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    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                                        All Inclusive Cruises
                                                        By Rakesh Gaikwad

   All inclusive cruises give the freedom to enjoy a cruise without the worry of ‘over spending‘. Many
different cruise companies, including Thompson Cruises, offer all inclusive cruises, or give the
opportunity to upgrade to all inclusive.

 The all inclusive price includes the flights, where applicable, from local or major airports in the UK and
sea travel, hotel accommodation when an onshore overnight stay is part of the itinerary, all port
charges and taxes. Unlimited drinks throughout the cruise includes selected wines, spirits, tea, coffee
and soft drinks for children, although the spirits are not usually known brand names and surprisingly
some all inclusive cruises do charge for bottled water! One of the all inclusive aspects which is very
appealing to some people is that the staff gratuities on board the ship are also included, this aspect of
cruising often fills people with dread!

 When an all inclusive cruise is booked, a full list of the things which are and those that are not
included will be provided. This type of cruise holiday has made cruising very affordable and a practical,
cost effective way to discover different regions of the world for many people and families, as they only
spending money required is for personal spending in the on-board duty free shops and casinos, any
personal spending during time on-shore is not included within the price. All inclusive cruises reduce the
risks of theft and concerns people may have about carry a lot of money with them.It is usual for a card
to be issued during embarkation procedures, which is presented instead of payment on cruise ships
which are not completely dedicated to all inclusive passengers.

 With all cruise liners having different styles of restaurants, bars and cafés all inclusive deals does not
mean segregation! The only difference in all inclusive cruises is the destinations and durations of the
cruise may be slightly limited.

 With some of the smaller cruise companies, such as Hebridean International Cruises, their all inclusive
deals also include escorted on-shore tours, any entrance fees featured in the itinerary and transport to
and from the tour venue. Picnics and barbecues featured on the on-shore itineraries are also included.
On selected ships the use of the gym, steam and relaxation rooms is included. Any snorkelling
equipment needed or bicycle or fishing tackle use is also free. Minor medical treatments and routine
medical examinations by the on-board doctor makes these cruises truly inclusive. This cruise line also
has an exclusive private terminal at London, Stansted airport which is separate from the main terminal,

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to make the start of their all inclusive cruise holidays relaxing from the beginning and use private flights
during their summer programme and scheduled flights for the winter programme. Hebridean cruises
use small vessels with a much reduced passenger capacity than usual cruise liners. The two ships in
their fleet carry 98 and 49 passengers and the ratio of staff to passengers is almost one-to-one making
these all inclusive cruises very unique and the ultimate in luxury cruising.

Cruise 1st is a company based in the UK, dedicated to providing ideal vacation packages for your
leisurely holiday needs such as all inclusive cruises for any family to enjoy.

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                                   A Guide to an All-Inclusive Cruise
                                           By Jessica Nielson

The trend for a cruise that was originally an all inclusive holiday, has been changing into a more and
more extras to be paid for. Most all inclusive packages today doesn't seem to really include "all." There
are some extras that they do not include in the original price of the deal and you have to pay for it if you
want to avail of one. That's why you really have to look carefully when you choose your all inclusive
package. Make sure that all are really included in that package.

 Purchasing an all inclusive package frees you from all the hard work and hassle of going into each
company one by one and pay for everything you need. With an all inclusive holiday package you don't
have to reach for your walletevery time you need something. Instead, you can just sit back and relax
during your holiday vacation and will just have fewer extras to add to the cost of your holiday plus you
will have a clear control of your budget. This is the reason why all inclusive holiday packages are
popular these days.

 This trend, however, does not seem to include most cruises. They are mostly not all-inclusive. They
only include meals and on-board entertainment. Other services or extras are not included like drinks,
shore excursions, and snacks which are paid for separately. For instance, only cruise fare
accommodation, meals and entertainment on board ship are included in your package. Sometimes,
their specialty restaurants have cover charges, and some a la carte items are only available at a
surcharge. Usually, facilities like spa, indoor pool, and services such as laundry, internet access, and
some drinks and shore excursions are not included in your holiday package.

 Though there are other cruises that put more emphasis on the word "all-inclusive" which include the
connecting flights to get you to your ship and back to your home, hotel accommodations that will be
required on shore, all drinks including selected wine, champagne, beer, etc, all on board gratuities and
tips, and all port charges and transfers. This will actually leave you with no worries as you sail along
except when you go shopping. These are the cruises that you should be looking for.

 So this is for everyone to take heed of the cruises that are advertised as an all-inclusive one as there
are a lot in the internet. Inspect what are the only things included in the package for there may be other
things not included like spa treatments and drinks. Before you book for an all inclusive cruises, you
should take a good look first at it and what is included in it so that you won't get surprised when you get
to the cruise ship. With a lot of options you have in the internet, choose the one that will satisfy all you
need in your cruise vacation. This way, you don't have to worry a thing when you get there and just
enjoy your cruise and the destinations you're heading to.

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