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                              Are Hostels, Camps and Private Homes Safe for Travelers?
                                                               By Sherry Hardesty

   Yes – and no. As with any traveling and staying in an unknown spot, there will be some dangers.
Most of them you can avoid. If you know the risks before you travel, you can be prepared for any

If you decide camping is the accommodation style for you, you should have a good knowledge of the
area you are going to camp in. Will you be staying in a public campsite or will you be camping
wherever you feel the need to pitch your ten? If it is the latter, make sure it is legal to camp in the spot
you have chosen. Check whether you need to provide your own drinking water. Camp grounds in
remote places may require you take in water. If you are using water from streams or creeks, boil it first
to get rid of bacteria.

Animals can provide a source of danger in campsites. If you are camping in bear country you will need
to take special precautions. Take care of how you store your food and where you pitch your tent. You
will need to either store all your food in a bear proof box or hang it from a tree. Check the area before
you camp to make sure there are no signs of recent bear activity. If there are, move on to another site.
Other dangerous animals that you need to be aware of when camping are snakes and spiders. These
beasts like to get in and under things so always check before you put on any clothes and shoes.

Camping is a good way to meet fellow travelers, but you can not always be sure your possessions will
be safe from unscrupulous people. Ensure all valuables are locked in the car or stowed safely when
you are not at your campsite.

Hostels are a good, safe way to travel, but like any public place, you still need to take precautions.
Hostels that are members of a network may provide a safer option as they are well controlled. You can
take safety measures by locking up your valuables in lockers if they are provided. Or ask the manager
if they have a safe you can lock your valuables in. Sleep with your money and passport at night if you
are sharing a room with strangers. Most hostels have bunk rooms segregated by gender. But some
don’t. If you are a female traveling alone, it might be wise to stay in a hostel that has only same sex

Staying in private homes with the owners living there as well, (charging you for board), is probably the
least safe option when traveling. This is because you don’t know the people you are staying with and in

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some countries it is actually illegal for residents to hire out their rooms to travelers. If this option is one
you want to pursue, try and book your room through the local tourist office or through an agency. At
least if there is a problem, you will have someone to lodge your complaint with. In some countries this
is a very popular form of accommodation and a cheap one. Make sure you negotiate your price before
you agree to stay. Take the same precautions as you would in other styles of accommodations and be
prepared to move on if it is not satisfactory or you feel unsafe.

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                                    How to Look For Cheap Hostels
                                           By Matthew Kepnes

One of the biggest costs on your trip will be accommodation. Finding an inexpensive place to stay is
very important and hostels are a great option. Hostels are also important for another reason- you
spend a lot of time in them so they are the place where you join other travelers. Hostel common rooms,
kitchens, and dorms are one of the easiest places to meet new friends.

 Hostels provide a lot of things to a traveler: social interaction, a room, a kitchen, local tips, and a nice
shower. They are an important part of a backpackers or long term travelers travel experience and it is
important that you stay at the one that best suits your needs in order to get the most out of each hostel
and not spoil your trip.

 I’ve spent a lot of hours looking for the perfect hostel and the truth is there isn’t one. A great hostel can
be bad if it has mean people in it and a bad hostel can be the best one of your life if it is filled with
amazing people. You can never be sure.

 The best route to find the perfect hostel is to do research and know what you want. Without that, you
will most likely turn up at one you don’t like. It’s important to know how big of a hostel you like, the
atmosphere you desire, the type of traveler that goes there, the facilities it has, and its location.

 Hostels are generally for younger travelers. They are meant for people looking to connect, party, and,
sometimes, hook up- not always in that order. Hostels have a party reputation for good reason since
most of the young people who go out partying tend to also spend a lot of that time drinking with people
around the world.

 That may not be for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in hostels. While most hostels are
for young people, there are many hostels that cater to families and old travelers. The best example is
Hostel International. This big hostel chain caters to large groups, families, and older travelers. They
tend to be quieter and have strict rules on partying. Find out what kind of hostel you are going to.

 Another thing to look for besides age is atmosphere. Each hostel has its own personality. Some are
tame, others are wild, some are geared towards Germans and other geared towards Swedes. (It is
true- I’ve seen it!). Some hostels are good for long term stays and others for people who stay one
night. The best way to find this information out is by going on the web and reading hostel reviews on
booking sites. The reviews will give you a good idea about the type of hostel a location is and who
goes there and for what reason. If you want a quiet clean hostel, picking a hostel at random could lead
you to a hedonistic all night party place.

 Good hostels tend to be very well known. All travelers know of The Flying Pig in Amsterdam or Base
in Melbourne. Their reputations are carried overseas and discussed by other travelers. This makes the
best way to find a good hostel to ask other travelers Hostels are always changing and they will have
the most up to date information on the good spots in a city.

 But remember no matter what the place is like it is all about the people. Find a hostel with good people
and you will find the right hostel for you. Cars & Homes
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Matt has stayed at a variety of types of accommodation around the world. Check out his website for more information on staying in hostels. - Your Next Move!
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