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                                             Affordable Romantic Weekend Getaways
                                                               By Jessica Nielson

    Bored and sick of staying at home during weekends? Ever planned to go hundred miles away from
home for an affordable weekend getaway? Looking for ways to sweeten your special getaway for two?
If you haven’t found one then it’s not yet and will never be too late to look for a weekend getaway. And
if you are arranging for an affordable weekend, then there is no other better answer to that than
spending your weekend in a romantic cruise. Cruises are just everywhere. Cruises of some nature are
just within driving distance of your home, unless you live in the middle of a desert.

 Cruising has long been associated with romance. So if you and your couple need a spark of your
romance, then cruises are just there to offer a variety of ways to spark that romantic flame you have
long kept inside. There’s nothing more quite and romantic than being on the water, watching as every
island passes you by in tranquility. Whether that water comes from a river, lake, or sea, romance and
cruising automatically go hand in hand.

 Romantic cruises require less expense, contrary to what others assume, than an evening “on the
town.” Plus, it is even more memorable! Romantic cruising is simply affordable and enjoyable. Make
that a dinner sunset cruise, and you have the makings of an unforgettable and very affordable romantic
getaway. Does this sound too good to be true? Definitely not, these types of cruises are available all
over North America!

 You choose your own way of cruising and even extend your cruising pleasure with a river cruise along
the St. Lawrence River or down the Mississippi. There are also small boat charters available if you
wish to cruise by yourselves. Not only that. There is houseboat rental cruising a lake or river that is
filled with adventure and romantic experience that you will not soon forget!

 To make your romantic getaway even more gleam, how about taking a two or three-day cruise to the
Bahamas aboard one of the magnificent cruise ships. Thinking this as a joke? Let me tell you that this
is definitely serious as major cruising lines recognize the enormous potential for shorter and more
frequent vacations and are adding two and three day cruise itineraries.

 To make things even more believable, there are three and four day Baja cruises provided by Carnival
out of Long Beach, California. Carnival does not only offer several Baja cruises. It also offers two day
cruises from Norfolk and New York as well as three day cruises from San Diego.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Do you prefer a two or three day tall ships cruise? How about a paddle wheeler cruise? Catamaran
sailboat operators will be there to provide you a fantastic cruise experience for your romantic getaway.

 Any type of romantic weekend cruise getaway you wish to choose guarantees you of an experience
that will last a lifetime. Time may be a problem because it is too short, but it still will give you a
memorable experience.

Jessica Nielson will provide you guides on you holidays. She is a professional writer at She even wrote an article about cheap weekend holidays at

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                                       Hawaiian Vacations and romantic getaways.
                                                    By Mike Yeager

Hawaiian Vacations and romantic getaways. by Mike Yeager

Many people are searching for the perfect Hawaiian vacations and romantic getaways where they can
save money and also enjoy those romantic getaways. What a perfect, warm, tropical paradise to
rekindle the passion in your life. Hawaiian vacations and romantic getaways can be found on any of the
beautiful islands.

Whether you're planning to visit one or all of the tropical islands, from the Garden island of Kuai, to the
must see island of Oahu, you'll find that searching for Hawaiian vacationscan easily be done on the
internet. Why wait forever to soak in the sun and experience those romantic getaways that you've been
dreaming about.

Exciting, relaxing and fun filled Hawaiian vacations and romantic getaways are right at your finger tips
with the internet. Think of the excitement you'll find as you take a helicopter tour, or enjoy a beautiful
sunset dinner cruise. Sailing, scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling are all there for you.

Mike YeagerPublisher

Romantic Tips, Ideas, Poems, Letters
Romantic Tips.
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