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									                             CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION
                                   CITY OF RAMSEY
                                   ANOKA COUNTY
                                STATE OF MINNESOTA

The Ramsey City Council conducted a City Council Work Session on Tuesday, June 13, 2006, at
the Ramsey Fire Station Number 1, 15050 Armstrong Boulevard NW, Ramsey, Minnesota.

Members Present:      Mayor Thomas Gamec
                      Councilmember Todd Cook
                      Councilmember David Elvig
                      Councilmember David Jeffrey
                      Councilmember Mary Jo Olson
                      Councilmember Al Pearson

Members Absent:       Councilmember Sarah Strommen

Also Present:         City Administrator James E. Norman
                      Assistant City Administrator Heidi Nelson
                      Ass’t Community Development Dir/HRA Executive Dir. Sylvia Frolik
                      City Clerk Jo Thieling
                      Police Chief James Way


Mayor Pro Tem Elvig called the City Council Work Session to order at 6:06 p.m.


The agenda was approved as submitted.


1)     Special Events Permit for Lord of Life Harvest Fest

City Clerk Thieling informed Council that staff received an application from Lord of Life
Church, 14501 Nowthen Boulevard NW, for a special events permit. The permit is for a
celebration called Harvest Fest which includes carnival rides, food vendors, raffles, silent
auction, wine tasting, three outdoor music concerts, and fireworks. The event is scheduled for
Friday, September 8, from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Saturday, September 9, from 10:00 a.m. to
12:00 a.m. and Sunday, September 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All activities will take place
on the grounds or inside the church. The church has provided a detailed parking plan, refuse
plan, toilet facilities plan, and the layout for the fireworks exhibition. Ms. Thieling explained
with regard to fees, the City usually charges a $500 escrow fee, which would be refunded if not
used. In the past escrow fees have been charged up to an amount of $1,500. If any clean-up is

                         City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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necessary the cost would be taken out of the escrow fee. The City is able to charge a fee for
administrative time involved with the permit; the City will not need to plan for garbage pick up
or be involved in any deliveries or pick-ups for the event. Staff contacted the City of Anoka to
inquire about any fees they charge for the St. Stephen’s Summerfest. There was a one-time fee
of $75 charged, plus a $25 investigation fee. The $75 is considered a continuance – as long as
they have the fest annually, they do not pay another fee. They simply contact City staff to let
them know they are holding the event. Staff contacted the City of Coon Rapids, as Epiphany
also has a big community celebration. Epiphany fills out the special events permit application
but the fees are waived by Council.

City Clerk Thieling requested Council review the plans for the event that have been distributed
and inform staff if there is any further information to request from Lord of Life Church. Staff
would also like direction regarding what type of fee to charge for the event. This event will
come back to the Council for approval at a regular Council meeting.

Police Chief Way indicated Lord of Life Church has agreed to being billed for police service.

Councilmember Pearson inquired how waiving the fees for this event would affect similar
requests in the future.

City Clerk Thieling replied in the past Council waived the fees for youth events held by Ramsey
Events Promotions. Waiving the fees for this event would set a precedent if another church
decided to hold a community event. Lord of Life has not requested any of the fees to be waived;
staff wanted to discuss it with the Council in case it is raised.

Councilmember Olson commented the precedent has already been set by waiving the fees for the
Ramsey Events Promotions non-profit events.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig noted the parking is all internal and there will not be waste control
required. He asked if the church is no longer planning to serve beer during the event.

Police Chief Way replied this will be discussed again by the Church Board; there has been
discussion that they would like to include beer in the event. If it is determined to include beer
the police service will need to be reviewed again, as there are not enough officers planned at this
time if beer is to be included.

Councilmember Cook stated he does not see a problem waiving the permit fees for this event, as
long as the church is charged by the case if any assistance is needed by the Fire Department.

Councilmember Jeffrey concurred. He stated Lord of Life Church has come to the table for
many events and has always given to the City. Waiving these fees fits with the practice of
waiving fees for youth events in the City.

Consensus of Council was to authorize staff to waive the permit fees for the Lord of Life Harvest

                          City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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2)     Ramsey Crossings Developer Selection

Jim Lasher, LSA Design, stated the Ramsey Crossings Review Committee met on June 9, 2006,
to discuss and score the RFP submittals for Ramsey Crossing. He provided an overview of the
discussion of the committee regarding the developer proposals for the Ramsey Crossings project
from Robert Muir Companies, Ryan Companies and Shingobee/Inland Real Estate Management
Co. Mr. Lasher advised at this time the review committee formally recommends that City
Council select Robert Muir Companies as their preferred developer for the Ramsey Crossings
project. Furthermore, the committee also recommends that City Council direct the City
Administrator and City Attorney to begin negotiations with Robert Muir Companies on the
Exclusive Rights Agreement that will define roles and responsibilities, specific performance
requirements of Robert Muir Companies, further refinement of their plan of finance and a
detailed schedule. It is anticipated that this should not take any longer than 30 to 45 days.

Councilmember Olson asked if the suggested uses of the buildings are able to be changed.

Ms. Lasher replied these are only suggested uses at this time.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig asked if the City has any controls or input on the leases.

Mr. Lasher replied the committee has only talked about one specific lease, where they requested
the suggested use of an exercise facility be replaced with something that would not be in
competition with the fitness facility that has been discussed at Town Center. There have not
been any other controls requested at this time.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig requested further information regarding the process at this point and
controls the City will have. He indicated he would not want to commit to $3.5 million in
assistance at this point.

Mr. Lasher explained prior to having the developer begin a full submittal package for the City is
the initial step of the Exclusive Rights Agreement. This agreement will lay out the broad picture
parameters about how the project will move forward and the economic conditions of the project.
It will include a more detailed analysis of uses and sources and the actual guarantee the
developer will bring to this project to be sure the City has little or no risk in the project. The
committee has recommended in the event that negotiations with Robert Muir companies are not
successful, that Council instruct the City Administrator and City Attorney to immediately begin
negotiations on the Exclusive Rights Agreement with Ryan Companies, the second highest
scoring team.

Tom Pompquist, President of Robert Muir Companies, stated he is grateful that the selection
committee selected the proposal of Robert Muir Companies; they are eager to begin working in
earnest on the Exclusive Rights Agreement. They have talked to a number of the users shown on
this site plan; this is a market driven project and he believes the interest is strong. He views the
development of a project of this nature as an interactive process; there will be a host of ideas
staff may bring, the developer may bring, and the market may bring, and a combination of the
various constituents involved in the process to get together and determine what will make sense

                          City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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and be a win/win for everyone involved. This is the hallmark of properties he has been involved
with. Robert Muir Companies is a long term owner of real estate; he sees this as being a long
term relationship between the City and Robert Muir Companies.

Councilmember Pearson inquired about the expected timeframe for the project.

Mr. Pompquist replied Robert Muir Companies has several of the properties in this area under
contract already. The market reality in terms of the interest of the end users and their timeframes
will drive the process. In light of the City’s eminent domain process there are windows on which
they must close on properties, and Robert Muir Companies can work within those dates.
Construction would likely begin in the summer of 2007. It is expected to open with Phase 1 of
the project by fall of 2008.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig stated he is familiar with Robert Muir Companies and their reputation, and
he is proud to have them as part of the proposals for this project. Three very good firms
submitted bids for this project. He explained his concern is the discussion of millions of dollars
in assistance; an analysis including ways to be creative will be needed when considering this

Mr. Lasher indicated the property owners in this area have been served with eminent domain
proceedings. There will be a public hearing held within the next two to three months. One of
the major factors in the decision to select Robert Muir Companies was their indication that they
will be in a position to provide a letter of credit as a backstop to the City in the event that the
City needs to close on property prior to Robert Muir Companies actually moving forward with
their closings. Robert Muir Companies was the only developer that agreed to provide this letter
of credit.

Councilmember Cook stated he is very impressed with the initial application and design
presented by Robert Muir Companies, and he is impressed that they are willing to step up to the
plate and work with the City.

Councilmember Olson inquired if businesses that are currently located in this area will be offered
relocation opportunities within this project.

Mr. Pompquist replied they have not had that level of discussion with any of the parties at this
point, but they would be willing to talk to anyone.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig indicated his interest in Robert Muir Companies lending a strong ear to
opportunities for businesses currently in this area.

City Administrator Norman indicated this developer selection for Ramsey Crossings is on the
agenda of the City Council meeting tonight.

Mayor Gamec arrived at 6:37 p.m.

                          City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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3)      ACCAP Town Center Mixed Use Development

Ass’t Community Development Dir/HRA Executive Dir. Frolik reviewed that at the City
Council work session on May 30, 2006, Council requested a breakdown of how the $400,000 in
Ramsey dedicated Anoka County HRA levy funds would be allocated towards reductions in
various City impact fees. Since that work session, ACCAP has revised their budget plan as

     1. $10,000 reduction in the estimated $107,170 sewer and water trunk fees due on the
        residential portion of the building.
     2. $120,000 to establish a rent subsidy program for 4 units over a 10 year period.
     3. $270,000 loan (for other eligible expenses) at 1.6% interest with the principal of
        $400,000 due in 30 years.

Councilmember Jeffrey stated it should be clear that the City is not really reducing their fees; the
applicant will be buying down fees with money that is included in the $400,000

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig asked if the City will be second in-line on the property.

Jeff Johnson, consultant working with ACCAP, replied there will be 5 to 10 sources of monies;
the City will be in a position where equity will be roughly equal to 50% of the transaction cost;
loan to value will be roughly 60%. The City will have a mortgage on the property and would
likely be in second position if requested.

Mayor Pro Tem Elvig expressed his interest in this project and the mixed use. He stated the
affordable component of this project will be good for the City and this mixed use is one of the
only ways this project will get off the ground.

4)      Review of Potential Layout for Bank Site - Shingobee Development

Community Development Director Trudgeon explained staff has been talking with Shingobee
Development for several months about the Phase 2 of their development directly north of the
Coborn’s development. They have been working on trying to achieve a scheme that works given
what is envisioned for Town Center and what works for the market side and tenant mix.
Shingobee submitted a drawing last week depicting the potential bank orientation and would like
direction from staff and Council on how this potential layout would work. The bank will be a
14,000 square foot 2-story building with a drive-through in the rear and a drive along the western
edge of the property parallel to Armstrong Boulevard. There is the possibility of berming and/or
landscaping to help minimize the visual impacts of the drive-through.

City Administrator Norman explained included on the plan that has been presented are possible
locations of the other potential buildings on this site. Staff does not agree with all of the
proposals for the buildings on this site, but this is not before the Council tonight. The discussion
tonight is regarding the orientation and layout of the proposed bank site.

                          City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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Keith McDonald, Shingobee Development, stated it has always been their understanding that the
further you get into the Town Center core, the more pedestrian friendly it was supposed to be.
This is not the preferred layout of the bank, and they have not agreed 100% to this site layout.
From Shingobee’s perspective this layout comes as close as they can come to meeting the
guidelines and making something that works for the bank.

The Council reviewed the proposed layout for the bank orientation and drive-through and
discussed the following issues in relation to the site: amount of parking; inclusion of berms;
boulevards and plantings to break up the parking; importance of the flow from the bank to the
other buildings on the site; the final layout to depict the rotation of other possible uses in the site;
consideration of large vehicles in the design.

Consensus of the Council was general agreement with the proposed layout for the bank site.




The Work Session of the City Council was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

James E. Norman
City Administrator


Jo Ann M. Thieling
City Clerk

Drafted by Carol Hamer
TimeSaver Off Site Secretarial, Inc.

                           City Council Work Session / June 13, 2006
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