A Brief History of Houston, Texas

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                                                    A Brief History of Houston, Texas
                                                             By Lawrence J. Reaves

   Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and the largest city in Texas and is also
credited as a global city. It is a vibrant metropolis with a broad based economy and an enormous range
of cultural activities and recreational opportunities.

 Two brothers who had made their fortune in real estate in New York founded Houston in 1836 on the
banks of the Buffalo Bayou; Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen purchased approximately
6,500 acres with the intention of creating their own city and named the new settlement after General
Sam Houston who had fought and won the decisive battle of San Jacinto close the site.

 In 1837, Houston was incorporated and the infrastructure of a city started to form with the creation of a
Chamber of Commerce and election of a mayor. Shipping was the first business to be promoted
however, by 1860 Houston had also become a railroad hub which transformed the city into a
commercial center for the export of cotton to Europe. After the Civil War, efforts were undertaken to
expand the seaborne activities and especially by works to create a deep water port in sync with the
nearby port of Galveston.

 Galveston was hit by a terrible hurricane in 1900 which sped the works to create a deep water port out
of Houston and growth was further stimulated by the discovery of oil in 1901 at the Spindletop oil field.
1902 saw President Roosevelt approving $1 million allocation for the Houston Ship Channel and this
combination of private and government backed initiatives turned Houston into a major growth center
with the population doubling between 1900 and 1910 to 78,800.

Finally in 1914, President Wilson opened Port of Houston as a deepwater port and by 1930, Houston
was the most heavily populated city in America.

 World War 2 saw a decline in the shipping sector as the ports on the East coast dominated
trans-Atlantic shipping however, enormous growth in the petrochemical sector more than made up for
this. Enormous new military bases were also constructed including Ellington Field which was
reconstructed in order to train bombardiers and navigators while medical facilities were also greatly
expanded and research took off. The end of the ware saw a reversion to deep water port activity as the
bases were wound down and moth-balled and the physical area was doubled by the addition of
surrounding land and the metropolis started its sprawling growth.

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 Post-war saw the establishment of the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as the Lyndon B
Johnson Space Center) and with this the aerospace industry came to town. The city is also home to
the Astrodome which was the world’s first indoor domed sporting arena. In the seventies, population
again boomed as the oil industry boomed but by the 1980’s the boom abruptly ended with the
aerospace industry also suffered as a consequence of the Challenger space shuttle disaster in 1986.

 Today, Houston has fully recovered and now has one of the broadest economies of any city in the
United States. Only New York is home to more Fortune 500 companies while the city is now the largest
international port of the United States. The wealth created has led to Houston also becoming home to
a wide range of cultural institutions which now has over 7 million visitors each year while Houston is
one of a very few cities offering year round resident companies for all the major performing arts.

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                                     Adorable Area of Houston on a Texas State Map
                                                        By Madeline Hernandez

Regarding a Texas state map, there are quite a few places to write about and many more that will be
coming up. With several new Real Estate Developments in Dallas and Houston alone, it is hard to
believe there is this so called, recession. I guess it all depends. . .

 Usually when I take my road trips between Dallas and Houston I try to have as much fun as possible
in the area between, making unnecessary stops and trying to meet the town’s people along the way.
This is where a good Texas state map comes in handy.

 I never really had the desire to go to Houston and spend any significant amount of time as my Texas
state map had shown Houston as being a city with an abundance of people and not so much space to
accommodate everyone. I did not have this experience when I went to visit a friend and ended up
staying for almost a week. I had a lovely time!

 On my version of the Texas state map I did not see the markings of the Museum District in Houston,
but I know for a fact some maps do have this clearly marked. It is important to try and find a map that
meets your specific needs when going to see certain attractions. The internet, of course, has an
unlimited amount of information for whatever map you may seek.

 A Texas state map is a necessity for me as I don’t usually travel around Texas by plane. There are
too many wonderful spots you would not otherwise get to visit. While in Houston, I had the pleasure of
visiting a little Café by the name, Salento. Adorable! And the people, patrons and staff, were so nice.

 I actually found a few different versions of a Texas state map that I had not found before. I did not
need one of the maps I had spent so much time collecting by the time I left Houston. I was so pleased
about the outcome of my trip that I didn’t stop along the way like I usually do when driving home.

 As usual time passes so quickly when spending time with loved ones even after extending my trip a
few extra days, we found time a little short to visit all of the wonderful little places there are to see in
Houston. I am not so sure I will need a Texas state map the next time I visit Houston.

 I already have a favorite little place to buy the best Brioche! In Texas! If you get a chance while in
Houston, stop by the adorable little Croissant Brioche. They have fresh squeezed juice in addition to
coffee and pastries and also serve wonderful soups and sandwiches for lunch!

 My friend had introduced me to the little neighborhood spots in the Rice University area. You can find
this on a Texas state map around the 77030 zip code. Adorable little spots with the friendliest people
and perfect for stopping in for a cup of coffee and reading e-mail.

This article is brought to you by the team at Texas State Map. For more
information about Texas Maps or Texas
State Maps contact them at

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