day and all night and it actually never ends for 3 days of continuous festivities.
The Songkran Festival in Pattaya means non stop fun for everyone. Just don't forget to leave your
valuables and electronic equipment in your room as you don't want it to get wet.

 The streets are not that safe during this time so you might prefer to go everywhere by foot. Anyway it's
really great to take a walk during the festivals. And you should expect to get all soaked in water. After
all, Pattaya is great and being there during the Thai New Year is really special. Just be prepared with
the right clothing and correct expectations.

 You probably work hard all year long and you want to spend the couple of weeks you have free in
some place really special – both cool and relaxing. Pattaya is the place you want to be. Both a lively
place and a very relaxing one, Pattaya is the favorite destination of most tourists around the world. The
best time to be in Pattaya is during the warm season and also when there are lots of people there.
Many people present is equivalent to more fun and more festivities. So the perfect time to be in Pattaya
is during the Songkran Festival.

The Songkran Festival in Pattaya is something you can't experience anywhere else any other time.
Don't miss it and plan it in time!

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