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                                             A Breathtaking Road Trip In Colorado
                                                           By David Reichman

   ALPINE LOOP, Colorado. If you want to 'get away from it all,' then going on a road trip to the Alpine
Loop Back Country Byway will easily prove to match your idea of haven. Situated in Colorado's
southwest, this picturesque destination effortlessly enthralls its visitors with a breathtaking landscape of
snow-capped mountains, serene lakes and meadows dotted with wild flowers.

With its laid back feel and unspoiled beauty, and featuring an elevation of more than twelve thousand
feet, The Loop is a place that will surely make for a memorable family road trip or a sought-after outing
with friends. Such a Colorado road trip will help you discover that The Loop is not lacking in activities to
keep you - and everyone in the group - happily occupied. From hiking and biking, to several great
camping options, or simply lounging away the hours sightseeing, a weekend trip here will open up the
wonders of the great outdoors.

For starters, try navigating your trip map to check out some of the most popular attractions The Loop
has to offer. If you want to get breathtaking views at an altitude of 12,800 feet, then the Engineer Pass
should definitely be included in your family trip planning. It is bordered by Mt. Sneffels in the east,
Uncompahgre Peak in the northeast, and the vanished Lake City in the east. Now, if you want to bask
in a little solitude and detour from your companions, a trip alone to the Whitmore Falls will revive your
senses. The falls can easily be reached after a short trail.

Another great Colorado road trip is the GUANELLA PASS. If you want a family road trip that combines
your historical interest without boring your kids to death (let's face it, very few children will find staring
at old buildings amusing), then you might consider going on a road trip to Guanella Pass. This scenic
pass, located in Colorado, stretches for 22 miles. The driving time takes roughly two hours, but with
diverse things to catch your attention along the way. The trip map of Guanella Pass begins at
Georgetown, an utterly quaint and charming place that reflects a great deal of Colorado's genteel past.
Plan a stopover there and take in the well-preserved old buildings, many of which have been converted
to museums. While you're looking at precious artifacts, let your kids explore the town via carriage rides,
which is one of the most popular attractions of Georgetown - with good reason.

When you think you've had enough sightseeing, head on to Idaho Springs, which is situated nearby.
There are several hot springs you can opt to soak in, and of course the tranquil view helps you relax
even more. When everyone has replenished their energy, continue your road trip through the old gold

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mines, or a countryside dining experience the whole family can enjoy.

If at last you're ready to call it a day, there are bed & breakfasts you can stay in along the South Platte
River. And don't forget to cap off your road trip checking out the famous Coney Island Hot Dog Stand
in Bailey!

If you are interested to learn more about road trip planning, please visit our road trip blog at

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Southern Gospel Ministry.
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                                                  Colorado Tourist Attractions
                                             By Harry Raymond Cowperthwaite

Colorado is an incredibly beautiful state to visit and is well known for it's National Parks. It is a great
choice for anyone who really loves experiencing the wonders of nature. If the idea of visiting Colorado
intrigues you, you will want to learn more about what this state has to offer.

There are a number of Colorado tourist attractions that are well worthy of visiting. Here are just few
which are a must on your visit to Colorado.

Colorado National Parks

 Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular parks that can be found in Colorado.It is also
one of the most beautiful. This particular National park is well known for the manyhiking trails that it has
to offer,as well as the beautiful Grand Lake.

 Mesa Verde National Park is one of the most well known Colorado tourist attractions for one very
important reason: it is one of the best well preserved archaeological places in the entire country.
Although hiking is fairly popular in this Mesa Verde national park, keep in mind that only certain trails
are open to the public.

 Great Sand Dunes National Park is another very beautiful national park. Hiking,which tends to be
popular in most national parks, tends to be slightly more difficult in this particular one, due to the sand.
Another very popular activity to take part in at this national park is sand castle building. Keep in mind
that biking is not allowed here.

 Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is another one of the great national parks in Colorado
that may be of interest to you. Rock-climbing and hiking for people of all skill levels is very popular in
this national park. If you are very adventurous, this may be the right national park for you to visit.

Colorado National Monuments

 There are also many national monuments that are located in the state of Colorado. Some of the more
interesting ones that you may want to see while you are in Colorado include Dinosaur National
Monument, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument and Colorado National Monument, to name
only a few. If you are interested in historical sites, then you may want think about visiting one or more
of these tourist attractions.

Salt Lake City

 Another interesting idea is to take a day trip while you are staying in Colorado, to Salt Lake City. There
are many things to see and do in this city, which is not too far from Colorado. Some of the different
tourist attractions that can be found here include Off Broadway Theatre, Lagoon Amusement Park,
Utah’s Hogle Zoo and the Living Planet Aquarium. Well worth an interesting and varied day trip.

 The great thing about Colorado is that there are activities all the year round for holiday makers with
superb skiing facilities at Winter Park Resort and many different restaurants with international cuisine

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including Italian, French, Mexican and many more.

 These are only a few of the interesting places to visit in Colorado.There are many moretourist
attractions in the state of Colorada and you can be sure you will find activities which the whole family
will enjoy on your Colorado vacation.

Harry Raymond Cowperthwaite is a Publisher and Webmaster of:
http://www.packageholidaysauctions.com He provides original articles on his website about Holiday
places to visit and links where you can book Holidays,Vacations more cheaply.

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