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                                      Alicante – A Jewel In Spain’s Crown
                                                    By Lee Smith

   Alicante or Alicant (Valencian Catalan) is the largest city in the Costa Blanca region of Spain and is
one of the most beautiful places you could wish to travel to if you take the time and the effort to explore
the region and some of it’s sheer beauty.

Located between Murcia and Valencia, Alicante has some of the best beaches in Spain with San Juan,
Muchavista and Campello beaches being real gems with beautiful, clean sea and sand which appeal to
both families, couples and surfers alike with calm days and days when the waves can be quite high
due to strong winds of late.

Amongst the many varied and more popular attractions are the Castillo de Santa Barbara (Alicante
City), Terra Natura (Benidorm), Terra Mitica (Benidorm) and Mundomar (Benidorm). There are also
areas of outstanding beauty such as the mountains of Busot village situated just outside of Campello
(also known as El Campello). Not only does Busot have it’s popular attraction Cuevas de Canelobre
(Canelobre Caves) but it also has vast amounts of stunning scenery in complete tranquillity. To get to
these spots you need to do some investigating, but it is well worth it because you will find yourself all
alone on some breath-taking trails overlooking Campello and surrounding villages.

To see all that is on offer, you have to arrange car hire in Alicante from either the airport or from a local
town or city and prices start at €10 per day for a small car and reserving before your visit is essential in
busy periods of the year.

Where else but Alicante can you find such a diverse amount of activities, places of interest and things
to do. In the morning you could travel to the Sierra Nevadas (Grenada) and be snowboarding and in
the afternoon soaking up the sun, sea and sand on a beautiful, spacious beach. Not only this, but you
can also get ferries to Majorca, Ibiza and Tabarca Island from Alicante harbour, so you will never have
a lack of options available to you.

Real estate property in Alicante is another reason for visitors to come and like the rest of Costa Blanca,
is a popular place where expats come to invest or to emigrate to. Property prices have rapidly
increased over the years due to demand and the Euro being introduced, but if you are prepared to
move inland slightly, or away from popular areas such as Benidorm and Javea, you can find some real
bargains in comparison to the UK property market. Purchasing property in Spain is more expensive tax
and legal-wise but it is still worthwhile as long as the Euro is weaker than the Pound.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Alicante’s hotels are varied and you have a wide variety of choice when coming to this region of Spain
and if you do some research you will get a hotel to suit your budget and requirements, just remember
to book early in high-seasons to ensure a beach-side location.

Getting cheap flights to Alicante has never been easier thanks to Alicante airport being such a popular
international destination and it is expanding continuously with new airlines operating from there.

Lee Smith writes articles for many businesses and websites in Alicante Spain and has a passion for
the hotels, travel, flight and the holiday industry.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                     Visit Alicante And Torrevieja When You Want A Great Trip
                                         By Johnathan Bakers

 When you want fun in the sun in a place where you can relax, have a grand adventure, and find
excitement and memories to last a lifetime then you should consider Alicante, Spain as a wonderful
vacation destination. This city is located in the center of the gorgeous Costa Blanca region of Spain.
There is so much to explore in the entire region and in the city itself that you never run out of things to
do. Whether you are a solo backpacker looking for a good time, or a young couple looking for a
romantic getaway, or even a retired couple looking for somewhere that offers exciting outdoor activities
combined with rich history and culture than Alicante would suit all of your needs. There is so much to
do in the day and evening that you will want to return to Alicante year after year to continue exploring
this fascinating city. The beautiful weather and lovely scenery will give you the perfect backdrop to any
type of vacation that you would like.

To get the most out of your Alicante vacation experience you will have to find the perfect hotel. You
can find amazing deals for Alicante hotels all year round, from great winter deals to hot summertime
deals. No matter when you want to visit Alicante you can get a deal that will allow you and your family
to enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank. You’ll be able to find an affordable and lovely
Alicante hotel that can give you any amenities you wish from the Internet to room service, you’ll be able
to find an Alicante hotel to suit your budget and needs. When you find a suitable hotel you’ll be able to
enjoy your vacation in peace and quiet or going out and living it up. To get the best deal on a hotel in
Alicante, then start your search by going no farther than your home office. That’s right, all you need is
the Internet to find a great deal on your Alicante hotel. Just browse on your favorite search engine and
you are sure to come up with a wide array of options for getting a great deal on a hotel in Alicante. So
book your hotel today and the sooner you will be soaking up sun, exploring Spain, dancing, and even
playing golf.

You can also get an excellent deal on a car or your flight to Alicante. If you really want to save money
on your trip to Alicante then make sure you go online to book your ticket to Spain. Whether you are
traveling from the U.S. or elsewhere in Europe, a cheap ticket is yours if you search correctly. Getting
a good deal on car rental can also be booked ahead of time if you turn to the Internet. If you get a
good deal make sure to drive to Torrevieja and Benidorm as well. Remember that every penny you
save on your flight and hotel is a penny you can use wining and dining in Alicante.

Focusing on the topic of Torrevieja, Johnathan Bakers works first and foremost for . Sharing his passion in publications like ,the reviewer showed his know-how on news similar
to Alicante hotel.

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